Fenix Rage, A Steam Platformer Game

Fenix Rage Review

The best way I can describe Fenix Rage to you is this:

In fact, this whole platformer game feels like one gigantic time travel experience. The character, as you will see, bears a not that dissimilar resemblance to Sonic the Hedgehog… just angrier and more amorphous. He gets his village destroyed and vows revenge, which . . . → Read More: Fenix Rage, A Steam Platformer Game

Ionball 2: Ionstorm Review (Steam Version)

Ionstorm's Avatar

Playing Ionstorm was a bittersweet experience for me; it felt like meeting a long lost childhood friend and being dazzled at how much they'd grown. When I read about the game's description it seemed to be a spiritual to those old 8-bit classics I played so much when I was growing up: Missile . . . → Read More: Ionball 2: Ionstorm Review (Steam Version)

Knightmare Tower Review (Steam Version)


You know how it goes. You're taking a well deserved rest from your knightly duties, playing on your DiversionLad, when suddenly a summons comes from your king, er, summoning you to the aid of the kingdom!

. Knightgame.( sorry! Ed. – BEWARE OF BAD PUNS..)

Oh no! It seems . . . → Read More: Knightmare Tower Review (Steam Version)

PC Games Most Looked Forward To At E3

Most anticipated pc games at E3 2014

You cannot be a gamer and not know what E3 is all about. It would be like being a fan of cars and not knowing what a Ferrari or a Lamborghini is. The same way those iconic cars redefined the automotive industry, E3 has redefined the gaming industry, it being the place where all the new . . . → Read More: PC Games Most Looked Forward To At E3

The Walking Dead: In Harm’s Way review


Not Child's Play…

Telltale has done a lot to not just revive but revitalize the adventure game genre; indeed you could say that Telltale has done a lot to bring it back from the dead, but considering the subject of this review that would be a truly awful pun. One of the showpieces of Telltale's . . . → Read More: The Walking Dead: In Harm’s Way review

Chronology review

Chronology - a time travel platformer

Time travelers have always been a little bit…off. Whether this is due to what they have glimpsed traipsing through the timelines or whether it was just the eddies in their behavior due to the genius that allowed them to conquer the time stream, those who dabble in this particular branch of science always come off . . . → Read More: Chronology review

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