Gears of War Walkthrough

Act 1 —– Act

14 years after E-Day ——- Chapter
After years of fighting and lots of killing, you (Marcus Fenix) are rudely awoken in your prison cell by friend and squad mate Dominic Santiago. He explains things have changed recently, a new enemy, locust, have appeared and destroyed most of the human race, in a desperate attempt your general Hoffman pardons all the prisoners to help in the war effort except you. How nice.

You are kitted out with the gears uniform and a hammerburst (locust machine gun) and the standard pistol, both with minimal ammo. Go right and Dom will give you an option. First time players should definitely head for the training as it presents little enemies to you and you can get a feel for the cover system with the large number of conviently placed blocks and pillars. Whereas the combat side presents a more difficult challenge. I picked the combat side.

Walk straight ahead and you should see a rather big red mark symboling a Gear has died. Directly underneath this is a COG tag, pick it up and collect 10, 20 and 30 to earn achievements as you go along.

Stay in the big hall for minute then walk left and kick down the door. Pick up the ammo on the left and right and head across the bridge. This is the first time you are introduced to the locusts. Instead of tea and biscuits they shoot at you, so disperse of them quickly and if you wish you can kill the ones on the right hand side bridge.

Grab the grenades and head for the other main hall. Kill the enemy’s there and grab the ammo on the far side as you enter. Take cover and prepare some grenades as the locust cut through the door on the left. After a very dramatic entrance only three appear so should be dealt with quickly, go through the door outside and disperse of the enemys. You should have plenty of time to pick up ammo.

Trial by Fire

A  Corpser digs up the ground but move quickly and you should get on the raven.

A moment to reflect in a cut scene introduces you to your new squad, Kim and carmine. General Hoffman has a rant typically and Anya, your Intel guide, is introduced. General Hoffman outlines his plans for a new plan against the locust. Your squad must go deep into the heart of the locust tunnels and plant a resonator, which maps the tunnels so a lightmass bomb can wipe the locust out. All while being shot at.

You are now playable again and don’t need to worry about the locusts. You get, arguably the most fun weapon, EVER, the lancer, which cuts it’s foes into shreads with it’s attached chainsaw. Run up the stairs and left into a courtyard. After eradicating the locusts your squad will point out a COG tag to you, pick up the ammo and grenades on the right and run up the stairs. A view of the ruins shows off gears graphical superiority (look at those birds!) but inevitably is ruined by the blood hungry locusts splattering blood over your screen.

You can either take the left or flank them, or run down the centre, a quick option is to throw grenades into the emergence holes to stop the locusts. Be sure to watch out for ammo as you go left and onto the bridge. You are greeted by several ripped up bodies resembling those of the alpha squad you are trying to rescue.

Kim will open the door and if you are low on ammo straight ahead over the low wall are some ammo and grenades. A few emergence holes slow you down here. Make your way through the room and go down the stairs.

Fish in a barrel

A cut scene raises questions whether this is alpha. Your next confirmed objective is the house of sovereigns, you become playable again and some locust emerge, one manning a troika, a big machine gun that you shouldn’t stand in the way of. Run across the gap and go down the right side, picking up the ammo in the corner. A archway presents a clear shot for you to take down the gunner and his chum.

Take hold of the troika to quickly eradicate the next wave of locusts and then make your way down that street to emerge in a large, open area with a fountain in the middle. Take cover in this and pick up the grenades and ammo as multiple emergence holes, erm… emerge around you. Try to fill at least one with your grenade, as six or seven locusts appear out these ones, also keep an eye on them, sneaky ones will easily kill you without caution. And finally try not to venture out for ammo until it’s clear.

Fork in the road

The last emergence hole is a gateway to your next destination, cross over it to be stuck between two paths; the right presents fewer enemies but an annoying troika, whereas the left is the opposite. Be sure to look out for chances to help your squad so in turn they can help you. After you capture the troika two locusts will appear behind you.

Reunite into an open area with a piano that tunes when shotJ. The troika pretty much Holts any advancement so as you enter the piano room, go into the rooms in the top right, then make a mad dash for cover behind that big barrel/machinery. When you’re ready roadie to the high balcony and bash the door down (don’t worry you’re safe from fire), and kill the single locust inside. This is a perfect position to fire on the gunner and his chum.

Once they are dead an emergence hole in the piano room presents a lot of enemy’s, so very quickly man the troika and make sure none get through, because you’ll eventually get overrun.

Knock Knock

Locust reinforcements (one guy?!) come through the door opposite the troika, go through there to catch a breather as you walk down the corridor. Bash the door down and make your way up the stairs, if you need ammo the small service building in the centre has a supply of bullets and grenades. As you make your way up seeders (more on that later) rampage on the other side of the big gash in the street. At the top a troika is introduced on the left side so enter the right side to flank.

If you have your wits about you the emergence hole can be quickly filled up by the time you get in. Continue down the corridor and kill the gunner. Now get your tissues. Regroup a few inches from the troika and a cut scene rolls in. Carmine complains about his gun until (nooooooooooooo) he gets gunned by sniper fire and killed instantly. No time to grieve though.

A few waves of locusts, (now carrying shotguns, better than the hammerburst in my opinion) appear and another path opens on the far left facing the building. Be careful not to rush it though, Kim does that for you and one is carrying a shotgun. A few (yes, FEWL) words on carmine then back to the action as Kim opens the far left door.


Go right up the stairs to hear someone shouting. It appears to be alpha squad but is indeed one man, the Cole train. Pick up the ammo on the left, and then help him out a bit, killing some enemies. Stairs will become available to the right, go down them to meet the injured Cole. Ammo and grenades straight ahead. Cole is a sports player, rekindling memories of unpaid wagers and memorable plays.

Go up the stairs and right into a long narrow corridor. Here you will encounter wretches, small, monkey like creatures that are very, very annoying. While Jack opens the door, you will have to deal with wave after wave of them.  Many people favour the chainsaw to kill these, but personally I think it is more effective to equip the shotgun and bash them as it is an instant kill and very quick. Remember to look both sides as a few swipes from behind can seriously injure you. Keep moving and hitting and eventually they will stop.

Now the fun bit, as you enter the room straight ahead is some ammo and a new weapon, the hammer of dawn, also a new enemy, seeders. You can kill the seeder from inside the room if you wish. Go outside and deal with the two on the other side of the bridge while Kim lowers it. Once done make your way around the area, ammo is on the docking platform on the river. Enter the room Kim opens and look at the top right hand side for ammo. And on the right side of the second room there are grenades.

You encounter the second seeder in the next area, should be pretty straight forward but while you’re shooting it remember to watch out for the things it spews out and any wretch that might sneak up.

Regroup on the left hand side of the room and move up the stairs. Keep going and you’ll be on the ground floor beside the seeders corpse. Left and you will encounter a few wretches and a locust. Beyond that is (or what is left) of Rojas, Coles old alpha squad team-mate. Further on past some locust is the third and last seeder. When defeated it will become a bit mad and tear down the opposite bridge.

Back into the room a door on the left will become available.  Take it and run past the resulting corridors. Here you will also find the magnum. At the end of these you will find a massive room with a mad locust and a troika at the end. Flank right and make your way down. Once you’ve captured the position man the troika to stop an onslaught of wretches.

You’ll eventually come across a room with locusts in, go through it and jump over the low wall. You’ll go into Marcus’ trial room, where personality’s conflict. Run up the stairs, take care of the gunner then man the troika and hail fire down on the locusts below. Mind the nemacyst that will fly into you. It’s very fun but distracting killing locusts’ lol.

Kim dies. no big loss. Too bossy…

But instead is replaced by Baird!


She is your first major boss. Walk through the room, left, and then walk very quietly past to the right when she burst through the wall. Now there are two approaches: you get limited time to use the hammer so choose wisely.

The loud and quick option

Roadie Run past her to get her to follow you, then shoot her to get her to run at the door. The advantages are its quick, but you won’t be able to see her, therefore if you stop she may just run into you lol.

Silent and sneaky

Just gently walk past her, all the time watching her if she makes a move, very effective, but it will decrease your time for killing her at the end, if you even get there at all.

So as you enter the corridors there are big doors that are breakable, either method you need to get her attention so she breaks these doors and you can run through to get outside and drop the hammer. There are then basically four steps to this:
* Get her to run at the door
* Roll out the way
* Get her to run back
* Repeat with next corridor
Do this until you are outside, then it’s just a matter of getting the few seconds needed to drop the hammer.

Remember: She shrieks when she is going to run, keep that in mind when you can’t see her.
And that concludes Act 1… finally

Act two

Tick Tick boom

You  are playable once again in some deserted streets. A shotgun in the corner is all that’s found here. Walk up and you’ll have to split up. Probably the biggest factor of this is the position you find the boomers. If you are on single player I would recommend the right path as you can shoot them from behind and let the A.I distract them.

So I chose the right path and just continue down the path, jump over the low wall to find some ammo. Go left for your fist introduction to boomers. These big, heavy things take a long time to kill and their boomshot is an instant kill. Just wait until they shoot as their reload time is incredibly slow, and you can get a clip of machine gun fire or a couple of sniper shots in there. A few grenades and some fire should finish them off.

Turn behind you to the left and through the door. On the bottom a few enemies arise but the only thing you have to kill here is a single locust bashing the door on your left as you jump over the low wall.

Go through and on your immediate right is some ammo. Go down the stairs and you’ll enter a large area with a fence splitting it in two. A few guys on the left will pop out with shotguns and there is a sniper on the balcony on the right. After these guys a large corridor with a troika at the end halts an approach. You could wait for a team-mate on the other path or a well place grenade should defeat him. A few wretches and locusts here as well. Grenades in the far room as you enter and ammo next to the troika.

Try to bash down the door and Dom will explain his plan to hijack the vehicle near a stranded camp.


As you enter the next room there are grenades near the door. You’ll bash it down and a boomer and a wave of locusts will greet you. Take the boomer out and the rest will follow, however beware of the snipers on the balcony on the right. Grenades left of the truck.

Continue through, wretches are the only major thing here. Go down the stairs, more wretches, and left, another boomer here and some locusts, again the boomer is the integral part of this squad. Ammo next to where the boomer appears. To the right is the bridge. A troika slows you down here so take cover behind the middle car and rapidly push X to push it, as it stops take cover near the green truck, as the gunner turns a bit to give you a good shot.


An emergence hole again paves the way for your next destination, the encampment, walk trough the camp until Franklin, their leader tells you where the vehicle is. Walk through and bash the left door.

Go through the house and bash down the door.

Lethal Dusk

Watch out for the sniper dead ahead in the small little house. Blow up the small canister near it, don’t know why it helps though lol. Kill the other two, one wth shotgun, and make your way down to the pushable boat/house lol. Press X on the wheel then A rapidly to push it along the river. Kryll are now introduced. From now on DO NOT ENTER ANYWHERE THAT’S NOT LIT UP as the kryll feed on you and rips you to shreds in a matter of seconds. You are ok inside, but apart from that do not enter the dark. Also shoot every canister you now find, little white things with a signal booster type thingy on them, so they light up and help you on your way. Sometimes these covered by metal sheets, and sometimes are in a tight angle, so keep your eyes open.

Make your way up the stairs and walk through until you find the checkpoint. The makeshift houses on the right contain a plentiful amount of ammo/grenades. And there is a magnum on the left, near the bed and burning barrel. The guys die, kind of dramatically, so move through the house and outside, shooting the canister on the right. A few locusts provide resistance, but nothing big.

On the right is a looooonnngggg stretch, with a troika on the end. A sniper should be able to take him out easy or you could just advance all the way into the building on the left and flank him. Go through the building and bash the door.

No mans land separates you from the locusts next, you can flank left, with a lancer on the way, or you can be incredibly entertained and just wait and headshot the locusts on the other side with the sniper. But if you choose this option beware of the wretches that come round. Once you’re on the other side proceed through the door and go through until you get to the pushable car, this is essential as it’s the only way you can get across with some light.

Watch out for the one in the balcony on the right, and if you quickly run into the house and grenade the room the gunner and his chum should be a pushover. Keep going to the house until you get to the huge hole in the wall. Pick up the grenades then on the left should be a canister, behind the rubbish bin. Shoot it then proceed down the alley into the house.

Bash down the door and shoot the canister behind the pillar nearest to you. Then go left and take care of the locusts from the emergence hole. Should be relatively easy however you can wait for the locusts to jump over so the kryll eat em up. There are canisters behind the wardrobes on the far right and left. After the hole go right, there are canisters behind the rubble both sides.

Now go into the house on the right, the lamp being the only way one of you can get across. Grab it with X and simply guide him across. Then Dom flicks a switch, lighting the whole street. Beware on your trip down the stairs some wretches will attack.

Enter the house on your left as locusts attack, once dealt with there is a canister on the left of the locusts.

Dark Labyrinth

Precede, a canister being under a metal sheet.  To find a tramp/old man/smelly guy a bit drunk. He helps by lighting up the houses in this building. As you enter there is ammo on either side. Go through to the left room, then chainsaw or shoot the wardrobe blocking you in the next room. Beware of the multiple wretches in these rooms. Next you get to a car with a canister in it, shoot it, and in a couple of seconds it will pick up speed down the hill. Run as fast as you can down the hill to stay in the cars light, and you’ll arrive at the gas station

Powder Keg

There’ll be a plentiful supply of ammo and grenades, including a sniper, in the service station. The nice man didn’t bothering filling up the Junker, so just fill it  up using X and A.

Next prepare for an attack, the locusts coming from the library type building on the left, go into the building and pick them off. After them a boomer and a couple of wretches will come out the room in front of the vehicle, a few well placed head shots should finish him off. Next up is a wave of locusts from the right of the vehicle, after them you can start driving the Junker.

Burnt Rubber

The bumpers are used to brake and reverse, X to use the turret and right bumper to fire it.

Just listen for the old mans calls, and then you should immediately get on the turret and start firing the kryll, 6 o clocks being behind etc. Do not let them get near you as they will eat away at your life very quickly. Just drive along the highway, wary of kryll, then  the narrow streets. You could be daring also and just keep your foot on the pedal all the way and outrun them.

Last Stand

For me this is one of the most entertaining parts of the game. There is the biggest collection of enemies so far on the attack, and you must stop them. On the bridge on the far right is some ammo, grenades and sniper, and some ammo on the left in the buildings also.

Just kill every locust that comes out the emergence hole. They come from the buildings in the left to the courtyard on the right. For the enemies on the right side roof, shoot the pipe above them twice to blow it up, and for the snipers far on the left shoot the big block to crush them.

When about three of the emergence holes are sealed,  a boomer will emerge from the left hand side in the buildings on the right. From then on the enemies come from those buildings.

When dispatched of them enemies behind you a massive emergence hole will reveal a large number of boomers, depending on the difficulty. Be sure to take cover on this one and don’t stand there like a pansy, throw grenades in there and a combination of fire will eventually whittle down there numbers.

And so that classic music concludes act 2…

Act three

You’re ever reliable Junker that you fought hard and long for, break down! This is nice. So just continue down the murky woods, you’ll see numerous times ‘glowing’ wretches that explode when you kill them. A few tips on them, immediately after you down one jump away from it, as their explosions can take chunks out of your life, especially on the harder difficulties, where a good swipe from one and an explosion from another will kill you.

Go down to the lighted door, you won’t be able to open it so you have to go all the way around and split up. When you become playable again you can go back to the door and, left, and left again for some grenades. So keep going down, a service box holds some ammo and a lancer on the right.

When you get to the open area you will be attacked by a wave of lambent wretches.  Don’t let them get near you and active reload whenever possible and slowly they will fall. I wouldn’t recommend the shotgun with these as they will overrun you by the time you kill one.

Keep going down, watch out several more wretches here, and left, enter the third house along and flick the switch to give the elevator some power. Go back one house to catch a lift upstairs in the elevator, but beware some random wretch trys to scare you.


When you’re up climb over the window and into the building on the left, and make your way through the factory. Go down the left path, (a smash able door on the left has some ammo) that door won’t work so go the opposite side and open that one.

Keep going through into the blood stained room. After a short horror clip go left and open the room. You will find a stranded here, expecting you to save his life. Instead you force him to help you. He will open the door on the right and just keep following him. After some hilarious dialogue between the two parties, keep following the guy. ( watch out for the room on the left, it has some ammo, but watch out for the… nah I’ll just say surprise)

As you enter the room with the rubbish floorboards watch out, there a multiple positions you can fall through, and face a tough amount of wretches. My advice is to just stick close to the machines, I go right as you enter the room, left, stay tight to the machines, then straight forward and a left and right brings you out of the room.

Ammo and grenades in this room, along with a shotgun and lancer. Next you will find a room with lots of carts in, and soon multiple wretches will advance to your postion. They come from the front and behind, so I like to stay put in one of the like, I don’t know the word lol but one of the sections that cuts into the wall so they come to me and just shoot them down.

Once done continue onwards, watch out for the wretch that comes out of nowhere down the corridor just in front of the chair. Turn the wheel to open two doors, the one on the right with some ammo in. Keep going through and you’ll reunite with Cole and Baird.    The huge archways should now become accessible. Watch out for the few enemies and wretches. Defeat all the enemies, go through where the two locusts should have been, left and all they way to the end and try to bash down the door.  Instead there will either be one or two boomers coming down the lift, take cover behind the low wall and a few grenades should help with them.

Coalition Cargo

Go through the door to a plentiful supply of ammo and weapons, and flick the switch to lift the doors blocking you. Enter the carts, and you’ll be taken to a ride through the amazing scenery. You can pretty much stay in your cart, but beware of the wretches climbing on the top of the cables; if they fall in and explode you’re in trouble.

After the ride you’ll be joined by Baird lol. Continue through the doors and the pathways, killing the wretches as you go. You will eventually get to the drilling platforms, anya will lift them for you but there’s a boomer on them so watch out. Get on the platform to be taken to the locust home…

Darkest before Dawn

So you’re at the locust tunnels, all that is needed now is to plant that resonator. Continue down the paths and some ammo and grenades are provided. Progress through the one that steeps down and you’ll encounter some wretches. (Ammo in cliff hole to the left) Progress to the cliff side and you’ll slip down. Go left and progress through and you’ll find some locusts. (Ammo in little house on right) A sniper appears on the right but a few shots on the column will sort him out.

You’ll encounter more wretches and a boomer, however he’s easy seem as though he’s so far away. Continue on to slip down once again, and in this little area a lot of wretches will attack. Just move around a lot and you’ll be fine. The final wretch will be conveniently placed behind a destructible rock, shoot it and continue through there.

You’ll have to split up next; I find the left one easier as it has lots more spots to take cover. Continue through the paths until you reunite, and then through the left will be a stretch of locust and wretches will populate. Finish them off and continue through to your next boss…

Angry Titan

So continue down the right and a Corpser, one of the bigger locusts of the game, jumps down at you. She attacks by stretching her claws and smashing them on the ground in front of her; so stay far from her and it will be highly ineffective. You need her to move back and fall in the Imulsion River , to do this shoot her vulnerable belly, either through the gaps when she is blocking or when she prepares to attack she exposes it.

When she is hurt she lets out a cry, opening her mouth, shoot her mouth and she will crawl back in due course. Do this about three or four times and eventually she will come to an area where you can detach it by shooting the couples on the right and left sides on the ground. But beware though, if you take too long some wretches will come behind you. Lol I have fell numerous times to these little nuisances.

So remember:

* Stay far, she can’t hit you if you’re not near her.
* I would use the lancer, a lot more effective as you can stay away from her and out of danger, and a clip should get her to move back once.
* Watch out for them wretches!
After all this Baird and Cole come down, go to them and continue through….

Tip of the iceberg

For me, probably not the hardest, but certainly the most annoying bit of the game. If possible I would recruit a friend for this.

You are close to your objective, so carry on. Now you will meet the torque bow, a metal bow that shoots little explosives that stick to your enemies and blows them up. Fun! You have to charge it up a couple of seconds though so it sticks to people when you shoot. My advice if you’re under heavy fire would be to press fire while in cover to charge it up, then pop out of cover and fire, therefore its quick and you are covered basically all the time.

But personally I wouldn’t use it for this chapter, a shotgun and lancer are pretty much fine. So continue through, you have to go left and stage a frontal attack while Baird and Cole flank right. Now you encounter theron Guards. Bigger, stronger and much harder to kill then normal locusts and their weapon of choice is the torque bow and sometimes shotgun.

Take cover behind the furthest low wall on the right of the pathway, and prepare a grenade directly in front of you to land on the platform. As soon as Marcus says “let’s clear that station” a theron guard spawns at the location the grenade should land so chuck it and it should kill him or slow him down enough to kill him.

Next be very patient on this one, do not rush in or they will certainly kill you. Always stay on this wall; never leave yourself exposed because if they stick you, one second and you’re dead. Watch for the one or two guards carrying bows. Always have a eye on both of them and if you see a glowing orange light in front of them or a noise similar to trains on a track, take cover as they are charging their bows up.

Let them shoot and fire on them for a couple of seconds, as they reload slowly. Once these two are finished it may seem as though you’re clear, but as you go towards the stairs a further two – four arise, so do the same with them as the last. Always be cautious when going up them stairs though. I have known some with chainsaws waiting for you.

Once you have killed around five from the safety of the wall proceed onto the factory. A through more will spread throughout, just always take cover and never take chances.

Once you’ve cleared the station, you’ve done act 3…

Act 4
Campus Grinder

Bad news, it didn’t work. The resonator didn’t have enough power to map those tunnels. All that work for nothing lol.

Baird on the way finds a file that map that shows more then the resonator did of the tunnels, and the rest of it is at the Fenix residence. So you get picked up by the ravens and proceed towards your house.

You get dropped off in a large area/garden, take cover at the numerous walls and slowly kill the enemies presented to you. I like to go down the left and into the house and snipe the rest. Also within that house is a boomshot. Once you’ve chipped at their defences until one or two are left, two boomers will emerge from inside the house, left of the boomshot house and in front of you as you’re dropped off, and the courtyard, near to that.

Once you’ve killed them all you will have to split up, left side is for people who like sniping and long range, while right is for close combat veterans. I take left personally but I don’t see a difference in difficulty. One of you (Marcus or Dom) will have to provide cover to the other from above. By the way watch out for the theron guard at the top of the stairs hiding if you picked left.

Kill the locusts in the courtyard; another wave appears also, two theron. Jump over the wall or proceed through depending on path and you’ll be greeted by a seeder. A locust and wretches are on the top but only a few drones on the bottom. Pick up a hammer of dawn which should be near by, and take out the seeder. An emergence hole then appears in the middle of the courtyard, below the statue, but the hammer seals it quickly.

Once all this is done proceed through, one of you will have to open the door that stops one’s progress. Proceed and you’ll get to a large area split by a big crack, and you’ll be greeted with more locusts, lots on the right and a sniper on the balcony on the left. Go through your respective parts of the house and eventually one of you will be pinned by a troika. A good sniper shot or help from a mate should sort him out.

Jump over the spiked fence or go out the house. Then shoot the canisters on the truck to proceed through to the conservatory…

Bad to Worse

Proceed left through the pillars and attempt at bashing the door down on the left. It’s stuck so instead you have to fend off some locusts. They appear at the other end of the pillar room, along with a few wretches, it shouldn’t be a pain.

But what should be a pain is a couple of boomers that crash through the wall opposite of the door. Finish these then proceed through the door Jack rips and through the conservatory.

Once you get to the large area with the six trees, prepare for your second encounter with a berserker. Same things apply here; (look at act two for details) lead here through the corridors (watch out she smashes through the walls as you go along) until you get to the area with lots of pillars and glass on the roof. Get her to smash through all if not most of the pillars, therefore breaking the glass so you can shoot her with the hammer of dawn. After a few stuns with the hammer she will fall. One of the pillars should now fall down and start a fire nearby if it hasn’t already, go to the end of the room to find a wheel that sprays water along it and proceed through there.


Proceed through the courtyard and building to find another courtyard with a troika in your way. You should still have plenty of time to kill him with the hammer, and close the two emergence holes. Proceed through the next courtyard via the bench a shotgun locust kindly kicked down for you. In this next one locust will emerge at all directions and a boomer will greet you when you’re finished.

Go through the door the boomer opens to find a seeders corpse, pick the grenades up next to it (surprise!) and proceed into the room and bash the door on the left. A theron guard spots you here, follow him and go right. Then up the stairs on the left a couple locust and a boomer will hinder your progress.

Proceed up the stairs, then progress through the maze streets. You’ll eventually get to an area which, when approached, quakes. A few theron guards and locust populate this area, once dispatched proceed to the left, to the narrow area. Take out the few locusts here then proceed to a much more populated area, along with a troika. You can go underneath the bridge, but beware that holds another troika, so go down the left, always taking cover. Take a few guys out on the bridge, then go onto it and kill the rest.

A path on the left will become available, take it and proceed, and bash down the gate…

Imaginary Place

Next you will come to a set of steep stairs, exactly like the ones used for Multiplayer, but lighted. Proceed up and a lot of theron guards, a boomer/s, and locust will greet you. Take out these and when you get to the top you’re at Marcus’ house.

Bash down the door and secure the house, there’s an emergence hole on the bottom and a few on top. Once done a locust will bash down a door on the ground floor, proceed and you’ll get to a long corridor with several locust at the end. Once finished go down the left door and into the big room. Keep going and you’ll get to the secret lab, turn the wheel and it will open it.

Proceed down, killing the locust, and bash down the door. Go through these corridors and bash down the wine shelf farthest left. (single one, not the double one) Bash down the door within, Jack has to rip it out for you. Prepare for a fight, locust come opposite your location.

When they are all dead you will recover the data via cutscene.

Baird and Cole are pinned at the front of the house so make your way back. Watch out for the wretches here and the locust. When you get to the room with the desk you’ll be locked in, and several wretches start attacking. Keep going through the house until you get to the second floor, and regroup with Baird and Cole.

This for me is one of the hardest bits of the game. You  have locusts, theron guards and Boomers pressing to get into the house, they will get in eventually, but stay in this position for a while, make sure you pick off at least three of four of them to hold them a while longer.

It’s ok if one or two get in, Dom will kill a few as they come. Go to the left in the room for grenades and ammo, and this is a good position to pick them off while they come in.

Once the boomer emerges lay down as much fire as possible on him so he won’t be much of a nuisance in the house, then take cover on the wall opposite to fire, you have the whole house to aim at on this position.

After this onslaught you have to go to the back of the house, again a locust opens the door for you on the ground floor. Proceed through, ignore this door for now, and then go upstairs. Kill the locust below then shoot the canister on the door opposite you, then you can go downstairs and open it.

A single locust with a magnum is here. Proceed outside, and run for your life. You can kill these to boomers if you want, but just run to the APC, ignore any threats that try to stop you.
Get to the APC, and you’ve done act 4…

Act 5

Special delivery

Ok after all the curfuffle you finally get to act 5. You’re nearly there J

You’ll come out of the APC to a train station, the first thing you will encounter here are the two snipers high up on the balcony. Take them out and grab the numerous ammo scattered around. An emergence hole on your left and two on the right present problems, also a sniper will appear high up behind you. After all these have been killed you don’t need to worry about the ones in the train, just quickly go onto the next platform to get onto your targeted train.

Train Wreck

Your next objective is to get to the far end of the train and activate the bomb that will eradicate the locust tunnels. Go forward, taking out the locusts and theron guards as you go. A fuel tank that proves useful later will become apparent.

Continue progressing until you get to the room. Try to activate the door on the left. But there’s always a catch. BESERKER!!

The hammer of dawn is currently out of use, same methods of distracting her apply (see act two) distract her right down to the first cart; leave her there, than activate the button on the right to let her go. That doesn’t work? Leave her on the cart with the fuel tank and throw a grenade in there. Should take her on the second go.

Continue through the carts until you encounter locust in the second one. Deal with these then continue through the carts, watch out for the locust and theron’s; then climb up the ladder to the roof. You’ll have to deal with several Reavers complete with gunners and theron guards here. Man the turret provided or if you’re on the harder difficulties you can take cover and a few sniper shots can kill them. Once they have been killed continue down into the next cart.

Now you’re inside a tunnel, and wretches are slowing down the train. Wait until the block has fallen then you can jump over down the left side. Bear in mind these wretches are lambent, a.k.a the exploding ones.

Continue through, you several wretches will attack you, take them out then continue on. The left side is a corridor with ammo and a COG tag in, while the right side is the way forward.

Activate the switch on the right, and then face the reaver/s and wretches that follow. Continue to the next room, you’ll be locked in a room with wretches attacking from behind and in front of you. Take care of these guys then progress to the next cart, you have 40 seconds to get to the next one or else it will break off. Kill a couple then just roadie run to the next one, it shouldn’t be hard.

Continue through the carts, you will soon be facing general RAAM…

Pale Horse

If you can I would DEFINETLY recruit a friend for this. Grab the grenades, sniper, and torque bow provided (bow on the right as you enter, next to the pillar) fill up on ammo and grenades then proceed through…

General RAAM, the last boss, greets you here, and you got to take him out before you drop the bomb…

He’s invincible with his kryll around him so take cover behind the immediate wall in front of you, and equip the torque Bow, charge it up and fire it at him, scaring his kryll away so you have a couple of seconds to shoot him with your sniper, you should at least get two shots.

Repeat a couple of times, preferably active reloading, then when he gets close lob a couple of grenades at him and run to the other side, always stay in the light areas as kryll are waiting for you. Repeat this couple of times, (don’t get frustrated may take a couple tries) and eventually he will fall.

So remember:

* Active reload is a MUST.
* Don’t go for your mate if he goes down, by the time he falls enough health should be taken off raam to take him on your own.
* If you run out of bullets for your torque bow grenades work the same way.
* If possible get your mate to use the bow while you  take sniper shots.
So after a lengthy cut scene you finally beat Gears of War. Hope this guide helped and good luck with all future aspirations.

I enjoyed making this and playing the game, hopefully you will to.

Acknowledgements: Crotech (inspiring me)

Cain141 (he’s just plain cool)
XTheGreyGhostX (chatting with me when I was doing it)
Mark (sorted my layout out lol)
CroTech (For putting the guide in one doc)

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