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Top 5 Professionally Played Video Games

If you've ever dreamed about becoming a professional gamer, it all begins with the actual game that you play. Some games are competitive enough to make it possible to be professional with them, while others are just meant for fun and won't get you anywhere. Here are the top five games that are being . . . → Read More: Top 5 Professionally Played Video Games

Might & Magic Legacy Announcement


Well, well, Ubisoft has finally announced the latest update in the very popular, long-standing saga of Might & Magic series. M & M fanboys (& fangrrrls!) are all a-Twitter… literally.  Even Notch from Mojang has gotten excited! Here's the just released announcement trailer on Youtube:

Not much content to view just yet, but you . . . → Read More: Might & Magic Legacy Announcement

The 10 Most Highly Anticipated PC Games Of 2013

Starcraft 3

Hello, gamers! 2013 has come, and we all are waiting for new exciting games to play, aren't we? It's time to name 10 most anticipated games of this year. Which ones would you play? Get ready for new adventures, superb gameplay, extreme tricks, crazy heroes, stunning skills and adrenaline rush of course!

2013 will . . . → Read More: The 10 Most Highly Anticipated PC Games Of 2013

Brain Age: Concentration Training


Who says that online games are solely pointless bouts of wanton pleasure? On the contrary, closer scrutiny will reveal games that test, nourish, and strengthen users’ minds as well – and “Brain Age: Concentration Training” is one of the most preeminent among them. This conundrum-centered video game, developed by gaming experts Nintendo, . . . → Read More: Brain Age: Concentration Training

Crysis 3 – The Conclusion Of A Trilogy


The best looking FPS game is back! What is it about an uncertain and tumultuous future that fascinates us so much? There are various films, books and video games that depict an uncertain future riddled with all sorts of calamities like nuclear apocalypse and alien invasion, but only a few manage to really . . . → Read More: Crysis 3 – The Conclusion Of A Trilogy

Gaming Convergence


It's not often that I talk about books on here, since the books I read and the games I play don't often mesh well together. Sure, they share the same basic concepts -sci fi, fantasy, mystery, etc- but the one doesn't really have anything to do with the other. That changed . . . → Read More: Gaming Convergence