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The Goodness of Games

The commonly accepted view, or should I say the most frequently touted commonly accepted view, is that video games are bad for you. They lead to social isolation, bad attitudes, underage drinking, and, most tragically, the current condition of Senator Diane Feinstein's face.     Our prayers go out to Diane during this most difficult [...] . . . → Read More: The Goodness of Games

StarDrive: The Beta Report

StarDrive 2013-03-28 09-08-20-67

There are fewer things I find more satisfying in video games then being able to take a more strategic approach to situations. Even when the option of just applying violence to the situation is readily available, which is the case more often then not, I enjoy being able to circumvent a difficulty with no violence [...] . . . → Read More: StarDrive: The Beta Report

The Normandy’s Legacy

Back in 2007 a phenomenon was born on Earth. It provided a new universe for humanity to explore and new characters to interact with. Some even say that it changed the landscape of RPGs itself.   It was quickly dubbed a classic by countless game reviewers.   Those who played it called it…     [...] . . . → Read More: The Normandy’s Legacy

Gaming Convergence


It's not often that I talk about books on here, since the books I read and the games I play don't often mesh well together. Sure, they share the same basic concepts -sci fi, fantasy, mystery, etc- but the one doesn't really have anything to do with the other. That changed very suddenly, however, when [...] . . . → Read More: Gaming Convergence

Gaming’s Most Difficult Challenge

I was inspired this week. As this is a situation in which I normally do not find myself in, I thought it deserved some analysis. First, let me tell you what brought about this moment of inspiration: I was just poking around Deviantart one morning, as is my wont, when I came across this. If [...] . . . → Read More: Gaming’s Most Difficult Challenge

Close Contact: Social Networking, Game Companies and You


It's not easy being a video game publisher. On the surface, yes, it may seem like an ideal circumstance…being one of the top rankers of an industry that churns out more money then most of us will ever see in a lifetime, jetting around the world, talking to others as influential as yourself and being [...] . . . → Read More: Close Contact: Social Networking, Game Companies and You

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