The Blackwell Epiphany Review

The Blackwell Epiphany

I've always had a soft spot for the point and click adventure game. Many of my formative gaming experiences were spent guiding the likes of Guybrush Threepwood, Zak McCraken, Bernard of Maniac Mansion fame, and others through a variety of bizarre (and often dangerous) circumstances. After a while, though, the technology and the tastes of . . . → Read More: The Blackwell Epiphany Review

Time Of The Titans: My First Hour With Titanfall


I've never been particularly enamored of online multiplayer modes; the best thing I can say about them is that they do achieve a high standard of technical competence, but when viewed as a gameplay experience it often leaves much to be desire. The primary reason for this is that these modes don't come with any . . . → Read More: Time Of The Titans: My First Hour With Titanfall

Highest-scoring Games Released On iOS In 2013

Device 6

Are you hunting for the best iOS games to download? Do you even know what games managed to break a leg this 2013? Whether you have an iPad, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 or 5C, there’s no doubt that the current iOS 7 is absolutely mind-blowing in terms of video gaming. If you’re tired of . . . → Read More: Highest-scoring Games Released On iOS In 2013

Go For The Game – 5 Best iPhone Games In History


Confused with the deluge of iPhone games on the App Store? Use this guide to choose among 5 of the best iPhone games that make commuting and waiting in line a pleasure. . . . → Read More: Go For The Game – 5 Best iPhone Games In History

Conquer 3 Kingdoms Review

Conquer 3 Kingdoms game review

Conquer 3 Kingdoms by ShareFunApps is an Android based, retro war themed action game mixed with RPG elements. It is full of dungeons, dragons, adventures and role playing characters. In Conquer 3 Kingdoms, you control the famous heroes in Chinese history, hack and slash numerous enemies, build and upgrade your own powers, and buy items to refill . . . → Read More: Conquer 3 Kingdoms Review

Farm Up on Android

Rooster Crowing - Farm UP!

Farm Up is a new farming game made by Realore, and now it hits Android! I fell in love with it at the first sight! Its name made me excited; that’s just UP! The name of the game attracted me. And the icon of a big rooster is so lovely! The biggest advantage of . . . → Read More: Farm Up on Android

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