RIFT 1.3 Is Here: Free Character Transfers, New Raid, and Guild Banks!

Rift 1.3 has arrived!

Rift 1.3 - Waves of Madness

Enter the Delve! Battle against the legions of Water and Death.

Anarchy reigns across Telara as the great evil locked away in Hammerknell awakens. RIFT™ 1.3: Waves of Madness has
begun. Guardians and Defiant alike will need all their skills to defeat
the hordes of Water and Death and turn back the ancient horror that has escaped from its Dwarven prison. These are just some of the features of this groundbreaking update:

  • Free In-Game Character Transfers – Move your characters between selected shards once a week, free of charge!
  • Hammerknell Raid
    – Our colossal 20-player raid will pit you and your Ascended comrades
    against Tidelord Jornaru’s unspeakable minions, new adversaries, and
    fearsome challenges!
  • Hammerknell World Event
    – The forces of Water and Death will wash across the land in an attempt
    to claim Hammerknell. Awesome bind-on-account loot awaits the
  • Hammerknell Item Sets – Earn added benefits for collecting all the pieces in these new item sets.
  • Guild Banks – We’ve heard your cries! Organize your loot in your new Guild Bank.
  • More Wardrobe Items – Including Hammerknell-themed items!
  • Twisted Artifacts – Go in quest of new artifact collections
    from beyond the planes. If you have obtained Omen Sight or Quantum Sight
    abilities, these rare and special items are yours to discover.
  • Open-World PvP Quests – New level-50 daily quests that grant
    favor rewards have been added. Visit Thedeor’s Circle in Sanctum or the
    Catari Command Center in Meridian to learn more!

Read the full RIFT 1.3 update notes here.


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