Conquer 3 Kingdoms Review

Conquer 3 Kingdoms game review

Conquer 3 Kingdoms by ShareFunApps is an Android based, retro war themed action game mixed with RPG elements. It is full of dungeons, dragons, adventures and role playing characters. In Conquer 3 Kingdoms, you control the famous heroes in Chinese history, hack and slash numerous enemies, build and upgrade your own powers, and buy items to refill . . . → Read More: Conquer 3 Kingdoms Review

Is Google Pitching for a Game Console?

What might a Google Game Console look like?

According to a post recently published by the Wall Street Journal, Google is all set to launch a console based video game by the end of 2013. In addition to that, the company is also said to be developing a SmartWatch much like Sony’s SmartWatch 2 which was released earlier this week.  These rumors . . . → Read More: Is Google Pitching for a Game Console?

Farm Up on Android

Rooster Crowing - Farm UP!

Farm Up is a new farming game made by Realore, and now it hits Android! I fell in love with it at the first sight! Its name made me excited; that’s just UP! The name of the game attracted me. And the icon of a big rooster is so lovely! The biggest advantage of . . . → Read More: Farm Up on Android

Gamespot’s E3 Preview Video

Gamespot's E3 preview

Gamespot's E3 video coverage starts today, here's a preview:

The Goodness of Games

The commonly accepted view, or should I say the most frequently touted commonly accepted view, is that video games are bad for you. They lead to social isolation, bad attitudes, underage drinking, and, most tragically, the current condition of Senator Diane Feinstein's face.



. . . → Read More: The Goodness of Games

The Gameplay Of Planetside 2 Remains True To Its Roots


Planetside 2 is a massive multiplayer online shooter game. I know what some of you are thinking. People can be wary of playing something that's always online, but unlike other games, shooter games truly excel when gamers play them with other people. This has been true as far back as I can remember, and that's . . . → Read More: The Gameplay Of Planetside 2 Remains True To Its Roots

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