About Dan White

Dan has been creatively writing for various forms of media and outlets ever since third grade, starting with his first adventure story in crayon on craft paper for his teacher. He enjoys writing, but rarely has enough time for it along with his passion for video gaming and other pursuits. He still uses crayon or fountain pens at times in order to help jumpstart the creative process.

Here are my most recent posts

Moon Breakers Launches As FTP Multi-Player Space Game

(Los Angeles, CA – June 25, 2012) Composer Bear McCreary (The Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica) once again engages in space combat with the new multi-player space game Moon Breakers.  The retro futuristic game, from Imba Entertainment and Uber Entertainment, brings the classic genre of space shooters back to a new generation of players and is . . . → Read More: Moon Breakers Launches As FTP Multi-Player Space Game

Rift: Storm Legion Expands Player Options


With Trion's recent Patch 1.9 and announcement of Rift: Storm Legion, it's first actual expansion to their very popular MMORPG, we are starting to see populations on servers become much more active. Plus now there's a chance to try out Rift for free! Raptr is giving out a free digital copy . . . → Read More: Rift: Storm Legion Expands Player Options

DUST 514 Beta Registrations Now Available


Reykjavik, Iceland – 17 May 2012 – Today CCP Games is proud to announce that players can register for beta access to its upcoming free-to-play first person shooter, DUST 514, set to launch later this year exclusively on PlayStation®3. The registration page is now live and players can register at www.dust514.com/beta  EVE Online Players and . . . → Read More: DUST 514 Beta Registrations Now Available

Dungeon Defenders On Sale!


Dungeon Defenders is 30% Off on PlayStation Network with an Added Bonus for Plus Members

If you’ve yet to get in on the tower defense/action/RPG goodness that is Dungeon Defenders, now is a better chance than ever! From today, January 17, through January 24, Dungeon Defenders will be 30% off on . . . → Read More: Dungeon Defenders On Sale!

Move Over Steam, There’s A New Player For PC Downloads In Town!


Perhaps not new, but definitely with a new face, Direct2Drive, which was purchased by GameFly from IGN last May, is now integrated into a new Digital Download client powered by GameFly. Released as Open Beta with a Free 30 Day Trial available, there are several Unlimited PC Play games available as well as downloadable . . . → Read More: Move Over Steam, There’s A New Player For PC Downloads In Town!

Dungeon Defenders XBLA review


The new Dungeon Defenders game from Trend Entertainment and Reverb Publishing launched last Monday, October 17 attempts to set a new standard for tower defense game play. Our review is based on the XBLA version only. With its brightly colored interface, and World of Warcraft like graphics, it provides a very challenging, entertaining, and possibly . . . → Read More: Dungeon Defenders XBLA review

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