Lair Walkthrough

Version 0.75
Author: Ice T. Gressa and Panterror Flames
Email: and

Table of Contents
I. Story
II. Controls
III. Meet the Cast
IV. Know Thy Enemy
V. Stuff you need to know before we start.
VI. Walkthrough
a. Chapter 0: Darklands Training
b. Chapter 1: Day of Terror
c. Chapter 2: Blood River
d. Chapter 3: Demon Pass
e. Chapter 4: Crossing at Dawn
f. Chapter 5: Serpent Strait
g. Chapter 6: Ravine of No Return
h. Chapter 7: Firestorm
i. Chapter 8: Out of the Ashes
j. Chapter 9: Breaking the Ice
k. Chapter 10: Deadman’s Basin
VII. Extras
VIII. History
IX. Credits


Here’s a game that really put’s the PS3 controller’s Six-Axis motion feature to use.
You can tilt the controller, push in and out, shake up and down, and left and right.


Hold the controller flat to fly straight.

Tilt it upwards to ascend and downwards to descend. Tilt right or left to bank in
that direction. Move the controller upwards to do a 180 turn like you are doing a
curl during weightlifting.

/ mounts you onto the dragon

[] spits a fireball. Hold it for a stream.

() While chasing an enemy dragon, press it to engage in combat.

X flaps wings

R3 (push in right analog) see objectives

Start pause

L2 or R2 to slow down flight

L1 or R1 to aim

Left analog stick to move dragon while on the ground

L2+R2 to hover

L2+R2 near ground to land.

Move controller down to lunge forward in air.

More controls next update

Meet the Cast

Rohn – this is the guy you are playing as.

Captain Talan – Leader of Asylian forces.

General Atta-kai: Leader of Mokai forces.

Loden – Evil comrade who murders Atta-kai, Talan, and the Asylian King.

Diviner – forced the Asylian and Mokai War into a heated battle by ordering the

More next time.

Know Thy(Your) Enemy

Ice Dragons – They spit out icy balls at you and are easily dispatched.

Manta – Look like flying whales who can carry dangerous cargo. 2 big fireballs will
blow them to bits.

Tauros – Charges at it enemies but susceptible to fire.

Rhino – Fireproof creatures, you must rip the rider and armor off of it and then
drop them.

Flame Dragon – Strong Dragons that are weak in combat

Dark Dragon – A little tougher to kill in combat.

More next time.

Stuff you need to know before we start

-After you complete each chapter from Chapter 1 on, you are given a medal depending
on how well you did in the level. The metals are classified as bronze, silver, gold
and platinum.

-There is an arrow that indicates where you need to go. If the arrow is yellow, you
are going the right way. If it is red then you are going the wrong way.

-Combo Attacks are earned after receiving a metal in certain levels and they can
help you kill enemies faster.

-Lunging helps you cut down your time because you move faster than just flying to
your destination.

-Carnage points are multiplied depending on how well you defeat an enemy like in Day
of Terror, targeting an Ice Dragon and shooting a fireball gets you 50 CP. Pressing
() then hitting it with a fireball gets you 50×2 CP. Killing it in a showdown gets
you 50×3 CP.


Narrator (spoken): No one knows how long the Ancients had lived before the divide.
History teaches us the people lived in harmony bound by a single faith. But when
the volcanoes awoke, their molten rivers scarring the land and choking with their
discarge. As devastating as their advent was, the volcanoes unleashed an even grea-
ter force upon the people… fear. With science unable to explain the changes to the
world, rival schools of orthodoxie took hold; splitting society as many began to
fear the volcanoes had been sent as a punishment by God. One group, the Mokai,
forged their society in the fire and ice of the north. While the Asylians made their
home in the protective mountains of the south. Here, safely removed from the advance
of the volcanoes, the Asylians became a beacon of culture of learning; casting light
upon a world overrun by shadow.

a. Darklands Training

You begin with a tutorial. Follow the on-screen directions and you’ll move on to the
next area. Here, your goal is to use your skills to fly through the rings. You need
to fly only through eight of them to proceed. But if you want, you can choose to fly
through all 13 of them. After you are through, you receive an option to come back
for more training.


b. Day of Terror

There is a meeting going on. All of a sudden the Mokai are attacking. Time to mount
up and go. Follow the arrow to the ships area. The main objective is to concentrate
on ships with catapults. You can attack the other ships for more carnage. Each ship
takes two hits to be destroyed. Once all the catapult ships are destroyed, go back
to town and defeat the ice dragons. Use the rage vision to spot them. When one is
within range, press () and take them out. Once they are defeated, you have a little
boss battle where you chase the head dragon and engage in combat three times to make
it retreat.

Bronze Medal: 100 Carnage, 10 Foes Defeated, <32 friendlies lost, <3 lives
lost, <20:00, Save no Grain silos (fail to get this medal and you suck).
Silver Medal: 2200 Carnage, 18 Foes Defeated, <30 friendlies lost, <1 life
lost, <8:00, Save 1 Grain Silo
Gold Medal: 3000 Carnage, 22 Foes Defeated, <28 friendlies lost, no lives lost,
<2:15, Save 3 Grain Silos
Platinum Metal: 4000 Carnage, 28 Foes Defeated, <5 friendlies lost, no lives lost,
<1:31, Save 3 Grain Silos


c. Blood River

There is a lit signal tower. Fly towards it and you’ll see catapults and a Manta up
ahead. Go after the Manta first then land and use your fire stream to torch and kill
80 enemy soldiers. Enemy dragons are laying down catapults, they are planning to go
after a caravan with four carts of grain. We suggest that you fly ahead or behind it
so you can take out any catapults that may damage the carts. Fend off the ice dragon
barrage until the caravan reaches the gates. Next you must kill a ton of soldiers as
well as the four Trebucheks to end the level.

Bronze Medal: 6500 Carnage, 150 Foes Defeated, <14 friendlies lost, <2 lives
lost, <12:00, Save 2 Grain Barges.
Silver Medal: 7900 Carnage, 275 Foes Defeated, <10 friendlies lost, <2 lives
lost, <8:30, Save 3 Grain Barges.
Gold Medal: 15000 Carnage, 500 Foes Defeated, <9 friendlies lost, no lives lost,
<7:30, Save 4 Grain Barges.
Platinum Metal: 19500 Carnage, 700 Foes Defeated, <8 friendlies lost, no lives
lost, <6:15, Save 4 Grain Barges.


d. Demon Pass

Approach the castle and soon there will be some spotlights that appear. They shoot
sparks or bursts of energy at whomever is spot. Continue your approach and stay in
an area where there are eyes with no lights emitting from them. Once you reach the
face, creep up on one of the eyes with a light and hover near it. Shoot the eye and
the one next to it to make the eyes close and the mouth opens. Enter the mouth and
target a counterweight. Shake up and down to drop it and close the mouth. Destroy
another set of eyes and this time you have to fend off four Flame Dragons. The other
dragons will retreat. Follow them into the mouth. Avoid the Screeters and take out
the counterweight. All that’s left to do now is destroy the Mokai warships and then
finish the job inside the fortress to end the level.

Bronze Medal: 3500 Carnage, 10 Foes Defeated, <6 friendlies lost, <2 lives
lost, <12:00, spotted 4 times or less.
Silver Medal: 4500 Carnage, 15 Foes Defeated, <5 friendlies lost, <1 life
lost, <7:15, spotted once.
Gold Medal: 7500 Carnage, 22 Foes Defeated, <4 friendlies lost, no lives lost,
<5:30, didn’t get spotted.
Platinum Metal: 13000 Carnage, 37 Foes Defeated, <2 friendlies lost, no lives
lost, <3:30, didn’t get spotted.


e. Crossing at Dawn

Fly over where the arrow points to rescue the first guardian and lead her to safety.
Attack the Ice Dragons and save the other one. If you destroy the bridge then that’s
less troops to deal with so we you can take care of them first if you want to make
it easier. Once they are safe, kill off any Ice Dragons hanging around the bridge.
Once enough are dead, destroy 100 Mokai troops on the bridge below. If you are low
on health, try eating some of the enemy soldiers. After 100 are gone, kill the Ice
Dragons. Next, you have to deal with the Taurous on the bridge. Get in close and use
fireballs to get rid of them. Next comes the Dark Dragons. You only have to kill a
couple of them. The last thing to do is kill the Rhinos.

Bronze Medal: 6300 Carnage, 130 Foes Defeated, <12 friendlies lost, <2 lives
lost, <15:00, Save 1 Guardian.
Silver Medal: 7200 Carnage, 150 Foes Defeated, <10 friendlies lost, <1 lives
lost, <11:00, Save 1 Guardian.
Gold Medal: 20000 Carnage, 200 Foes Defeated, <8 friendlies lost, no lives lost,
<7:00, Save 2 Guardians.
Platinum Metal: 28500 Carnage, 300 Foes Defeated, <6 friendlies lost, no lives
lost, <5:50, Save 2 Guardians.


f. Serpent Strait

Protect the Mantas in your possession. Do not let a single Ice Dragon harm them.
Destroy several Ice Dragons then you deal with the harder dragons. Protect the Manta
long enough to face off against the Coral Snake.

Boss Fight: Coral Snake

Try to hover over the Coral Snake and attack its scales. Destroy enough scales and
you haveto go through a sequence of dodging venom from its mouth by shaking left or
right to avoid the venom and spit fire of your own to harm it. Press () when you are
told to do so. Follow the on-screen directions to cause more damage. Repeat the
process again. The Coral Snake will try to ambush you. Dodge left or right or it’s
instant death for you. Dodge twice then get on its head and stab it in the eye with
L3 multiple times.

There are 2 Coral Snakes, they try to attack you once more but end up butting heads
with each other. The mission is now over.

Bronze Medal: 6000 Carnage, 12 Foes Defeated, <15 friendlies lost, <3 lives
lost, <16:00, 4 Mantas saved.
Silver Medal: 7500 Carnage, 18 Foes Defeated, <12 friendlies lost, <2 lives
lost, <11:00, 5 Mantas saved.
Gold Medal: 11500 Carnage, 25 Foes Defeated, <8 friendlies lost, no lives lost,
<7:00, 7 Mantas saved.
Platinum Medal: 20500 Carnage, 30 Foes Defeated, <6 friendlies lost, no lives
lost, <6:00, 8 Mantas saved.


g. Ravine of No Return

The object at the beginning of the level is to reach Steamcity Outpost without being
spotted. The best way to take out some spotlights is to destroy the cables. There is
a point where you must defeat the sky cannons to avoid being shot at by them as you
pass. When you reach your destination, take out the cables to the searchlights first
and there are Ice and Dark Dragons that antagonize you. Once you reach a generator,
latch on and shake the controller till it breaks. Destroy all 3 generators to beat
the level.

Bronze Medal: 5000 Carnage, 10 Foes Defeated, <2 lives lost, <10:00, spotted
<20 Times.
Silver Medal: 7000 Carnage, 20 Foes Defeated, <2 lives lost, <7:30, spotted
<15 Times.
Gold Medal: 10000 Carnage, 30 Foes Defeated, no lives lost, <5:10, 7 spotted
< 8 Times
Platinum Medal: 20000 Carnage, 35 Foes Defeated, no lives lost, <4:10, spotted
< 4 Times


h. Firestorm

You must protect the Manta Bombers. Stake out the generators and destroy them to
disable the cannons. After you destroy 3 of them, you are told to firebomb the city.
Be sure to destroy any steam cannons first and protect the Mantas from the enemy
dragons. You need to firebomb 275 houses total. Your last order is to destroy the
Mokai Armory. If you don’t destroy it quickly enough, Loden will attack you and take
you away and end the mission as a failure. Once it is destroyed, land and the level
is over. It turns out that innocent civilians were killed.

Bronze Medal: 9500 Carnage, 100 Foes Defeated, <80 friendlies lost, <2 lives
lost, <17:30, 1 Mantas saved.
Silver Medal: 21000 Carnage, 140 Foes Defeated, <50 friendlies lost, <2 lives
lost, <12:00, 3 Mantas saved.
Gold Medal: 30000 Carnage, 175 Foes Defeated, <30 friendlies lost, no lives lost,
<10:00, 7 Mantas saved.
Platinum Medal: 46000 Carnage, 270 Foes Defeated, <20 friendlies lost, no lives
lost, <6:30, 8 Mantas saved.


i. Out of the Ashes

Your dragon is dead now. You manage to come across the Blood Dragon you remembered
as Atta-kai’s dragon. Together, you set off to find water. Stay low at all times and
use Fire Stream to kill the Swarmers. Flying too high will cause the sun to burn and
damage you. Follow the vegitation, it leads to the water source. First, you must
kill a Spiderwasp.

Boss Fight: Spider Wasp

Keep it in sight and shoot it with two fireballs. Once you do that, it will try to
spit venom at you. Shoot a few more fireballs at it and avoid its stinger. When it
misses, do a forward lunge and rip a piece of its armor off. Chase the Spider Wasp
again and repeat the process. It will also try to pound you into the “ground” but
you can avoid that attack easily. Dodge the stinger and rip off another piece of
armor. Repeat the process one more time to end the fight,

Chase down the Asylian Dragons and kill as many as you can as you pursue them. Kill
off the caravan by destroying the two Warbeasts. Use fireballs to destroy the guns
on its back and then press / to latch on and move the controller down to kill it.
Kill the other one and take the time to kill as many of your former allies till the
level is over for extra carnage.

Bronze Medal: 5500 Carnage, 12 Foes Defeated, <30 friendlies lost, <2 lives
lost, <20:00, Kill no Fleeing Dragons
Silver Medal: 8000 Carnage, 25 Foes Defeated, <20 friendlies lost, <2 lives
lost, <11:45, Kill 3 Fleeing Dragons
Gold Medal: 14000 Carnage, 150 Foes Defeated, <10 friendlies lost, no lives lost,
<8:45, Kill 8 Fleeing Dragons
Platinum Medal: 22000 Carnage, 250 Foes Defeated, <6 friendlies lost, no lives
lost, <8:00, Kill 9 Fleeing Dragons


j. Breaking the Ice

Destroy all the Ballista ships and the turrets around the castle where Koba-kai is
being held. You have to contend with Wind and Plains Dragons as you fight. Once you
have destroyed everything. Eliminate 75 trops to complete the level.

Bronze Medal: 3000 Carnage, 40 Foes Defeated, <2 lives lost, <15:00, Kill 1
Leader Dragon.
Silver Medal: 6500 Carnage, 60 Foes Defeated, <2 lives lost, <11:45, Kill 3
Leader Dragons
Gold Medal: 12500 Carnage, 110 Foes Defeated, no lives lost, <5:00, Kill 5 Leader
Platinum Medal: 18000 Carnage, 132 Foes Defeated, no lives lost, <4:00, Kill 7
Leader Dragons


k. Deadman’s Basin

Pardon the Angry Video Game Nerd type of behavior but… this level is so fucking
ridiculous. This is not even the last level and already they are throwing the whole
fucking kitchen sink at you. First you got to destroy 130 Troops on the hill that
are flanking the Mokai which is no biggie but after that you have to worry about the
whole Asylian on your ass like white on rice. All we got to say is good luck passing
this level because this shit will blow your fucking mind out for a loop. Enough talk
for now, let get this shit down to business. Oh and a word of advice, you’ll really
need to use Rage Mode more often in this level. Because, the only reason that we are
cursing up a storm is because let’s just say that if you lose too many Mokai, the
level ends in faliure and it took us a whole fucking week just to beat this level
just once. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!

As we said earlier, kill 130 troops then fly in the opposite direction of the arrow
and take care of the Rhinos and the Warbeast. Go back to your troops and get rid of
a few dragons while you wait for the Asylian navy to arrive. When they do, it takes
2 large fireballs to destroy a normal ship and 4 to destroy a big one. You get major
carnage points towards your Rage Meter for destroying those. More Rhinos will appear
and it’s best to deal with them first and worry about the ships later. A couple more
Warbeasts appear and it’s best to take them out one at a time. Ack! more ships. Take
out a few of them and fend off some dragons and other enemies until a manta appears.
Stop worrying about anything else, and destroy the Manta before it burns everyone.
When the Manta dies, it won’t explode like many of them do. Instead it will fall and
weaken the damn. This is your cue to rip and tear the four parts of the damn. The
first two should be no trouble but the third and fourth will give you hell because
unless you attack any nearby ships or dragons, they will shoot you off the section
and you have to try to rip the section off again. This is your chance to use rage
mode. This way, you buy yourself lots of time to destroy the last two sections. Once
the damn is broken, the level is over.


Double Strike: X,() (clear Day of Terror w/ a medal)
Feeding Stike: (), / (clear Demon Pass w/ a medal)
Health Increase: Clear Crossing at Dawn w/ a medal

Extras Option: Clear Blood River to unlock.

Extras Menu

Making of Lair
-Vids 1-4: default
-Vid 5: clear Demon Pass
-Vid 6: clear Crossing at Dawn

Concept Galleries
-Characters (default)
-Creatures (default)

Production Gallery

Concert Hall
-Track 01. Main Menu
-Track 02. Prolouge
-Track 03. Asylia
-Track 04. Day of Terror – Diviner Battle
-Track 05. Funeral Pyre
-Track 06. Blood River – Defend Caravan
-Track 07. Burner’s Aftermath
-Track 08. Demon Pass
-Track 09. Demon Pass – The Lights
-Track 10. Lighthouse Explosion
-Track 11. Meeting on the Bridge
-Track 12. Crossing at Dawn – Bridge Battle
-Track 13. Where is Loden?
-Track 14. Preparation for War
-Track 15. Serpent Strait – Escorting the Mantas
-Track 16. Glimpse of the Snake
-Track 17. Serpent Strait – Snake Battle
-Track 18. Death of the Snake
-Track 19. Confrontation
-Track 20. Ravine of No Return – Darkness
-Track 21. Ravine of No Return – Power Source
-Track 22. Approaching Mokai City
-Track 23. Firestorm – Destroy Mokai City
-Track 24. Destroy the Armory
-Track 25. Firestorm – Elegy
-Track 26. The Last Straw



-chicken (video about chicken curry)

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