Spider-Man 3 Video Game Review

*ok so insert theme music here*
Spiderman, Spiderman, WTH happened to Spiderman. Spun a web thats for sure, looks real great, the rest a bore. Watch out here is Spiderman (the game)

Is it a Renter, Keeper or Thrasher???? I am going to say it is a Renter

First let me start off by saying that I am a HUGE fan of Spiderman. Heck I grew up in the 80’s and was all about reading comic books. Now, I am also a gamer and have played all the spidey games that are out there too.

I was expecting a lot more and at this time have a few impressions about the latest movie going video game.


* Pretty good Next Gen graphics
* The hero missions are much better this time around, a little more in depth (see crime index)
* God of War timed button pressing in a cut scene cinematic elements
* Swinging on a Web feels a little more realistic


* No camera control to really speak of
* Lack of reactive life in characters on the street ( no reactions to bad guys or Spidey)
* So far finding the Hero missions takes effort
* Swinging on a web chasing or racing can be difficult to control
* Combat is pretty much a button masher

Crime Index:
New York is broken up into different gang zones. These zones are visible on the in-game map as well as tracked on Spidey’s stat menu. You to patrol these areas, bust bad guys and watch the zones turn from yellow, gang controlled to Spidey-influenced green. The more you do, the more upgrades you get for your health and reflexes.

Game Controls
I saw someone searching for the game controls for Spiderman 3 XBox 360, so here they are:
Back = City Map , Start=Pause, Left Joy = Move, Right Joy = Camera and Spider Senses, x = Fast Atack, Y=Strong Attack, B=Crawl on Wall and Web, A=Jump , LTrigger=Speed Boost, RTrigger=Swing, Lbumper=Dodge/Slowtime, RBumper=Super Attack

What do you all think? Send me links to other reviews that you like about this game too please.

Full Review of LizardMan Mission
The lizard man mission 1 was an interesting mix of pros and cons. You start at the daily bugle and take a picture of a guy in a lizard suit (yawn), bring the picture back to the bugle, then cut scene out to the street. Use your spidey senses to track the lizards yellow footprints on the street, up the buildings and after 3 annoying dead ends finally to the sewers. After in the sewers you go down fight some lizards, rinse and repeat about 4 times, then there is the boss battle with the doctor. Now my take on it was that the spidey senses thing was pretty senseless and could have been done without the infra vision style look. Going in to the sewers and fighting was a little fun but nothing new.

The boss battle was a little bit fun and nicely broken up. Again though very God of War style. You wait for the lizzy on these platforms, he jumps out of the water, you slow down time (aka spider sense) and cut scene to button mashing, do this 3 times (yawn).

After that you go into a round room and the boss battle begins. The battle itself is an exercise is button mashing, hit 3 – 4 times watch for the blue warning from the tail, jump away and repeat. Did I mention there is no way to web bosses or swing away in the battle? So anyway after a few mins of mashing cut scene again and now to the God Of War interactive cut scene, let me see if I remember it, oh yea A , B, A, Right trigger. The cut scenes are not random buttons they are fixed and if you fail you just start over the cut scene ( simon says anyone)

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