Overlord Video Game Review

Can being a dark evil lord of minions that can fight, backstab, throw fire and generally cause havoc and destruction be fun??? Sure as heck can!!!!

Is Overlord a Buyer or a Renter….. I think it is a Buyer

Now about killing, everything you kill that is well, alive..duh! drops a life force of some kind. Each life force is in turn used to summon minions. Basically the color of the life force = the color of minion you can summon, also the number you can use to upgrade and forge your armor and weapons, I will get to that later.

About the Minions:

Pretty much you standard tanks and cannon fodder.

Fire Resistant and can hurl fire balls at enemies.

Poison resistant and can backstab enemies, also invisible when guarding.

Blue Minions
Water Resistant and can Revive dead minions.
(You get blue minions at Heaven’s Gate. Walk down the hill past the village to the transporter area to the left. When you see water, head right and follow it, defeat the succubus and there is a cave to the right side of the river. Enter the cave and that starts the quest to find the blues.

Minions are summoned via pits that you target, each pit is colored the same color as a minion and has a number floating above it telling you how much lifeforce there is left. Thats about as simple as it can get 😛 You target with the left trigger and then press B to pop the minions right out..like a pimple I must add.

Having different minion types adds a new depth to the game puzzles, of which there are many. Push this, pull that, rotate this, all the while fighting and figuring out which minion you need, luckily if you have too few of a type of minion you can send some back to the pit of choice and summon the kind you need, for example you need blues to do puzzles in the water, or reds to put out a flame wall…you get the picture 🙂

The levels are not at all linear as some other reviews say, yes there is a clear path but quests can be done in pretty much any order. Now of course in the beginning of the game (which lasts about 5 hours ) you have to goto 3 levels or places before you have all your minion types, after that there is not much “backtracking” to be done, as minion pits are spread nicely around the levels.

To round everything out the minions and storyline are just funny, I have seen minions doing some really interesting things, ok not as interesting as the demons in Darkness (my next review), lets just say minions say the coolest things and seem to be having as much fun as I am lol, nothing like a swarm of minions to brighten you day 🙂

The Graphics and environmental sound in the game are great too, there was allot of attention to detail, kinda cartoonist but yet not. Each area you goto you cannot wait to goto the next as it holds so much to look at.

The forge is something you find pretty early on and is in the basement of you tower. There you can upgrade or forge new weapons. Upgrading means you will need minions to use their lifeforce. Basically you choose how many and they then, in a small cutscene, will jump and even somersault into the smelter..lol love that every time.

Boss Fight Walkthrough – Oberon


After you destroy the nodes and have found the blue and green minions you get to fight the guy causing all the trouble in the forest. This boss fight is not the hardest I have ever seen but surely is a good one. To start Oberon is making roots shoot out of the ground to attack you, you see them starting to some out, you dodge them. Send you minions up his robes and swarm his face. Well that makes his nightmares worse so the roots come out faster from the ground and also you get three waves of bad guys to deal with. The last wave is 2 trolls and 2 unicorns. After defeating Oberon you are given a new statue for your tower, basically it is a shock shield.

Where to locate the 3 Smelters Spoiler
I saw someone searching for the locations of the 3 smelters. The first you get when you are starting.

The Duranium you get in Heavens Peak. When you are in the Sewers (under city) you reach the end of the sewers and can head straight to goto heavens peak or go right and break a fire wall to goto level two of the under city. You need to go out of the under city, get a fire minion, then go back into the sewers and head to the fire barrier. After you enter level two of the sewers it is really easy follow it and you end at the duranium firge, have to kill two man undead fire guys and misc skeletons.

I am looking for #3

Thanks for reading my Overlord Xbox 360 Review

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