Conan Demo Review

Some Background for you:

At the outset, Conan has lost four of his enchanted pieces of armor that he intends to recover, and each one will grant him a new magical attack when he retrieves it. As a barbarian, Conan doesn’t especially relish the thought of using magic, but he also recognizes its utility when there are all these enemies just asking to be driven before him. Along the way, Conan will encounter A’kanna, a lithe and sensual archer who seems as if she’ll act as a wily feminine foil for all of Conan’s trademark bluster and bravado.

If you like God of War or Ninja Gaiden you are going to feel right at home with this title for sure. The burly barbarian’s move and combo sets are categorized by weapon type; you’ve got one set of attacks for a single-handed sword, one for dual weapons, and another for two-handed weapons. Regardless of what weapons you’re using, you’ll have a basic set of attacks to form combos with, including light and heavy slashes, a punch move and a nice grab.

I found the controls pretty easy to get used to, although after a bit of play it did start to feel alot like a button masher to me. I saw a couple of great counter-kills. In one, Conan dodges around behind the enemy and literally twists his head from his shoulders, and in another, he flips the enemy up into the air and then slices him clean in half at the waist. Even regular combos routinely send random legs, arms, and heads flying in the air. The game is a true bloody masterpiece that is for sure.

There appears to be a slight RPG’ish element to the game. You collect orbs after defeating an opponent or destroying an enviorment item. These orbs are experirnce points that can be used to unlock combos.


The PS3 version will also incorporate the same achievements as the Xbox 360 game. These won’t be found anywhere outside the game, but they’ll still pop up onscreen in the same style and with the same names as on the Xbox 360 version. Waiting to go on a bloody rampage soon.

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