Conan Walkthrough

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Copyright Mister Sinister, 2007
This guide is dedicated to my best friends Matthew & Peter


¦ This walkthrough is copyrighted to Mister Sinister (2007) ¦
¦ I don’t mind it being lifted in its entireity, but if you do so, please ¦
¦ make sure you give credit to the author (me) and DON’T pass it off as your ¦
¦ own. Thanks ! ¦

¦ I N D E X ¦

In order to make this guide as quick and easy to navigate (given that many of
the people that read it are going to do so specifically to get over specific
issues that they are experiencing) I have elected to implement a section code
which I originally used for my Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Guide. It’s really
quite simple, and I’ll give you an example just to make sure we’re all on the
same page ;)

If, for example, you want to skip to the "BOSS FIGHT - THE SAND DRAGON"
section, just hold ctrl + F to call up your default find screen, and type in
"0 1 0" and hit enter. This will take you, first to 0 1 0 in this index, and
then to the appropriate section.


¦ 0 0 1 ¦


Hello and welcome to my Conan (for the X-Box 360) FAQ and Walkthrough !

My name is David, and I will be your guide, so let’s get started shall we ?

I should mention that I don’t at all mind you getting in touch to ask me
questions or to provide me with helpful critique or suggestions you would like
me to consider incorporating into my guide - my objective at the end of the
day is to produce a piece of work to honour the game, and to try and help as
many of you out there as possible to increase YOUR enjoyment of it - however I
should point out that I don’t (DO NOT) like dealing with idiots, so if you
have nothing either interesting or constructive to say, MY advice is to not
bother getting in touch with me - you’ll just incur my ire, cheers ;)

So ! Onto the game :)

Conan is a hack-and-slash game. A stand-alone title which can be alikened to
a number of games including Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver, God of War (I & II),
the Tombraider Series, Onimusha Warlords and others but which, like so many
decent titles out there, looks to borrow from, and improve upon the best that
many of the other games have to offer, rather than to obviously rip any one

You control (rather unsurprisingly) Conan, a barbarian brute of a man who is
far more interested in pillaging and conquering than tea and biscuits. As
such I expect you to find him THOROUGHLY entertaining to play with ... I
certainly did !!

The main selling point of playing an out-and-out warrior like Conan is that
the game centres heavily around his combat control system, which is very
well-developed. You can attack using one of four different combat styles,
and you can mix-and-match these styles during play. Just quickly, your
combat styles are :-

- One weapon (with optional Shield)
- Two, single-handed weapons
- One, double-handed weapon
- Bare hands (grappling)

There we go - I think that’ll do as a brief synopsis of the game.

¦ 0 0 2 ¦


Conan’s main menu consists of five options, which break down as follows :-

NEW GAME - start a new Conan campaign
RESUME GAME - continue the last-loaded Conan campaign
LOAD GAME - load a specific Conan save game
EXTRAS - leads to the following options ...
~ Statistics - stats from the current campaign (if one exists)
~ Unlockables - leads to the following options ...
> Videos/Concept Art - hidden artwork (unlocked during play)
> Cheats - leads to the following options ...
-) Master All Moves*
-) Armour Power Mode*
-) Song of Death Mode*
-) Invulnerability Mode*
~ Achievements - lists your X-Box 360 in-game achievements
~ Leaderboard - shows your position on the online leaderboard
~ Credits - plays the game’s credits
OPTIONS - leads to the following options ...
~ Gameplay - leads to the following options ...
> Fade HUD
> Vibration
> Gore
~ Audio/Video Settings
> Brightness
> Music Volume**
> Sound Effects Volume
> Voice Volume
> Subtitles

* I will go into more detail about the cheat modes in section 0 2 8 - HINTS
** Be wary of turning this down - it has a BIG impact on the cutscenes !!

¦ 0 0 3 ¦


Since you have absolutely no control over the character you are allocated to
play (it’s Conan or nothing), the first consideration you should give to THIS
title is what level of difficulty you want to impose upon yourself.

You might be tempted to just whack it on easy, but I can assure you that there
ARE definite reasons to play it on the higher difficulties (namely that if you
play the game on Normal, Hard or King (which you must play through on Hard in
order to even UNLOCK let alone PLAY), you will be rewarded, upon completion of
each of the difficulties, with certain modes of play being made available to
you anew via the cheats section).

For the purposes of good order, I confirm that THIS guide has been created by
my playing through the game on the NORMAL difficulty setting.

¦ 0 0 4 ¦


Here are the basic controls for Conan :-

Left Thumbstick - Moves Conan in any given direction
Right Thumbstick - Rolls Conan in any given direction
X (Blue Button) - Fast/Light Attack
Y (Yellow Button) - Slow/Strong Attack
A (Green Button) - Jump
B (Red Button) - Grab
D-Pad - Selects Conan’s current Magic Spell
LB (Left Shoulder Button) - Cast Conan’s current Magic Spell
LT (Left Trigger Button) - Block/Parry
RB (Right Shoulder Button) - Activate Item
RT (Right Trigger Button) - Throw Weapon
Back Button - Takes you to the combo purchase screen
Start Button - Pauses the game

During my guide I will be giving you directions and, since the game is fully
three-dimensional, there will be times when I will be unable to give you
simple go left, go right instructions, as the camera pans of its own will.
Therefore whilst I will TRY to keep my directions as simple as possible,
sometimes I will refer to items in rooms or things you can see in the
distance, in order to give you points of reference, ok ?

¦ 0 0 5 ¦


Hokay, so we’ve chosen our difficulty, and we’re IMMEDIATELY treated to a
cutscene, wherein an aged lady (apparently speaking to a child at a campfire)
creates the setting for a tale she is to tell of Conan - the barbarian
warrior of legend, who (in this particular adventure) finds his way to the
lost island of Balmoria, in the Western Sea.

Conan ascends to the highest peak on the island, there to find a long-
forgotten tomb, which he seems bent on exploring.

........................................................... and we’re off !!

As soon as you gain control of your character, a spectral warrior (which I
am going to refer to from here on in as a Wraith) manifests itself before
you, telling you that you don’t belong here.

WhatEVER dude ... I kinda like it here !! In fact I think we’ll move in.

Wraiths are spiritual warriors which are thankfully colour-coded in this
title. The colour of a Wraith determines what type of weaponry it has at
its disposal, as follows :-

- PURPLE Wraiths are armed with a single weapon and shield;
- BLUE Wraiths wield two, single-handed weapons; and
- BROWN Wraiths are equipped with a two-handed weapon.

Move Conan over to the purple Wraith, and attack it with any combination of
moves you wish. Once it has been destroyed, another purple Wraith will come
to life and attack you, and the game will pause to give you the first of a
large number of hints which you cannot turn off, but which are there to help
you (at least for your FIRST run through the game) - this time it’s telling
you that X is for your light attacks, and that light attacks are fast but
do less damage than heavy attacks.

There are a number of wraiths for you to despatch in this first section,
which is very obviously a training level designed to help get you into the
swing (no pun intended) of playing the legendary warrior himself.

Slay all the Wraiths in the area, and (if you wish to change the weapon you
have to hand, or adopt a different fighting style), walk up to whatever
weapon you want to pick up, and press the RB (right shoulder button - the one
immediately in front of RT - the right trigger) button, and you Conan will
pick up the weapon. Note that he might drop whatever weapon he currently has
equipped to do so, depending on what you’re after and what’s already in your

Once you are ready, head to the back of the room, stand by the door in the
little white ring which is flashing, and the game will give you another hint.
This time it tells you to press RB to open doors, and that some doors need
you to enter a series of commands to open them, which are displayed on-screen.

Press RB to open the door, and then tap the B button repeatedly to force it

In the next room, observe the number of suits of armour lying on the floor.
These are all going to be possessed by Wraiths in the very near future, so
bear that in mind when you wade into the room.

Move forward and onto the red circle, and despatch all the Wraiths that are

Once you are done, head to left of the room and either press RB near one of
the two urns (the ones with the green energy pouring out of the top), or
destroy some of the duller-looking urns, to release little green runes which
will hover about for a second or two, and then enter Conan’s body.

The game will confirm that green runes restore Conan’s health.

Exit this room via the right (RB by the door, and then tap B repeatedly to
open it).

In the next chamber, destroy the vases (if you need to replenish any health),
and head to the right and back into the chamber - HOWEVER, take care when
you walk past the statues, as energy from the brown Wraiths causes them to
crumble and fall down about your ears.

It is at this point that the game will explain that pressing RB near a fallen
enemy’s weapon will cause you to pick it up, and that you can carry different
weapon combinations on this basis ... which YOU already knew ’coz I already
told you ;)

Defeat the Wraiths in the area and, as you reach the steps at the back of
the chamber, one of the giant statues set into the wall by the doorway comes
to life and steps down to attack you !!

"Crom ... the statues live !!" exclaims Conan (which is a bit more tame than
what I said the first time I saw it to be honest, but hey !).

The best technique for defeating these enemies is to focus on hit-and-run,
so I would suggest a strong attack, and then rolling away or blocking. They
do have an unblockable attack which is when they swing at you and the blur
of their blades is RED, but to be honest this is just the training level,
so even that won’t do you too much damage.

Kill the Statues and the Wraiths, and then head through the door (RB, tap B).

This next chamber is the final room in this training level. You will see a
green urn and a two-handed weapon just inside the door on the level you enter
and thereafter a drop down to the room below.

Heal up, take the weapon IF you like, and then drop into the room and head
to the centre.

Take out the two giant statues (you don’t need to worry about keeping any
health for the next level as this is your last fight here), and a cutscene
will ensue.

--- CUTSCENE ---

Conan destroys the statue in the centre of the room, and the narrator
explains that, whilst Conan had come to the island seeking a jewel, what he
found (and unleashed) was a monster.

Something happens to Conan, and the next thing you know, you awaken adrift
on the open seas, apparently bereft of your armour. There is an island close
by, so Conan swims toward it.


Congratulations - you have survived the training level !

At the end of each level you are presented with a statistics screen which
shows you a number of pieces of information including :-

- Total Score for the level and the game
- Total Time Played for the level and the game
- Kills for the level and the game

... and also how many objects you destroyed, bodyparts you severed, your
favourite combo and so on and so forth - it’s a handy way of keeping tabs
on your performance and to reflect on all the enemies you’ve despatched to
meet Crom ;)

*shakes his head and chuckles* this game ROCKS !! =)

¦ 0 0 6 ¦


--- CUTSCENE ---

Conan swims toward the Barachan Isles - a notorious den of pirates and
cutthroats, and promptly removes a sword from the corpse of a nearby fallen
pirate, before you resume control of him.


Hokay, since we’ve now gotten through the tutorial level together and can
start the game proper, I am going to make my instructions considerably more
cut-and-dried, so as to dispense with the drivel and help you on your path to
fame and glory. I will elaborate on sections where I feel it may be of
benefit or interest to you for me to do so ;)

> Run forward, and follow the path around as it curves gently right, until
Conan exclaims "Pirates !".


Whilst I will go into further detail in the section 0 2 5 further on, I think
this is an appropriate time to give you a bit of a master class on Conan’s
combat system, or at least one major aspect of it - FATALITIES.

Conan has the ability to instantly slay an enemy, and I am going to teach you
how to do this quickly, and easily.

The simple diagram looks like this :-

[Enemy Attacks] + [You Parry] + [You Press the Appropriate Button] = [DEATH]

It’s very simple - take the first pirate that comes towards you as a test.
At this level, since these are your first PROPER opponents, they will attack
you slowly, giving you plenty of time to respond. When the pirate attacks
you, LITERALLY as he is about to strike your body with his sword, hold LT -
the left trigger button at the back of the controller, and Conan will block
the attack.

If you simply hold LT the whole time, Conan will block the whole time. What
I need YOU to do, however, is to PARRY the attack, by which I mean you need
to block it just as it is about to strike you.

You will know when you have successfully parried an attack because the game
will call up either the letter X, Y or B above you, indicating that you
should now press that button to counter-attack, and slay your opponent.

Try it ... if neither X, Y or B appears when you defend the strike, it means
you either blocked too soon, or you let yourself be hit (silly billy).

Practice that technique on these enemies and you WON’T be disappointed.

There are different fatalities for each of the different weapon styles in the
game, making a grand total of ... ooh ... LOTS of ways to slay your enemy !!

Once you have slain an enemy with either a valid combo or fatality, the game
will tell you how much of that move you have mastered (text appears in white)
as well as the name of the move you just pulled off (in case you want to
show off to your mates later).

... but for now, back to the plot ...

> Once you have slain the pirate, you should get your first red rune. Red
runes are the equivalent of experience points that you can use to buy new
combos and moves for Conan as the game progresses.

> Slay the 4 Pirates around the campfire, and then open up the chest behind,
to gain enough red runes to buy your first combo.


Well done ! You have amassed enough experience points to be able to buy
your first combo - I’m so proud *clasps his hands together*.

Pressing the BACK button on your controller (that little white button to the
left of the bigass X-Box button in the middle ?) will call up your "Combat
Abilities" screen.


As you can see from this simple screen, there are five pages (denoted by
icons) running along the top, being :-

1) "Ready to Learn" - a picture of Conan’s ugly mug;
2) "General Move" - a picture of an open hand;
3) "One-Handed" - a picture of a sword atop a shield;
4) "Dual-Wield" - a picture of two crossed swords; and
5) "Two-Handed" - a picture of two hands gripping a large sword.

Whilst you can check out what’s in pages 2-5 at your leisure, page 1 is where
it’s at. This page lists all the combos that you have yet to learn, and
which you can purchase (and yes, the list WILL grow in time).

Each combo has certain pieces of information which you MUST pay attention to
or you’ll fluff this bit up.

* The image to the left of the combo’s name corresponds with one of the icons
for pages 2-5, so for example at the top of the list are two combos with
the same name - "Fast Strike Finisher" - HOWEVER, one is only useable when
you have a sword and/or shield (the FIRST one), and the other is useable
only when you are wielding two single-handed weapons (the SECOND one), got
it ?
* The button combo to the right of the combo’s name is (rather obviously) the
combination of buttons you need to press to do the combo (I can’t BELIEVE I
just explained that, but there we go).
* A description of the combo is at the bottom of the screen, with two figures
to the right of it. The first figure - that under "Experience Cost" -
shows you how many experience points you have to give up in order to buy
this combo. The second figure - that under "Experience" - shows you how
many experience points you have amassed, and have available to spend.

You don’t have to spend all your experience points at once - they will accrue
as time goes on. Therefore you MIGHT want to consider saving up for a bigger
and better combo - it really does pay off in the long-run ;)

... but for now ? Buy a combo if you like the sound of, and then let’s get
back to the game !

> Head over to the hanging vines to the right of the campfire and Conan will
tell you that they can come down (hack them to bits to proceed).

> Slay the pirates in the next area (you can use RB to pick up and throw the
heavy rocks nearby if you wish, or slay them with combos and fatalities -
it’s your call), but WATCH OUT for the one clad in brown - he is quicker
than the ones in white, and can block some of your attacks.

> From the fork in the road where you fought the pirates, take the road that
leads to the right, slay the 3 pirates by the campfire, and use the green
urn if you need to.

> Hack through the vines that lead to the beach, and open the chest for more
red runes (lovely lovely).

> Double-back on yourself and return to the fork on the road, before this
time heading down the left path.

> Ignore the pirates in the distance and instead hack through the vines that
are directly ahead of you as you come down this road. Inside you will find
a busty maiden shackled to the wall in need of your ... ahem ... attention.


At various points in the game (you KNEW I would expand upon this bit didn’t
you !!) you will find topless women chained to walls, trees and other areas.

You will receive plenty of red runes for rescuing them, not to mention (for
the horny young men of you out there) a stirring in your pants as they say
such charming things as "TAKE me and CRUSH me with your love" or "My clothes !
Where are my clothes ??", before standing and jiggling about a bit for your


Back to the game.

> Head back through the vines you just cut down, and then continue down the
path towards the large pirate gathering in the distance.

> Slay all the pirates in the area (noting that, initially at least, when
you despatch a pirate, another comes from one or t’other of the tents in
the area. That’s fine - there IS only a finite supply of them.

> Once you have slain ENOUGH pirates, a pirate boss steps out from the far
tent and tells you you’re going to die on this island (fat chance mate).
Beware when fighting the pirate bosses in Conan, as they are MUCH harder
to defeat than their minions. The best technique is to roll and block
initially until you have learned his moves (he has three main attacks -
a thrown explosive which takes a few seconds to detonate; a block-breaking
stab followed by a couple of sword strikes, and a set of four fast
strikes which you CAN block), and then (once you’re comfortable taking
him on), hit him with two strong attacks and then roll away; then another
two strong, then roll away again. When his helmet falls off, he’s half-
cooked so just keep it up ;)

> Use the green urn in this area if you need to, and then hack through the
vines at the back of the area.

> As soon as you enter this next clearing, an archer will hit you with an
arrow (it cannot be avoided). This is to teach you about blood loss from
leaving projectiles embedded in your manly flesh. If you are hit with an
arrow, press RB to remove it (and try and remember to remove it as fast
as possible to avoid bleed damage).

> Slay the archer (best way to avoid his arrows is to roll away from them),
and then dispose of all the pirates in the area PLUS the three archers
in the distance, taking the time to pick up the green urn if you need it,
AND one of the shields from the stand if you fancy it.


> The large gate behind the three archers will open automatically as you
approach it and, as you walk through it, you are treated to a ...

--- CUTSCENE ---

Conan bumps (almost literally) into an archer who is fleeing toward the gate,
and slays him in fitting style. The archer was running from the Warrior Queen
A’Kanna (voiced over by Claudia Black of Stargate fame - Vala), who stabs his
comrade-at-arms with an arrow before notching another and taking aim at Conan.

After what can only be described as a "cute" exchange of words between them,
in which Conan offers to knob her off to demonstrate that he IS the man in
this relationship, A’Kanna suggests instead that he follow her to avoid the
black death that has swept the island, to save his own life (and perhaps
prolong the time the two of them spend together), bless her.


> In order to escape the island, A’Kanna needs you to find and release three
members of her crew, to man her ship. From where you start, head over to
the blue stone and press RB to use it - this will allow you to save your
current game (and I would suggest you do). Pick up the green urn IF you
need it, and then head over the nearby wooden bridge, to do battle with 3
pirates, and 1 pirate boss.

Take out the pirates first - it’ll make your life easier, and WATCH OUT for
the little sh!t on the upper level that pelts you with arrows during the
fight as he is RATHER irritating.

> Grab the green urn under the balcony (if you need it), and open up the
chest beside it (the one hidden by the small wooden crates) to get plenty
of red runes (yay).

> Slash all three of the chains holding the stand together, and then jump up
(it will take two jumps) to get to the top level, and the bumhead pirate
that was shooting you with arrows beforehand. I’ll leave it to you how
best to deal with him *looks away*

> Walk up to the nearby cage and press RB to grab the door, and then tap B
repeatedly to rip the door off its hinges, and free the first of the 3

> Head north (away from the camera) and drop off the ledge into the next

> Head right, and all the way around the spiked central pillar before going
LEFT (ignore the right path for the time being), to slay the pirates there
and free the second of A’Kanna’s crewmen (same method on the door again -
RB, Tap B).

> Use the green urn if you need to, and then head back to the right, this
time following the path to the right that leads in front of the waterfall.
Prepare yourself for quite a tough fight as there are no less than 16
pirates that will attack you on this narrow bridge !!!!!

> Keep heading right once you’re done, and then around the spikey pillar in
the centre of the area, and finally north (behind the pillar) to the
platform with the level on it. Press RB to activate the lever.

> On this second level, keep leading left (slaying pirates as you go), over
the rope bridge and then up to the last platform, where the third of
A’Kanna’s crewmen is being held prisoner. Find and release him (RB, Tap B).

--- CUTSCENE ---

One pirate ascends to your current level on a different platform to the one
you used to get up here.


> Return to the south/right (the camera pans automatically), and slay the
pirate. Then take the platform HE used to get up here (it’s just past the
rope bridge on the left-hand side), and press RB on the lever to get the
platform to descend, and prepare yourself for your toughest fight yet.

> There are 3 pirate bosses here, so stick and move as best you can (attack
one with two strong attacks, then roll away from all three, rinse and
repeat until one falls and then focus on his mates) paying PARTICULAR
attention to the locations of the other two AT ALL TIMES. Once they are
all dead, you get a ...

--- CUTSCENE ---

Having liberated the three of A’Kanna’s crewmen that were being held prisoner,
Conan and A’Kanna reach her ship. She says that she needs to free more of
her crewmen in order to ensure she has a full compliment of them available to
her on the open seas (perhaps the poor lass just gets lonely !?!?!). Conan
says that there’s no WAY she’d survive long enough to liberate them, and that
he will go in her stead.

She says she’ll sail behind him, and bids him use the "war machines" (mounted
turrets along the shoreline) to clear her path of enemy ships so that she can
follow him up the coast.

With that, he sets off.


¦ 0 0 7 ¦


--- CUTSCENE ---

The camera pans from A’Kanna’s ship just off the shore, to Conan who is
standing on the beach.


> Head forward and up to the green ring (your first Rune Triumvirate), on
the floor. The camera will pan around and a hint (and Conan himself) will
tell you that you must activate all three in immediate succession to turn
them on.

Walk up to the first one and press RB, then watch as green lines of energy
show you the way to the others. Walk up to the second and then press RB,
and then finally jump up to the next ledge and press RB at the third rune
triumvirate, and watch your health bar increase.


> Follow the path northwards and slay the pirates, taking note that A’Kanna’s
ship is, true to her word, sailing alongside you as you go.

> Keep following the path and Conan will say (as you enter the next area)
"These Corsairs have made their home in the ruins". Slay the pirates in
this area, taking care to avoid both the archers (they should be among your
first targets).

> Once they have fallen, grab the green urn (if you need it), and then jump
up onto one of the "mantle points" (outcroppings) in the wall at the back.
The game will give you a hint about this just to keep you in the loop ;)

> From here, jump up and then up again and you will get a ...

--- CUTSCENE ---

The camera pans around to show a Corsair ship en route to do battle with that
of A’Kanna. A’Kanna’s ship pelts the Corsair ship with arrows, but it does
not appear to be doing any appreciable damage.


> Conan says "Blasted Corsairs ... I’ll sink their ships !" as you take
control over him again. See that mounted turret in the background ? You
need to get control over that in order to sink the Corsair ship, but it
takes a fair while to move and load with bolts, so you need to slay the
pirates in the area first.

Do not dawdle though, since (as you can see at the bottom of the screen),
A’Kanna’s ship has a health bar and it is reducing by the minute.

... and watch out for the archers !! ;)

> Once the area has been ... pacified ... move over to the mounted turret,
and press RB to take control over it. Use the left thumbstick to move it
(right turns it left, left turns it right), and then rotate the right
thumbstick to load it with a bolt (you cannot do both at the same time).

Once the turret is ready, press RT (the right trigger button) to fire a bolt
into either the front, back or middle of the Corsair ship. Repeat this
loading and firing process two more times (so that you hit the front, back
and middle once each) and you will sink the Corsair ship.

> Press RB to move away from the turret, and then head left to activate a ...

--- CUTSCENE ---

A’Kanna sends a volley of arrows Conan’s way to destroy the door that blocks
his path forwards, and he comments that she IS useful ... not that we thought
otherwise :)


> Go through the doorway that A’Kanna has just created for you, and activate
the blue stone to save your progress.

> Slay the pirates in the area whilst avoiding the archers - best way is to :-

a) Slay the pirates on the ground including those that spawn from the first
tent, whilst dodging the 3 archers;
b) Head up top and slay the 2 archers there and open the chest to get the
red runey goodness; and
c) Drop down and use strong attacks to quickly slay (don’t bother grabbing
or using fast attacks against) the archer there. Take care when you
attack him, as a pirate boss exits the tent behind him to do battle with
you, and it’s easier to despatch the archer before taking out the boss.

For calling A’Kanna a whore, this little MOFO deserves to die BIG stylee,
so I shall leave it to you to exact our bloody revenge upon him. *gets
out his GO TEAM SINISTER Pom-Poms and goes MENTAL whilst you do your thang*.

> Grab the green urn if you need it, and then follow the path to the right,
watching in glee as A’Kanna pelts the pirates (and pirate boss) standing
by the second mounted turret with arrows from her ship, weakening and
potentially killing some in order to aid you.

> Slay all the pirates and the pirate boss before taking control of the
mounted turret and taking out the Corsair ship in the area just as you did
with the first one (fire at the front, middle and back).

> Head to the left (and then forward down the path) and, where the path forks,
take the right-hand fork. Kill the two pirate archers, release the buxom
beauty, opening the treasure chest to get the reddy goodness, and taking the
green urn as your own ... ah, treasure =). There is also a shield stand
here if one of those takes your fancy.

> Return to the fork in the road and this time take the left-hand fork,
killing the pirates as you go, and following the path around to a gigantic
tree root, behind which (on a ledge higher than you, but not by much) two
archers are pelting you from their elevated position.

> Kill the pirates, jump up BEHIND the root and take out the archers, grab
the green urn, activate the blue stone to save your game, and then move over
to the tree to your left - the game will give you a hint that large objects
can often be toppled by repeatedly pressing the B button when you are next
to them (actually you must press RB to use the tree, and then tap B
repeatedly to push it over).

> The fallen tree will destroy a section of stone wall to your left. Climb
the tree trunk and traverse the now-broken wall, and turn and head left.

> Follow the path as it turns and take out the four brown-clad pirates in the
area before dropping down into the clearing.

> "Hmm ... Rats in the Rubble" Conan exclaims as you enter this area. Take
out the pirates and the pirate boss, and keep slaying them as there are,
as you will see, quite a few tents that respawn pirates for a wee while.
However, there is (as always) an end to the respawning process, so just be
patient and you’ll do fine here.

Once you have slain enough pirates you get a ...

--- CUTSCENE ---

Conan thinks he’s on top of the situation, when a door in the distance swings
open and a pirate boss and two pirate archers run through to join the fray.


> Once these three idiots have been slain (my advice ? Kill the archers first
AS always, and then focus on the pirate boss), move through the now open
doors they came through.

> There are two green urns to the left of the doors as you come in, but think
VERY carefully before using them, as there are a large number of pirates
atop the slope to your right ... perhaps use one if you really need it, and
keep the other for afterwards ?? ;)

> Slay the pirates, and then head back (if you followed my suggestion above)
and pick up the second urn (or both if you didn’t use either).

> Head back up the slope, past the tents, and over to the large stone on the
right. Press RB to use the stone, and then tap B repeatedly to push it
over. This will trigger a ...

--- CUTSCENE ---

The camera pans to show you two turrets atop the platform you can now reach,
and then returns to Conan.


> Jump and run up the slope to the right, and then turn and head over to the
stationery turret to your south.

> Press RB by the turret to activate it, and then turn it and shoot at both
of the sentry posts on the left and right of the bridge, to destroy them.


> Once both the sentry posts are destroyed, a section of bridging will fall
into place, allowing the pirate boss on the far side to come across. Take
him and the archer that was standing inbetween the two sentry posts out,
and head over to the door at the far side of the bridge.

> Press RB to activate the door, and then tap B repeatedly. Then press the
left thumbstick forward (when prompted), and then tap B repeatedly again,
to get through (from this point on the doors start to become more
interesting to get through).

> In this next area, run to the right and take out the brown-clothed pirates,
taking care to avoid the archers who’s arrows clip through the low wall ;)
Take out the archers once you’re done with the pirates, and then follow the
walkway around to the right, taking out another set of brown-shirted
pirate DOGS before turning north and heading along a wooden, root-covered
walkway that leads down and into a clearing STOCKED with pirates and one
pirate boss. Slay them all.

> Walk over to the large, wooden double-doors just away from the clearing,
and go RB (Tap B, LS Forward, Tap B) to get through - please note that from
now on, LS = Left Thumbstick ;). Once through the doors, activate the blue
stone nearby to save your game, and then use one or both of the green urns
to stock up your health if you need to.

> Head right, and run down the slope and into the large cave that is set into
the mountain side. You will, at last, come to a grand arena.

¦ 0 0 8 ¦


Hokay, this is your first boss fight and, as with all your boss fights, it
begins with a ...

--- CUTSCENE ---

You walk into a fighting arena, and the camera pans to show you a very large
gentleman with a fiersome-looking warhammer standing on the upper level of
the arena along with HORDES of pirates, looking down at you.

The man incites the pirates to attack you, claiming (rightly so) that you have
slain their brothers, and that they should have their revenge against you.


Another common element to the Conan Boss Fights is that they ALL take place
in multiple stages. Therefore, in order to make it easy for you to work
with, I am going to cite the stages and then go through them one by one :-

BONE CLEAVER BOSS FIGHT STAGE 2 - Brown Pirates, Pirate Bosses & Archers
BONE CLEAVER BOSS FIGHT STAGE 3 - Bone Cleaver himself

Take note of the arena and what is available to you - there are 2 green urns
and a wall full of spikes for starters.

Also BE ADVISED that the archers on the upper level do NOT shoot regular
arrows - they shoot explosive arrows, so be VERY quick in removing them from
your body if you get pegged by one or more or they WILL hurt.


The first stage of this boss fight is SO easy it’s unbelievable - Bone
Cleaver sends a couple of waves of white-shirted pirates (the lowest of the
low) into the arena to do battle with you. They will cause you NO problem.


Once you have enraged him by slaying all his white-shirted pirates, Bone
Cleaver moves up to stage 2 - sending in wave after wave of brown-shirted
pirates, and a total of four pirate bosses (1 in 1 wave, 1 in a second wave,
and 2 in the final wave). His archers also start to pelt you with their
arrows, so keep on your toes and avoid the blast radius at all costs. Try
and avoid using either of the green urns during this stage if at all possible
as it is good to keep them for the Bone Cleaver fight proper.

Since the AI of your enemies is NOT generally particularly amazing, you can
lure them into the path of the explosive arrows to cause collateral damage
should you wish. Remember, SMART players get MORE ;)


Once you have slain ALL his pirates (barring the archers on the upper level
and a couple of minions that are standing and watching you), Bone Cleaver
drops down into the arena and tells you that he’s going to proudly display
your corpse from his axe (axe ??? It’s not really an *axe* dude) before the
day is through, AND, more importantly, that he is the one that brought the
black death to this island.


First and foremost, Bone Cleaver CAN take damage from the archers who continue
to shoot their explosive arrows into the arena during the fight, so keep that
in mind.

Secondly, he is DECEPTIVELY nimble for a guy his size, and can attack you in
several different ways, including :-

A) An overhead smash and follow-up shove with his "axe";
B) Calling upon his archers to pelt the arena with explosive arrows;
C) A BEAUTIFUL side flip which, when he lands, sends out an earthquake.
To get around this one, jump ;)
D) A 4-hit combo which is slow but VERY powerful (the blade blur is orange
in colour) - you can easily roll away and, if you gauge his range just
right, you can be ready to strike back with a few strong hits once he
has completed the combo. All four of the hits are block-breakers, so
be aware of that.

The best technique to use against Bone Cleaver is NOT to try and combo him
too much - use strong attacks, hit once, gauge whether you can hit again and,
if you can, do so, and if you can’t, roll away. Keep an eye out for when he
looks like he’s about to jump and do his earthquake attack (C on the above
list), and jump over it to avoid irritation, and DO try and avoid his 4-hit
combo or you will be lifted into the air by the first hit, and that is ALSO
rather annoying.

Once he has taken about 75% damage, Bone Cleaver goes into a Blood Rage (he
displays a visible red glow, which fades to a white glow as the fight goes on)
and he becomes more aggressive for the last part of his fight, so beef up your
techniques for this last splurge.


--- CUTSCENE ---

Conan repeatedly slams Bone Cleaver’s head into his "axe" until he is well
and truly bested. As Conan is poised to strike the final blow, Bone Cleaver
disappears into nothingness, leaving behind a gauntlet which Conan immediately
recognises as his own.

The gauntlet is a piece of a complete set of armour - the one Conan was
wearing when he went to Balmoria, and which he later lost. As he slips the
gauntlet on, he beholds a vision of a great evil - a Sorcerer named Graven,
who HAD been held prisoner in a stone form until Conan inadvertantly set him
free, mistaking his prison as the vault for a jewel he was seeking.

Graven’s reward for Conan was to knock him out, eject him from his tower, and
keep his armour for his own dark purposes. The little buggerhead !!


Congratulations ! You have now completed Act Two.

¦ 0 0 9 ¦


--- CUTSCENE ---

Conan returns to A’Kanna aboard her ship, and she immediately lashes out at
him upon seeing him wearing the gauntlet. She says she has been looking for
it for some time and, when it appears obvious to her that she cannot overpower
him, she comes clean and explains to him that the black death beset her island
as well, turning good men mad, and filling their minds with bloodlust.

She intimates that the black death is not a disease, but a curse, and that
it is spreading like wildfire.

A’Kanna says that the curse can be broken, but only by the use of powerful
magic (which you now possess a portion of). She begs you to help her people
by returning with her to Parad Isle, and helping to destroy the black death
before it takes over your world.

You agree, but only so you can whoop some ass (and WHO can blame you !!).


You regain control over Conan at the top of a sandy hill that descends toward
an archway, beyond which is a beautiful castle.

You should take immediate note that you have a new energy bar - it sits just
underneath your health bar. This bar, called the Song of Death Power Bar,
fills up as you slay your enemies and, once it is full enough, unleashes the
Song of Death (an enhanced fighting mode where your blades SING as they call
for the blood of your enemies, and where (visually-speaking) they leave some
BEAUTIFUL energy trails as you dance your ballad of carnage and woe).

You also do more damage ... just in case you were wondering ;)

To keep the Song of Death going, just keep killing things - the more damage
and death you deal out, the more you top up your Song of Death Power Bar.

I should have been a muse you know *sticks his thumbs in his lapels and grins*

> Run down toward, and through, the archway, straight into your first battle
with a NEW type of enemy ... the lion. Lions attack very much as you would
expect, and CAN be despatched really easily if you read my instructions
with care (or they CAN be a real pain in the arse if you don’t).

There are two very efficient ways of dealing with lions :-

1) The hit-and-run, where you NEVER get drawn into hand-to-hand combat with
a lion, and instead hit with 1 strong, or 1-3 fast attacks and then
ROLL AWAY. This will trick the beast into counter-attacking, which
gives you a HUGE window of opportunity to do the same. Attack, roll,
attack, roll and keep doing this until the beast has fallen; or

2) Close-quarters, with HEAVY reliance on blocking to prevent you being
ripped into little pieces by the beast. Again, 1 strong or 1-3 fast
attacks and then BLOCK LIKE BUGGERY. Rinse, and repeat !!

Whichever way you choose to take him out, please pay attention to these
suggestions ;)

> Head over to the cart that is blocking the archway in the back of this area,
press RB to use the cart, and then hit Y at the appropriate time to push it
out of the way. The archway WILL collapse behind you, so you cannot go back
after this.

> Move around the cart and into your first encounter with the Stygians. They,
like so many of their kin, are encountered in different levels of power.
THESE boys (the one-handed weapon-wielding type) are the equivalent of the
white-clothed pirates from Act One. They are easily defeated, can be
thrown around and pose little problem - HOWEVER they do have stronger
attacks, including not-quite-unblockables-but-which-can-cause-your-guard-
to-fail-and-leave-you-open-to-further-attack stylee moves, aka block-
breakers, so be warned ;)

> Once you have slain all the Stygians, whom I shall dub the Stygian
Swordsmen, in this area, STOP. There is a green rune triumvirate here to
be activated so we should turn our attention to that now.

> Head over to the large, free-standing pillar on the right of the area (next
to the rubble), and use RB and then tap B repeatedly, to cause it to fall.

Two of the three rune triumvirate symbols are on the ground, but we’ll start
with the hardest one to reach ;)

> Head up the newly-created slope, and hack your way through the iron bars
immediately to your RIGHT. Head in and pick up the two-handed weapon IF
you fancy it.

> Come out of that chamber, and head left (picking up the green urn ONLY IF
YOU NEED IT, as you are about to do battle with a concealed lion), past the
green urn (unless you drink it), and to the far left-hand iron gate.

Behind this gate is a treasure chest filled with red runes, and a lion that
is just WAITING to be released so it can claw you to ribbons. Break open
the doorway and slay the lion CAREFULLY, using the techniques I described
to you before. There are two vases to your left that contain green runes
should you need them, PLUS the green urn you probably didn’t drink (I hope)
when you were coming to this chamber.

Crack open the treasure chest by where the lion was to get your goodies.

> Head now, at last, to the final chamber (the one to your right, but to the
left of where the green urn was), and hack the door to bits to get in.
THIS is where the third rune triumvirate is.

> Activate this rune triumvirate, then drop immediately down into the arena,
turn and head into the covered chamber just to your left at ground level to
activate the SECOND rune triumvirate, and then run to the right and jump
OVER the pillar you pushed over, to reach the third rune triumvirate.

Thus empowered, we can proceed !!

NB. I should point out that completing a green triumvirate automatically heals
all your health, as well as extending its maximum level ;)

> Head back up the slope you created by pushing over the pillar, and then turn
and head to the right, up the stony ledges, and over to the blue stone,
which you should use to save your game.

> Drop down into the courtyard below, and to your first battle with the SECOND
type of Stygian Warrior you will face, which I will dub the Stygian Pikemen.

Stygian Pikemen are NOT to be underestimated. They generally skulk around
letting others engage you ahead of themselves, but are fearsome combatants
who have the ability to fire bolts of green energy that sap your health
from a distance, and who have a number of two-handed combos they can use at
close-quarters. They also give comparatively little warning before they
attack with their melee weapons. Watch them in any group encounter, and
think of them as Pirate Archers on Steroids.

> Once you have felled all the Stygians in this area, head over to the cart
in the back of the courtyard, and use RB and then press Y at the right
moment to push it out of the way (and yes, again, the archway will crumble
behind you, blocking your return this way).

> Move around the cart, slay all the Stygians (Swordsmen and Pikemen), and
head over to the doorway, breaking open the vases for green health if you
need to.

> This is a new type of door by the way. To open it, press RB, then LS
forward, then LS backward, then LS forward (when prompted). Run to the
right once you are through the door, and you will get a ...

--- CUTSCENE ---

The camera pans around to show you a massive wall in front of you with a
circular symbol in two halves. Obviously we are to do something with it.


> Slay all the Stygians in this area (including the Pikemen that are standing
on the steps to the far left and right) before attempting to do anything

There are 8 urns containing small amounts of green runes dotted around this
area, so use them wisely if need’s be, and BE AWARE that once you have slain
the first wave of troops, another will come after you, so it’s a slightly
longer fight than you might at first have anticipated ;)

> Once ALL the Stygians are slain, head over to either the left OR right set
of stairs, and use RB to activate the chain, and then tap B repeatedly to
move that half of the circular symbol to the centre of the room.

> Move across to the other side of the chamber as fast as you can and repeat
the process. The reason I asked you to slay all the enemies here first is
because this puzzle is on a timer, and if you take too long to complete it,
the first side will swing back to where it originally was (and that’s rather
frustrating after a while).

--- CUTSCENE ---

A swirl of energy moves around the now completed symbol, and the sandpit in
the centre of the room disappears to reveal a hidden staircase leading down.


> Head down the newly formed steps, and activate the blue stone to save your
game. Take the green urn here as well, if you need it. Then head through
the archway and you’ll get a ...

--- CUTSCENE ---

The camera pans around to show you the three cat heads (one MASSIVE one in
the centre of the room, and two smaller ones - one to the left; one to "

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