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Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is an action adventure game, where you assume the roles of four super heroes known as the Fantastic Four. You will be able to control any of the heroes anytime you want during gameplay, simply by hitting the d-pad. Climate changes have been popping up around the world and the Fantastic Four have to go and figure out why these drastic differences are occurring. The heroes will go to a Volcano where they will run into Super Skrull and then find out about the Silver Surfer. The Silver Surfer is the right hand man of Galactus. He goes from planet to planet preparing it so that Galactus can consume and destroy the planet. Once the Fantastic Four find out about the Silver Surfer, they must go and stop him from destroying Earth and get him to betray his master. The cut scenes are really boring to watch and unfortunately, the story is no different.

“Keep you’re eyes on the road!”

The graphics are terrible. The game looks like an early Xbox title. The cut scenes look worse than the game itself, the character models look goofy at times, and the in game graphics look very bland. There’s not much good to say about the graphics they just plain out “suck”

The music in the game isn’t so great either. The sound effects aren’t that exciting. There are stretching sounds when you’re Mr. Fantastic, and you can hear the rock breaking and cracking when The Thing walks, but none of it is spectacular and it really just gets annoying. The voice actors doing the characters are terrible. They sound nothing like the actors in the movie, which ruined that aspect of the cut scenes for me.

“The Balls of Fury!”

Fans of the X-men Legends should enjoy the game play involved with this title, as it uses the same style. You have four characters to choose from, that you can switch to at any time. All you really do is go through the level and beat up enemies. Every now and again, one of the four characters will go off alone and you will have to control them for the level. And like most of the game, these levels get really boring, especially when you play as Mr. Fantastic. The Human Torches levels are pretty fun, since you are normally following someone like the Silver Surfer while you are flying through the level in flames, and you will have to dodge enemies and obstacles while still keeping up with who you’re trying to catch. In fact, The Human Torch levels are about the only thing that’s really fun to do in the game. Everything else gets repetitive. The fusion attacks are pretty cool, but there’s no real need for them. Overall the gameplay is pretty boring and repetitive and is really only for fans of the X-men Legends games.

“You won’t like me when I am angry!”

There is hardly any replay value in the game. Since the gameplay gets very boring and the story is terrible the only reason you would even want to go back through the game is to earn any achievements you may have missed on the first play through. Some people may even get bored of the game and not even finish it. I do not recommend this game to anyone and if you do want to play this I recommend you rent it.

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