Here we have a special interview with a Designer from the Development Team of Call of Duty 4. We talk about the game and its progress and what should we expect from this anticipated title in the Call of Duty series.

MyArcadePlanet: Thank you for being with us and doing this interview. Now as we all know, Call of Duty is one of the best FPS franchises on the Market right now. With Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, what new elements can we expect from this game, and will it still have the core gameplay of the Call of Duty series we know and love?

Designer: Its everything the previous Call of Duty’s were and more. The E3 trailer showed off some of the stealth aspects in the game, which gives you a taste of what were bringing to the Call of Duty franchise.

MyArcadePlanet: How much work is being put into its single player campaign and Call of Duty 4’s Multiplayer? Is Infinity Ward equally concentrating on both areas or leaning to one side a bit more?

Designer: Both single and multiplayer have been worked on since the very beginning of the project, and we’ve never stopped working on either of them. Both of the games are incredibly solid even at this early stage of the game.

MyArcadePlanet: In past games, singleplayer levels are usually just from point A to point B or complete this objective to go on the next one, will there be a different sort of pace for that, are we able to complete an objective in any order as we see fit?

Designer: There will be all sorts of different missions, each requiring different sorts of strategy to complete them.

MyArcadePlanet: Talk to us about the Multiplayer side, will there be game modes such as Headquarters and Capture the Flag?

Designer: Classic modes will be making a comeback along with new modes.

MyArcadePlanet: The Online Multiplayer Beta has been annouced, what will the beta contain as far as maps and game modes and how will you be distributing the beta keys?

Designer: We haven’t announced anything about it but you’ll know in time.

MyArcadePlanet: Thank you for taking your time doing this interview, anything else you like to say to the fans out there reading this?

Designer: CoD4 will rock your socks.

Author: TGRStaff

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