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The Good, The Bad, and The Shipping May 10 – 17


Nintendo DS 

1. Desktop Tower Defense

2. Girl Time

3. Mission Runway

4. My Farm Around The World

5. Black Sigil: Blade of The Exiled

6. C.O.R.E

7. Drama  Queens

8. Dreamer Series: Babysitter

9. Dreamer Series: Shop Owner

10. Garfield Gets Real

11. Imagine: Music Fest

12. Puchi Puchi Virus

13. Puffins: Island Adventure 


Nintendo Wii 

1. Garfield Gets Real

2. Guilty Gear XX . . . → Read More: The Good, The Bad, and The Shipping May 10 – 17

The Playlist: April 2010

It’s time for The Playlist again, and there’s a lot of games for you to look at before making your ultimate selections. April Fool! In fact, there are only so many games due for release in a quiet month. Still, Spring is in full fling, but sadly it’s not always clement outside in the environs . . . → Read More: The Playlist: April 2010

The Playlist: March 2010

Now that we’ve had a chance to recover from being hit by the Mass Effect, along with all the Heavy Rain we’ve been experiencing lately, there’s a whole wide world stretching out in front of us. Over the coming month we’ll have the chance to spend time in some Bad Company, experience the (real?) Final . . . → Read More: The Playlist: March 2010

Turf Wars iPhone Game Review

There’s no doubt that the mafia is a firmly established phenomenon in American culture. From thick, information-packed books about John Gotti, Lucky Luciano, and Bugsy Siegel to popular movies like The Godfather, Goodfellas, and everything that Robert DeNiro has ever been in, the mob still has a certain mystique in the eyes of the American . . . → Read More: Turf Wars iPhone Game Review

The Playlist: December 2009

The holidays are swiftly approaching – even if retailers are insisting they’re already here – and for us gamers it’s usually a time when the really special games come out. This year seems to be the exception, however, as December ’09 seems to offer a collection of titles paltry in number. We can only hope . . . → Read More: The Playlist: December 2009

Super Shock Football iPhone Game Review

Chillingo, in cooperation with Steamroller Studios, has prepared a surprise for all those that miss their clattering electric football games. Super Shock Football for the iPod Touch and iPhone is a godsend for everyone that’s lost all the pieces to their boards but refuse to get rid of them anyway. Now, these people can make . . . → Read More: Super Shock Football iPhone Game Review

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