Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer Video Game Review

Is it a Renter? or a Buyer?… I think it is a Buyer!

The Fantastic 4 are at it again in this action packed sequel set in the marvel universe. The game itself complements the movie by integrating more plots than the big screen while executing nicely on the movie cutscenes.

Each of the characters get to use all the all thier abilities as soon as you start playing. One of the new features is the fusion attack system, this allows you to “fuse” powers from one hero and anoth to create a devestating attack. The fusion attack is invoked by holding down L2 and then choosing which of the other characters by pressing Triangle, Square or Circle.

While playing you use the D pad to switch characters, btw did I mention that the tutorial is really nicely done as it is integrated into the forst 2 levels of the game. At certain points there are hints that flash on screen and dissapear fast too. You can the goto a question mark ico or read the stored messages in the pause screen later.

Now Johnny Storm and the flying scenes are slightly dissapointing, don’t get me wrong the execution with the sisax motion controller is by far the best I have seen so far for the PS3, very smooth and easy to control, yet the level design just sucks, you fly pretty much straight forward, doge this, ram that, oooo use you X button to get some speed and well keep up with the silver surfer. Not alot of fun after the first time. PS. You die on one of these levels and have to start the whole flying level over again (nothing new I guess).

Busting rocks, crates and well anything else in your path is pretty annoying too, but that is the only way to get the fantastic 4 tokens as well as replenish your cosmic energy easily. The tokens , which I think are worth like 50 – 100 points ) are utilized during gameplay or at the end of a scene to upgrade your powers and attributes for each hero.  I pretty much maxed out all my skills after the 4th scene.

 Boss fights take some thought actually, the boss fight with the Axe dude, makes you toggle light beams 3 different times to weaken him and then you can attack, another boss fight makes you destroy a glowing globes shield to weaken the Boss. Either way it does take some thought and is not your standard fare of whack and smash the boss. BTW the axe guy the third round is tough!

 Anyway, great game, still enjoying it. May do a followup with some walkthrough if I get the time. Have you played it yet? What are your thoughts? Share them with us 🙂

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