Stuntman Ignition

Pulling off the stunts in Stuntman Ignition while playing thru 6 movies with 6 stunts scenes each is a truly addictive experience. The ability to string together "stunts" that the director tells you todo and at the same time looking for opportunities to do your own stunts to keep the sting going just really makes you want to do the scene over and over again to get it perfect, and man it is frikken frustrating because you want to really nail it and are pretty much saying to yourself "DUH OMG I missed that ramp agin!".

The game is definately forgiving in the sense that when you get too many mistakes in the scene (or like me drivce right into lava) the scene just starts over, the game will also give you the opportunity to start in "easy" mode, but you will lose half you points if you do this.Easy mode is just less distractions btw.

THQ and Paradigm have really done an outstanding job with the Stuntman Ignition but the game just really shines in how it lets you the player have more of a hand in spicing up the movie scenes and lol try it you will just love it…yay StuntCrack!!!


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