Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End PS3 Review

I guess let me start by saying that normally I cannot stand licensed movie titles in games, most are done so poorly (erm like Spiderman 3 and my Shrek the Third Review for Xbox 360) but earnestly I really like this game so far.

At Worlds End is a very fair game, it has excellent graphics, small CGI cutscenese (that actually are entertaining), excellent surround sound effects for weather, the controls are fairly intuitive and there is enough of a mixup of game styles to keep you engaged (I will get to that).

Superb Graphics
Ambiance is nice
Easy to us Controls
Using the Sisax Controller to balance on a beam…neat feel!
Saving system is smart

Duel controls could have been better executed
Collecting things

About the GamePlay:
There are a few things to be said from what I have seen so far about the gameplay. To sum it up you earn points for running around and kicking open chests or collecting thingys that are lying about. You know, the standard “collect X of this thing”, yea, to the depths with that I say arg!!!

The combat system is very easy to use and get used to, you have your basic attack (X) , grapple (Triangle), Jump ( O ). When dealing with the significant enemies that are really not much tougher than the cannon fodder ones, you have to charge up your energy bar by 1/4 to execute a special attack after parrying a few times. Then you click L2 and a Triangle or what not to finish them off. Grappling an enemy and throwing them into others, or off walls and staircases gets you points but is satisfying too :P.

The next type of gameplay is usually at the end of a level. They have taken your standard boss battle and turned it into a dynamic duel to the death. I tell you if the controls were just a little bit better executed I may have really enjoyed the experience. You basically go through defending and then attacking, back and forth with the bad guy. The duel is controlled by pressing you left stick up, back/forward or down based upon what circle is pulsing. The environments for the duels look fantastic and truly I wish I could just watch the duel without having to keep my eyes glued to the dang circles lol. One saving grace really is the saving the game does for you, if you fail the duel you can try again as many times as needed without starting the whole level over again.

The last game play element is just jumping and climbing/ledge walking. Very easy to do and is usually only needed if you are into collecting everything you see on the screen.

Final thoughts:
All in all I think it is a neat game, glad I did not buy it but rented it from gamefly lol. The sound and graphics are wonderfully done as well as the environments. Controls could have been executed much better and more depth could have been made if they did not wast so much time on stupid collection quests. I will probably kill a weekend with this title and ship it back waiting for The Darkness.

Have you tried this game yet? What did you think?

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