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Guild Wars 2 – The Game Remains Challenging At Every Turn


Guild Wars 2 is a deeply immersive online video game. It’s easy to pick up and easy to let go. It can be so casual, yet so fun at the same time. . . . → Read More: Guild Wars 2 – The Game Remains Challenging At Every Turn

Defiance the Game – 5 Things To Like, And Not Like, About It


So Defiance™, at least the game portion, has launched as promised on April 2nd in the USA. In case you were trapped in some other dimension for the last three months, here's a brief description of what all the hype is about. Trion, developer & publisher of Rift, End of Nations, and other . . . → Read More: Defiance the Game – 5 Things To Like, And Not Like, About It

StarDrive: The Beta Report

StarDrive 2013-03-28 09-08-20-67

There are fewer things I find more satisfying in video games then being able to take a more strategic approach to situations. Even when the option of just applying violence to the situation is readily available, which is the case more often then not, I enjoy being able to circumvent a difficulty . . . → Read More: StarDrive: The Beta Report

The Normandy’s Legacy

Back in 2007 a phenomenon was born on Earth.

It provided a new universe for humanity to explore and new characters to interact with.

Some even say that it changed the landscape of RPGs itself.


It was quickly dubbed a classic by countless game reviewers.


Those who played it called it…

. . . → Read More: The Normandy’s Legacy

Top 5 Professionally Played Video Games

If you've ever dreamed about becoming a professional gamer, it all begins with the actual game that you play. Some games are competitive enough to make it possible to be professional with them, while others are just meant for fun and won't get you anywhere. Here are the top five games that are being . . . → Read More: Top 5 Professionally Played Video Games

Might & Magic Legacy Announcement


Well, well, Ubisoft has finally announced the latest update in the very popular, long-standing saga of Might & Magic series. M & M fanboys (& fangrrrls!) are all a-Twitter… literally.  Even Notch from Mojang has gotten excited! Here's the just released announcement trailer on Youtube:

Not much content to view just yet, but you . . . → Read More: Might & Magic Legacy Announcement