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Conan Game Review for Xbox 360

Previously we had a  Conan demo review and now that we have had a chance to play through the release there are really only a few more things to say.

Overall Conan is a gritty experience that really beckons to God of War with a litlte more gore. I felt like it was more of what a true hack and slah game was supposed to be, and I do mean that in the literal sense 😛

The game opens up with Conan, voiced here by a decidedly unbarbaric-sounding Ron Perlman, out on an adventure, battling marauding specters on a remote island while in search of a valuable gem. What he finds instead is the tomb of a dark sorcerer named Graven, which Conan accidentally opens. In his exodus from his magical prison, Graven strips Conan of his armor and leaves the Cimmerian warrior for dead. When Conan washes up on the shore of another island, he meets up with a smart and steely warrior queen with a vested interest in finding Graven and recovering Conan’s armor. And so the two team up, fighting their way through legions of pirates, the Stygian army, an elephant demon cult, vicious beasts both real and mythical, and more supernatural forces in their hunt for Graven. The story, which is told as though it were an ancient campfire legend, isn’t terribly weighty, even though at one point you’re essentially tasked with saving the world. Still, it does a good job of establishing the primal and lawless feel of the land of Hyboria.

Conan is all about fighting and hacking your foes to pieces. There are a few places in each level that has our barbarian climbing walls, doing some menial running and platforming, some puzzle solving (real easy stuff) and of course a good ol boss battle at the end of each level. On that not a sec, the bosses really seem deviod of any difficulty really, for instance in the second level you have a sand dragon that is terrorizing a town.

WARNING: Walkthrough of the Sand Dragon Boss Battle :WARNING

ok so you start by entering a small hallway, there is a small cinematic where the sand dragon chews a guy in two. Basically this is step one of the boss battle: You are only dealing with a head, and about 3 attack animations (none of which vary depending on where you are yawn) I simply took the roll in, strong attack x2, roll out approach, do that and you will take him out for this scene easily.

Second Scene:
After defeating the head, you run along a walkway that the dragon will destroy since you are on it 😛 Run, and jump a few times and land on a small square platform for scene 2, wow the head and tail!!!! Again there are about 3 attack animations one is the tail only and it shoots out barbs, when the tail comes out just hide behind a pillar and that will cover you fine. Agin, take the roll in , roll out tactic and you will be done this scene.

Scene 3:
You start at the base of a pillar, jump up, right, up, up, right and you have scaled it. Run to the right and along the walkway, there are a total of two jumps ahead. Pretty boring stuff really even though a dragon is chasing you , you really do not feel it.. I died more times on the platforming part lol. ok, so after that you are in the final scene.This is also very easy, three attack animations, same tactics..YAWN..oh excuse me where was I? oh yea, small addition here of having to do 2 things. Basically this is how it goes, the only animation to look out for is the tounge, it covers a large area, roll to right or left to avoid.

So, fist roll to right chop thru the boards, use the r button on the pillar and a small cutscene shows it falling and creates a big sharp rock at the bottom of the fight..hmm wonder what that does, lol, ok so roll in do some damage with roll in out tactic, when the dragon reaches zero HP he falls down a bit leaving you open to go left and pull on a crank. Keep on that process till done and you are rewarded with a final cutscene where the sand dragon falls to his demise and is impaled thru the mouth on the stone. Now I have to admit that looked sweet.

The weapons of Conan
As Conan you start with one sword but can pick up swords of fallen foes with the RB (btw you can thow them with the RT). You can wield one blade, dual wield (favorite since you can hack off both arms with a stong attack), have a two handed sword, have one blade and a shield (another favorite since you can block arrows). On arrows a second, when you get hit by an arrow it will stay in you till you pull it out with the RB, as you leave it in you will bleed out, so do take out the arrows, it is worth it.

The power leveling system is kinda neat (not really) basically when you kill something you get red runes..hmm kinda like the blood in GOW? There are green (health) and blue (power) runes as well, but mainly talking about the red ones for now. Red runes grant you experience, experience buys you moves in the back button menu. You can buy moves for each weapon style. Pretty simple eh? After you buy a move, well you use it, every use grants you 5% toward mastering that move, once mastered you get extra red and sometime green orbs when using that move.

Read on below for more thoughts.
Download the Conan Walkthrough for Xbox 360

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