Metal Gear Solid 4 walkthrough


*Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots*



Metal Gear Solid 4 FAQ/Walkthrough

For PS3

Version 0.8 (6/18/08)

Written by Brad Russell "TheGum"






Version 0.8 – got through more than half of the game, and I think I’ve almost

perfected what I’ve done so far, so I’ll share before I’m done. This guide

takes you to Crying Wolf. If I’d skipped the cutscenes, this guide could have

been done the day I started!





Table Of Contents


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1. A Brief Foreword

2. Controls ( CON2222 )

3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 )

4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 )



Act 1: Liquid Sun ( ACT1LS )

Act 2: Solid Sun ( ACT2SS )

Act 3: Third Sun ( ACT3TS )

Act 4: Twin Suns ( ACT4TW )

Act 5: (nothing from here on down is ready)



5. Combat ( FISTS55 )

6. Stealth ( CAMO666 )

7. Weapons ( GUNS777 )

8. Items ( EATS888 )

9. Rewards ( TREAT99 )

10. Author Info / Copyright





* 1. A Brief Foreword *



Just know that you could play this game in under 5 hours. Keep that in mind

when you are watching all the cutscenes.





* 2. Controls ( CON2222 ) *



PS3 Controls



Uh, lost my book, somewhere, so give me an update to find it.





* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 ) *



#1. If you want to use your guns or items, gotta set them to slots in the pause



#2. Staying hidden means keeping track of that camo percentage in the upper

right corner of the screen. 50% is good and means most enemies can walk near

you and not see you. Remember, if you want to turn your OctoCamo you need to

either press against a wall or lie down.


#3. If you ever don’t know what you are to do, just check your map. And if all

else fails, just start moving around – maybe something will happen.


#4. You should know there are items and unlockables, like tons of them, so

you need to decide before you play if you want to go for those or not. The

main ones are no kills and no alerts. There are also ones for speed, no

continues, no health items, and just whatever you can think of. The game is

way easier if you leave all of this stuff for a later playthrough.


#5. Don’t slouch off during the cutscenes, you need to be ready for the L1 and

the X presses, which pop up in the corners. During the L1 presses you can

move the camera around, and during the X presses you can press it multiple

times. Feel free to press L1 during certain times for hidden presses that are

usually the best ones.


#6. There is always a stealth way to get through an area, even if it doesn’t

look like it. This game is designed to support both run and gunners, and the

sneaking mission kinda players. As far as rewards, you are given more points

to buy weapons for stealth, so keep that in mind.


#7. You can pick up downed bodies and drop them back down to see if they drop

an item.


#8. You can disarm traps using the Mk II, your robot. The Mk II can even

act as a distraction by tapping on a wall, and he can even stun enemies. Just

make sure to watch his battery life.


#9. Speaking of battery life, you can get more batteries by using the Mk II

during the mission briefings between the chapters. Just press the SELECT button

to get the button icons and take the robot up the stairs for a battery, which

should be there between each act. There is also a camera behind Sunny’s



#10. You should always have the Solid Eye on when you need to know about your

surroundings, but the eye chews up battery life, especially on night vision.

So aside from more batteries, you should just switch to some other item.


#11. If you don’t know how to use rations, just have the item in the L2 screen

and press X.


#12. Psyche, the little bar under your health, goes down if you crouch for

too long. If it goes down too much then everything you do will suffer, so

have those compresses or regains ready.


#13. There is a Threat Ring that pops up around Snake if you crouch and stay

still, or if you go prone. If the ring is smooth then there are no threats

around you. If there are humps in it, the size of the hump is relative to

how much of a threat that thing is. For instance, a guy that is just patrolling

is a threat, but a guy patrolling and kinda knows you’re around is an even

bigger threat.


#14. It’s in your best interest to help the rebels in the first two acts. Not

only does it make full use of your combat skills, it also means you don’t have

to tip toe around the rebels. True, you can ignore them and sneak by all

areas, but it would sure be more difficult.


#15. Use your radar to know if someone is near. Keep the solid eye on and the

radar will detect nearby enemies. Don’t let the smaller blips fool you, those

are usually rats or birds.


#16. You have four options for no kills: Mk2, Mosin-Nagant, V Ring rounds for

shotguns, and stun grenades. If you realize that I and many other players can

get through this game using only these guns (for the most part), then if you

are using all the guns you should have a much easier time.


#17. Look at the briefing tab in the pause menu for more useful tid bits.


#18. Watch your step, and maybe stay down wind. Enemies can detect you by

scent, sight, sound, and maybe they can even taste you. The last thing you

want to do is hit a can, or hit a claymore.





* 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 ) *



Metal Gear Solid 4 Walkthrough



Just a side note about the opening menu with Snake in the cemetery. You can

wait a while and something does happen, or rather, something doesn’t happen.

Just FYI.


*NOTE: During the brief time you have control, feel free to edit the options in

the pause menu, mainly turning on the subtitles.*


Well, the game starts soon after the many strange company lead-in movies and

the long opening intro scene. Once you have control, briefly press pause to see

where you need to go. Then just go left to crawl under the truck for another

part of the intro scene. Then just walk up the road for more scene. Nope, you

don’t get the pleasure of cutscening your way through these guys. Just relax

and run up the road, through the guys and into the doorway on the right. Go

up, jump through the window, then go out into the street, and swing around to

the left to hit the next scene. Be ready for two L1 presses during the next,

long scene.


After the save, be ready for some X presses if you feel like it, a few sets

of them (you can press X quite a number of times when you see the icon).




Act 1: Liquid Sun ( ACT1LS )



Red Zone NW Sector



*NOTE: You can press SELECT for the control layout.*


*NOTE: I’ll say this only once, but if you plan on getting the Bandanna and

a lot of other unlockables at the end of the game, you cannot kill anyone.

Granted, you can do this one easy if you like, and for your first game just

play to play. That is the way I would go, just play the game now, do the

secret stuff later. Plus, I already killed a guy or two by the time I wrote

this, so it’s all good.*


*NOTE: Remember, you can save often and save in many files, especially if you

want to go for the no-kill route.*


In what will be a routine, press pause to see where you need to go, which is

east for now. Go up to the corner and either sneak around this corner and go

in the door, or wait for them to leave and go in the building. In the building,

go up and a scene will drop some soldiers in the streets. You can basically

just go up to the crawlspace, but feel free to be as sneaky as you wish. Crawl

by holding down the X button. Go through and you’ll get a compress kit, which

relieves lower back pain from prolonged crouching, so don’t crouch too long,

and you’ll know you are when Snake holds his back. To avoid crouching for too

long you should just get on the floor if you must stay low.


*NOTE: If ever in doubt, go to your Briefing screen in the pause menu.*


Anyway, on the other side of the space you should just stay down. There is a

gun turret on the APC around the corner, but it does turn. Your best bet is to

just crawl your way around this corner and into yet another room; and remember

that the OctoCamo only changes when you are still. When in the room, go into

the room on the left for some ammo and another compress on the bed. Then come

back into the main room and go through the crawlspace here; and note that

stepping on stuff does make noise, so just be patient where you walk. You’ll

see a guy get shot going through, so just stop and wait for the soldier to move



Now go out and then go around to the right. You can post up at the doorway,

or stick to the ground to let the soldier pass by the doorway; or even better

you can get through after he shoots the guy, get out your stun knife, follow

behind him, press L1 to ready it, and the press R2 to stun him. Then quietly

go through and to the right. I suggest crawl all the way to the end of the

building where you look out into the street. Let the next soldier pass and then

crawl around through the doorway to the right. If they spot you you should get

through the doorway and be able to lose them.


*NOTE: If you do get caught at any point, just fend them off and then run to a

quiet place to run off the alert. You never have to stay completely still

during an alert, just don’t be seen again. And the place where you get caught

and where you kill the bad guys, be sure to get far away from there when the

backup gets there. Also, one guy will usually call for help, so try to kill him

if you can.*



Red Zone



Assuming you go to the next part unseen, post up behind the statue and let all

the guards go about down the way. You can go up the stairs on the left, where

you will roll over a gap (press X while running), then sneak up behind the

guard and stun him with the knife. Carry his body over to the lockers, but

please pull out the Playboy first, then stuff him inside. I believe a guard

will patrol by here, so if you want to put that Playboy down, feel free. It’s

purpose is to distract them, not you.


Once he is gone, go up along this side of the upper areas and jump over the

half-wall to get across (press Triangle against the wall, push up on the LS,

and then press Tri. again). Now crawl up and you can either drop down the

ladder, or just keep going and then fall down in the next room. Either way

watch out for the guard patrolling the alley. There is another compress on

the ground in the corner of the last room.


Now crawl to the corner of the last room and watch as the guy in the alley

moves. Wait for him to go away, crawl up a bit, and then crouch to go right

quickly and to the destination, and let one guy go by you. Hit the point and

then there is a scene. Now you have two guns, one lethal and one not, an eye

patch that gives you some abilities, and you have a little robo friend. You

can feel free to use them all by pressing the L2 or R2 buttons to check them

out. The MK II is just like you when you choose him, and you can move him

however you like, just don’t send him to his death. He can go across the ways

on the right to pick up that gun for you. The eye can be changed to a few

modes from the item menu. And if you want to use a gun, use the MK 2.


Once you are back in control, wait for the guys to the right to leave, then go

around the corner and grab the ration on the wall. Now you have two options:

help the rebels, or stealth your way out of here. I’ll explain how to help the

rebels, but you can cut the parts that don’t involve you getting out of here

with as little effort possible. Oh yeah, if you are going stealth and no kills,

best equip that Mk2, I mean it.


*NOTE: Remember, there are alerts and kills you want to avoid if you are

going for unlockables in your first run. So save, but quitting (which is done

under the save option) and reloading that save just takes you to the nearest

checkpoint, not to where you saved. So just make sure you save, but it may

not always be a good spot.*


First, from where you had the scene, go up the ladder on the wall. Follow

the path around and over a walkway. Sneak along the right side, but don’t

get out into the walkway where the enemies are, just make sure they move up.

Now go back around, stick on the corner, and then pick off each one. You have

to duck back around the corner after each shot. Then go all the way back down

the ladder. Come out back into the alley and go right. You’ll need to knock out

each of the three enemies. You tag one, duck back around the wall, and then

repeat. There are two behind the sandbag and one by the wall.


That was the helping the rebels part, now we will do both, so ignore the part

concerning the soldiers if you aren’t fighting. Now go left around this side

of the building and crawl down a tiny alley in view of the APC, and on the

left should be a crawlspace. Go through, or maybe just go down the alley, and

out the door so you are now behind the APC. Stick behind the cover of the APC

to hit one guy behind the sandbag. Then pop out, hit the other guy, and quickly

retreat behind the APC as he drops. The APC will have noticed, but if you

stay right next to it it won’t see you. After the turret goes away, hit the



Now crawl to the left, behind the barrels, and through a crawlspace. You get a

few items and on the other side there is one RPG. Grab it and either barely

peek out to hit the APC with your new toy, or crawl back through the space,

get back a bit, and fire. If you want no kills, you have to make sure no

enemies are around where you shoot your RPG. Then you have to help the rebels

fight off the second group of enemies, which should be easy as they will handle

the second (really the first) APC. Just stick around and stay unseen by PMC

until you hear cheers. Once you do you can go down the steps.


*NOTE: The standard mode of your eye does consume battery power, the little

bar in the lower left corner. It will go down as you use the Solid Eye and

the Metal Gear. If you want to recharge the battery, just change to no items

or something else.*


*NOTE: You can set items into slots from the pause menu, and the same for




Safe House



Okay, so if you killed PMC’s, the soldiers, then these rebels should like you.

Either way, when you get close to them and they ask you to stand still, do so.

If you have a ration in your item window (go to pause menu and place rations in

one of your slots and then select it with L2 while in game) and the guy tells

you to stand still, you will be prompted to give him the ration and the group

will have instant like of you. At least that is true of the first militia

you see.


*NOTE: I’ll write this like you want to avoid the militia, and if you are

caught you had better stand still. But again, if you helped the militia beat

the enemies in the Red Zone, should just have to give one ration to this

first guy and then you are free to run about this area. Otherwise it’s just

another sneaking level.*


You can sneak around the first guy if you want, by going around the left side

of the crate. Then go up the tunnel and hide in the alcove on the right, or

straight ahead as the other militia pass by. Go through the chicken room and in

the hall there is a little divet at the corner you can hide behind, either

crouching or whatever. Then there is a tiny room on the left for some items,

then you can go into the injury room for a few health items.


In the next hall is an iPod song in a little alcove – neat. Now go and either

let these guys pass, or let them sniff you and go by. If you have to sneak,

crawl as soon as you enter the room and go right. Once in the hall you can

duck under the cover at the corner of the hall to pick up the old cardboard

box. Then come out and go into the tiny room for a bunch of items. Then go

back and across the hall for another room with some items and some lockers.

Mainly you want the Playboy in the one locker, and I guess the costume in the

other locker is worth it too.


*NOTE: The Playboy is a gun, believe it or not, and you can only lay it down,

but follow the directions if you want to view it. Also, you put on the disguise

in the camo tab in the pause menu.*


Put on the costume and the militia will no longer see you as a threat. From

here there are just two more groups of militia, but with the militia outfit on

you don’t have to worry about them. Just run to the last room and up the stairs

for the first of many long-winded cutscenes. The kind of cutscenes that make

you appreciate games that go with the "less is more" attitude.



Urban Ruins



*NOTE: Also some noodles behind the stairs, on the ground.*


*NOTE: FYI, to remove locks from guns, just select them and press X and it

will cost you some DP.*


Now it gets really confusing as there are many options with Drebin. For one,

you do not have to meet him. Just press pause and his shop is right there. I

couldn’t find anything to buy because all I do is use the Mk2. You can do

whatever you please, and the customization options are limited at the moment.

Feel free to ignore this for now. If anything he is always good for ammo.


On with the mission, go up the alley for an item, then up the steps and to the

top for a gun. Then drop over the right side from up here so that you land on

the second level, but not on the steps. If you fell in the right place you will

snag an RPG and a few other things; you can equip the scope onto the M4 if you

are using the lethal route.


So back on the ground, go up and through the doorway. Go up and then take a

right. Crawl over and then look left to see some rebels get shot. Then go up

and crawl through a space for a compress. Come out and jump up to hit a ration.

Go up to the carpet along the wall and go right to hit a quick scene. Now go

up and hang a right to hit a room with a sloping path and crawl to the right

for a quick item. Then go up the ramp, shimmy along the path, and then keep

going to hit one classy, high road of humor cutscene.






*NOTE: Keep your rebel disguise on please.*


*NOTE: From the start, you can turn around and go back for a few items if you

want them.*


Well, you have a rusty drum, but the question is "do you want it?" Actually,

"how are you keeping it?" Anyway, go up and you’ll see an infinite stream of

rebels fighting with some enemies. First you need to hit the two in front of

you behind the sandbags. Your best bet is to hide behind the first car and pop

the first one, then go left, onto the street, and pop the second one from

behind this car. Now go to the left side of the street, behind some kind of

cover. Your guys will do good to provide support, and they will even take

care of the APC on their own. What you need to do is pick off the many bad

guys with your Mk2. If you do your job, they should take care of the APC. If

they do not for whatever reason, just clear the area around the mini tank of

enemies and then fire a mortar at it (you have one by the sandbag on the

street and one up above reached via a ladder in the alley).


*NOTE: Remember, headshots, even with an Mk2 as it puts them to sleep in an



The militia may not cheer, but one the APC is gone you are free to plunder

the field and leave through the alley a short ways back. Follow it and you’ll

be in a market street where there are a lot of little items in corners. Go

to the end and you’ll see some rebels under sniper fire. Just go left and there

is a crate to hop over on the right, or just run to the end. Get to where the

smash APC is and go up the street, which is two streets up from where the

militia are pinned. You’ll peek around the corner and see two enemies behind a

sandbag. Get behind the crates and shoot one, then pop the other.


Now you have a choice. Either pull out to a corner down the street where the

snipers have your guys pinned, not the street behind the snipers, and try to

pick them off and the other guy that will go to the ground level from the third

floor. Or, go into the tall building and go up, risking behind caught by the

one enemy that will be coming down the stairs. You could always play the

waiting game with him and pick him off from the doorway, or just go up, wait

for him, and just pop him in the head. Whatever you do, it better work and you

better be careful if you are going all stealth; otherwise you can do as you

please. So when you go up the stairs you can hit one sniper, then go to a

window on the side and hit the other.


No matter how you do it, the next part is tricky. You see, to the left is the

main street where there are the rebels and snipers fighting. To the right there

is a mere alley, but from this alley is a neverending flow of bad guys. So your

best bet is to clear the main street with you guys. Do this from a sandbag and

pick off the snipers with you Mk2. Clear out any other bad guys on the ground,

and then either crawl with you OctoCamo all the way up the main street, or go

around and try your luck down the alley. If you do you’ll need to make sure

you avoid being seen, so use that ring around Snake when he is crouched or

crawling to detect nearby enemies. Either way, make your way up and to

the next area.


What you’ll see is a semi-trench. On the left are your rebels, and on the right

are the PMC’s. You can quickly try to crawl through this trench to the other

side if you want. Or sit back, maybe hit the sniper up high and a few bad guys

as you wait out the airstrike from above. Either way, crawl over, stand up, and

go through the green door to hit the next area.



Advent Palace



*NOTE: After the fact I learned that the Mk. II can disarm traps. Just send

out your robot, get close to a trap, and press Tri.*


Go into the main lobby area for a rifle and yet another Playboy. When you come

back to stairs, have your gun ready, the Mk2 will do, and there is a stun

grenade waiting for you. Just go up some steps and shoot it. On the second

level walkway you’ll see an item by some crates, but you probably don’t see

the claymore mine in front of it. Shoot that and grab the item. Now go right

and you’ll see another claymore in front of a doorway. Go in and there is an

item in the bathroom. Go out a hole at the back of the girl’s side and you’ll

see a laser grid to the left. You can go to it to be told to watch out by

Otacon, and if you right there will be noodles in a room, but watch out for

the claymore (or whatever it is, it just blew up on me).


Now go back to the stairs and watch out for another stun bomb as you go to the

third floor. Go right and there is a stun bomb along the walkway. There is

an item behind the counter in the dining area, and an iPod song in the back of

the kitchen, but watch out for the claymore in front of it. There are stairs

opposite the stairs you came up here, so hit the stun bomb and go up them; at

the top of the stairs you came up is just noodles, but watch out for the mine

on the steps.


At the top there are some items in the bar area, but if you go to the left side

you will trigger the next scene, and it’s a long one, but you already knew

that. There is a crawlspace outside of this area, but it’s a long crawlspace

with just noodles, and you could even use it after the scene, but it’s just a

pointless space.



Advent Palace Escape



So after you trigger the scene, be ready for two X presses and one L1 press.

After the scene, you are going to help the team get back down through the

building. For one, if you are going no kills, just use your Mk2 the whole way.

You’ll have to be careful not to hit them and make them fall or they will die.

And no, there are no alerts. Players that are just playing the game, feel free

to visit Drebin’s shop and upgrade or whatever and whip out your best killing



*NOTE: If you ever wondered how to use a ration, just have it in your L2 window

and press X to use it to restore health.*


*NOTE: If going no kills, best to buy up the stun grenades and remove their



The first fight is from the bar up here. There are two waves of enemies from

the stairway door, and more up above you guys. Watch out for grenades and stay

alive. Follow the team to the third floor and there will be more guys (well,

they are actually women, but you know what I mean when I say guys) more of them

across the walkway from the stairs. Shoot it out with them and the ones that

will jump around the surfaces. Make your way to the diner and there will be

more enemies from the stairs you came down, so shoot it out with them before

joining your team in the dining area. There are more enemies in both halves of

the kitchen, the back and front, so basically shoot anyone shooting at your

team and follow them. Once this level is clear, follow Meryl.


Yep, more enemies on the second floor, but more will be up above along the

railing. So just stick to the cover of the wall on the left and pop and shoot,

and try to ignore Akiba’s problem, hard as it may be. Once your team is on the

move, follow them. Or you could stay in the open and shoot bad girls as they

appear (that sounds hot, bad girls, I’ll keep calling them such). But make

sure you go when your team heads for the bathrooms. Follow your team into the

bathroom and there will be an explosion through the wall. Shoot the five or

six Frogs that rush through, but also watch the hallway for more enemies. If

things are quiet, just run around and find the remaining bad guys.


When Akiba is awake, follow your team into the hallway where the laser grid

is. Akiba will open the path and you guys drop down, but I think if you can

roll over the hole you will get all the items on this second level (I missed

it the first time). In the bathroom are two items, and there are two items

in the next rooms, so don’t miss them. From behind the counter in the lobby

you will hear a great noise. A dozer pokes a hole through the left wall

and then you need to look away from the flash grenades. Frogs will be all over

the place, even up above. Just stay low and do the old pop up, shoot, and then

get low technique to kill all the bad girls. Then follow your team to a quick

scene, something rare in this game.



Crescent Meridian



There are items around before you jump down, so get them and then fall for

another scene. There is a figure right behind you once you have control,

and then a few items in here. Go up the dirt mound to rejoin your friends the

rebels. Grab a few items and move into the street to hit a scene. You can go

over to the barbed wire and shoot tangos all over the place, even a few up

high. When ready, come back a bit and look to the side for an opening and you

will get onto the main road.


From here you can go onto the streets and help out your friends, or go up a

ladder. I say go onto the streets because you need to help them take out a

missile guy that appears. After hitting some PMC’s on the ground and up in

windows, one guy will appear up high to the left with a rocket ready to take

out that tank; he’s in a window. Then look high up to the right for another

rocket guy on top of a roof.


After that, things get tricky. For one, there is a constant stream of enemies,

especially down an alley to the left, even though your guys are there. So

your best bet is to stay to the right side of the main street, behind the tank,

and out of view of enemies (and if you don’t care about alerts then have at

it). You need to stay with the tank because when it gets to the next

intersection there are two rocket guys, both of them up high. The tank can

take one hit, but not two. And once it gets to this intersection you actually

don’t need to worry about the tank, it’s basically made it to the end anyway.


*NOTE: After the tank is turned, or after the first two rocket guys, there

is a ladder to the left and a building you can climb up its stairs on the

right. Both lead you to the upper areas, but there is little you can do from

the very top, and there are too many enemies on the left side.*


*NOTE: Even if you don’t see any enemies that see you, it’s best to avoid

running in the open because you may get caught.*


*NOTE: Actually, I lied. The second rocket guy is up above, like, right above

the tank. I think he’s somewhere in the building on the right, but I don’t

know where he is. Doesn’t matter.*


Anyway, once you clear the area and your guys move up, tank or no, and you hear

their cheers, just move up, hang a left, and you’re done with this part. Now

you get one heck of a good cutscene, and be sure to hit the one L1 prompt.



Millennium Park



Start off by grabbing all the guns for much DP, and if you’ve been saving and

are going down the stealth route, you should have 60,000 DP, enough to buy

the Mosin-Nagant sniper rifle, which uses anesthetic rounds, and you do get

10 bullets for free. You don’t need to buy it now, just FYI.


After you plunder the guns, slowly walk up the road and stick to the left side

as there are guys around the corner. They will be turned around, but then will

come toward the scene of the massacre. You had better just play dead, let them

pass, and then knock each one out from behind with your Mk2. Grab their guns

and slowly continue up the road. There is another guy at the corner, by if you

stay back far enough without getting too close, you should be able to pop him

to sleep with the Mk2, or use the sleeping sniper rifle above.


Either way, take him out and then go along the left side to find a hole in a

wall. Go in it without being seen by the enemies down the road, and you need to

sneak inside. There is a guard patrolling up the stairs, so either crawl and

put him out softly, or just jump down the hole to the left without being seen.

Then go through a door to hit a tiny storage room, just be careful of the

enemy patrolling outside. In this room is a locker with an item. Then put the

guy to sleep before crawling out. There is one more guy over the fountain, so

either pop him too or ignore.


Crawl left to the wall and there is a hole, with one item before you go

through. Crawl under and peek to the right to see if an enemy is looking. It’s

best to crawl under the truck and put this guy to sleep on the other side,

then hit the guard up in the tower. There are three more enemies patrolling

around, so get under the truck by the tower. You shoudl see one to the left,

and one to the right, but you probably don’t see the third enemy who is also

on the right. Tag the guy on the left, then one on the right, and if the other

goes to investigate, hit him too.


Now get up, grab any guns, and then go through the red door behind the tents

in the corner. Now you get a big scene, so be ready for the L1 and X presses.

Then that’s it. You will get your score for the act. If you are going for no

kills and no alerts, you’ll know if you are satisfying those goals. If you

aren’t and you intended to, well, may as well keep playing.


*NOTE: If you are going for something, like no kills, and you’ve done that

for this act. Aside from having each act ready to go, why not make a seperate

save file for the start of this act? Each save is just a few kilobytes, so

you may as well.*




Act 2: Solid Sun ( ACT2SS )




Mission Briefing: There are fives X presses, so be alert through all the many

screens and information. Sunny seems like the coolest character thus far. Oh

yeah, and you can move around, of course at the expense of the story. You’ll

need to press Square to get the Mk II screen up, then press Tri. to get it in

the main screen, and then press L2, but you don’t have to press L2. You’ll

find a camera behind the computer down here, an iPod song up the stairs, and

more items upstairs. Then that’s it. You can press select to get all of the

icons. There are also items by the chopper.



Cove Valley Village



*NOTE: Aside from a bunch of extra, lethal options at Drebin’s shop, you

can now buy rounds for the sleeping sniper rifle if you have it.*


The first X press goes about 10 deep, and there is another one when you see

Vamp. Once you are back in control, there are villagers in the process of being

executed. You have time before the first one is offed, but you’ll need to work

fast. For one, there is a guy in the first building (he’s looking at a Playboy)

so put him to sleep through the window. Watch out for the guy that patrols the

path in front of this building. Either put him to sleep and then crawl to the

patch of grass under a wooden fence, or get wherever you can fire from. You

simply start shooting the guys that are holding the prisoners and then panic

will erupt. Help them kill off the bad guys as best you can.


Another option is to just stay on this ledge and pick off enemies from afar,

even using your sniper rifle if you want to. If you manage to help the

hostages escape, then your search for items will be much easier.


*NOTE: If you didn’t realize by now, the tranqs don’t keep the enemies asleep

forever. You have enough time to run around, just don’t stay too long. And if

you didn’t realize this also, the dots on your radar are enemies.*


Regardless of what happens, you now have at least two buildings here of

interest. Please note that there are probably more enemies among the

buildings, so if in doubt just crouch or lay down so you can see the humps in

the threat ring around you. There is an iPod song in teh building to the north,

and there is a rifle in the upper area in the barn on the left side. To get

the rifle, go up the ladder and roll over the gap. There are also a ton of

items all around, so feel free to use night vision and such.


*NOTE: If you didn’t know, you can play dead by lying down and press Tri.

and Snake will put his head down on the ground. It’s not guaranteed to work,

but it’s better than nothing when cornered.*


So you’ve checked out this first village, now make your way eastward. If you

heard gun fire, or you see the guard yourself, there is one guard here on

patrol along a ridge. Either use your threat ring and radar to find him, or

if you see a dead body you know it’s safe. Now in the open you should hear

more fighting, probably the guys you helped. Either help them fight the enemy,

or just stay back and let it all resolve. Whatever happens, you need to start

climbing the ridges on your left to get up to the top. There should be about

five or so enemies, all of them patrolling on the various levels. You should

stick close to the rock wall on the left as you make your way up, putting

enemies to sleep and slowly creeping up.


If you make it to the top, go along the path and you’ll hit a transmission.

When you go around the corner you will see some rebels, but don’t put them to

sleep, or be seen by them. Let them move along as you sneak along a path to

the left. You’ll come around and you should see two enemies. Put them out and

then go along the rock wall to put out another guy by a shack.


If you continue up the path you’ll see the rebels continue to sneak along.

Somehow they manage to avoid detection from the three remaining guards, but

either way you need to be careful of the three enemies down this narrow stretch

of path. You probably can’t see them as they are on the other side of a rock

in the road. You could even just sneak all the way up to the end of this

section if you want.



Power Station



*NOTE: Please get the Mosin-Nagant if you’re going no kills, or any other

rifle with long range if you don’t care.*


*NOTE: Remember, if you ever need ammo, visit the shop. Also, the Wednesday

and Sunday discount is legit. If you play on those days you get 20% off any

item in the store. I would advise against planning your game around these,

but it’s interesting to note.*


You’ll get a call warning you about the snipers up ahead. Move with the rebels

and stick to the left. When you get to the end of the rock get out your

rifle and peek around the corner and look up high to the right. You should see

two snipers perched up, waiting to pop your guys. Put them out and you are

free to move up.


Next is a fight in front of a fortified base. Help your guys with the sandbag

enemies, watching up high to the left for a enemies on the tower, and then

make your way right to find a sloping dirt path – don’t worry, the enemies

will spawn at the sandbags until you go up this path. There is a mortar up here

for you straight up killers, otherwise use this position to take out any

more tangos on the ground.


Now go down the other side of the slope and some of your guys should be on

this side. Enter from either side of the facility, probably from the sandbags

is best, and watch out for enemies as they will spot you if you get close.

You mainly need to worry about one guy at the north end, inside of the building

the rebels need to get in. If you don’t want him to see you, either sneak in

from the north end, or maybe toss in some smoke or a stun to his side. Once you

get in and clear the building, the rebels will come in and crash the power.


Go outside to the north end and move toward a truck to trigger another long

scene. Watch for the two L1’s and the three X’s; one of the X presses is hard

to see.


*NOTE: There is a closed off area along the complex that has a power line

tower, but I have no clue how to get inside of it.*


After the scene, follow the rebels down a path, which is clear of enemies and

parallel to the road. You’ll hit a cache with tons of items, mainly two new

guns up by the wall. Keep along the path and you’ll end this section.



Confinement Facility



You are on the rock path if you entered from the rebel path in the last area.

If not then you’re on the road. Either way you need to watch out for three

guards that are watching the road. You can take them out or ignore them, but

stay on the rock path. Stay on the path and you’ll hit a little encampment.


You can ignore what’s going on and just try to move on. However, there are

some rebels being held inside a tiny building. If you’re on the rock path, just

crawl forward and you’ll see some bars on the window of the tiny building.

You can look through the window to see some rebels being held by one guy on

the outside. However still, there are too many guards around for just freeing

the rebels to work.


You need to take out if not all, most of the enemies. There’s one on the road,

one holding the rebels, one in the big building, one behind the big building,

one in a tower, and one patrolling between the trucks. You should put out the

guy in the big building, then to around and put out the guy in the back. Then

go and snipe the guy in the tower so you can sneak around and pick off the

two guys in the front. Then go free the rebels. If you want to do not so much

work, maybe leave the two guys that are patrolling in the front, but feel

free to do as much or as little work as you please.


There are some items you may want to grab in the big building. If you don’t

have the area cleared, there is a crawlspace in the back corner of the big

building and you can crawl under to a hole and then stand up to easily get

the cool little rifle. Then head out.



Vista Mansion



You’ll be along a ridge that has you in prime sniping position over this

battle. You’re goal is to make your way along this path to the end, where a

scene will trigger. But along the way you need to whip out that Mosin Nagant

and help the rebels as they fight the enemies. Snipe the guys by the sandbags

to the right and then you’ll need to hold off the guys that come from the left,

and they just keep coming, so it’s best to just crawl along the path until the

scene with the dozer goes. I think that so long as you’ve helped the rebels

clear the enemies around, the dozer will just mow through and into the mansion.


Now follow it up and make your way to the left. Remember, if you keep your

distance the enemies won’t see you to cause an alert. Help the rebels clear out

the bad guys along this south end of the mansion. Inch your way to the left so

you get to the back of the mansion along a wall. Follow it and you’ll find

some hedges with a muna behind one and some grenades in the corner by a window.

Make your way to the front of the mansion and help you guys clear it out.

Don’t worry about helping them too much, just enough so that you can go inside

one of the doors.


Go inside from the east end and you’ll be in a dining room. Go to the left side

and move along to the stairs. You’ll hear some guys coming down the steps, so

either get in your box/barrel, or just hug the wall of the stairs and let them

pass; putting them to sleep is optional. When they go by, sneak up the stairs

and around into a room. Go out the door to the rooftop, and hopefully you’ve

already cleared it. Just go around and you’ll find an open skylight. Hop down

and then follow the stairs into the basement. Just rats down here, so no

worries. There is a room with a lot of items, some claymores at the start,

and then make your way to the hidden lab.



Research Lab



You two long L1 presses, and I hope you realize you can move the camera in

L1 presses. After the little computer movie, there is a hidden L1 scene, and

yes, you can move the camera for a nice little upskirt (how sad). Two more

and then you save. After the save wait for you to lose some psyche and then

press L1 to regain it soon after. Then it’s two X presses and you wait for the

first boss battle.




BOSS: Laughing Octopus


Beast Mode



*NOTE: If you want to, and what may be a ton quicker, buy a shotgun and then

buy ammo for it called the V. Rings, which are air rounds. When you equip the

weapon, just press O until you have the rings.*


For one, if you are going for the no kills and no alerts, you need to sneak

straight up and behind the CAT scan machine. From here you should blend in

and either crouch behind it, or go prone and look out an opening below the

bed. There are about four Frogs to start off, and after you put them out there

will be two more waves of pairs. Just use your Solid Eye to find them, wait

for them to get into view, and then tag them. And if you don’t care then have

at it. When all is clear, go to the right side and you should trigger the

scene to bring her out.


There are a few things you need to know. You have two opportunities to get

damage on her. You can hit her while she is shooting, and you can also hit her

when she is hiding. You also need to avoid her when she balls up and shoots

ink, and if you are inked you can roll to shake it off.


When she is "hovering" around, just follow and wait for her to pull out her

gun, then fire back. For you none-kill players you can only use the Mosin, Mk2,

and stun grenades. You can also stun knife her (R2 attack) when she is hiding

and on the floor. Speaking of which, after she disappears you first need to

avoid the little missiles she sends your way. They are hard to see, but you

need to run away from them, or lead them into a wall so they stick. Now when

you cannot find her, that means she is hiding as either something or just

blended into the walls. This is when you put on your Solid Eye and follow the

red threat ring to her. She could be anything, anywhere, or in plain sight.

Either way, you can snipe her, toss a frag, or whatever to bring her out. But

if you take too long she may grab you, Resident Evil 4 style and you’ll need

to shake yourself free. If you can’t find her, usually means she’s above you.


Yeah, she might be a box, that human body figure, MK II, just anything. Be sure

to check bodies, like if you put all the Frogs to sleep, if you see one without

Z’s over it then that’s her. You could even try night vision. And she usually

doesn’t pop out unless you are too close. Don’t be fooled when she is Naomi

either, I’ll spoil that for you right now.


So let us recap: shoot when she is hiding or shooting at you, and use your

solid eye to find her when she laughs, and if you’re going for no kills (which

gives you an item) then use the Mosin-Nagant.


*NOTE: Remember, more ammo in the show, keep an eye on your health to use

rations, and it takes longer to use the tranq method, but stick with it and

you’ll pull it off.*



Beauty Mode



So after the scene, you fight her true form, but nothing to fear. Just two

things to keep in mind: she will slight move from where you are aiming, and

the stuff going on around you is just for show. There is nothing else going on.

Just keep your gun on her, shoot after she moves or whatever, and keep backing

up. There should be no reason to not use the Mk2.


*NOTE: Also, look on the bed for a doll during this mode.*


*NOTE: Also, I hear that there is a third mode for killing her beast mode,

but I didn’t do that. So, have at it.*






Mountain Trail



More presses during the scene outside. Now you will follow some footprints to

track down Naomi. Use night vision (NV) sparingly, not just to keep the hum

noise down but also to save battery life. Follow the prints to the first

intersection, then go left. You’ll cross a bridge, but there is one guy making

the round across the bridge. Pop him and follow the prints right at the three-

way intersection.


*NOTE: You’re tracking the prints with the tiny triangle points in them.*


You’ll hit a purple scarf in the ground, so sneak your way right. Along the

path you’ll hear a guy detect your prescense, so crawl to the next footprint

intersection and peek around the right corner to pop the guy. The prints

intersection by the crates the guy was hiding behind, and the tiny heel prints

go left toward the stream.



Mountain Trail Riverside



Otacon tells you her prints disappear. Follow the prints left, but either trail

takes you to the same place. It’s hard to decipher, but if you look you’ll see

the tiny heel prints going up the middle path. If you sneak along it, you’ll

come up behind an enemy, so put him out. Go around the path and you’ll be out

in the open, but be careful as there is a guy to the right, behind the rock.

Put him out and then send the MK II to disarm the claymore he was setting up.


From here you see that the heels take the middle path yet again. Go up the

path and at the intersection the heels to right. However, if you go straight

and around, you can sneak up on the Frog waiting for you to bite on the heel

trail. Take her out, and then go investigate the heels on the ground. Send

your Mk II in to the heels to disarm the claymore on the left. Follow the path

up and around the corner of the path is a guy, so go prone and peek around the

corner to pop him.


If you notice, there are heavier footprints in the ground. Follow them right

up to another fork in the road, then follow them left. You’ll hit a narrow

path, and if you peek around the corner to the left you should see a guard.

Pop him, follow the prints left, and you’ll hit the cave entrance. Go in for

a scene.



The Escape



*NOTE: For you no killers out there, you cannot target the PMC zombies or

the suits. The Gekkos are fair game, but that’s it as far as your turret is



First, just move up and get on the turret, duh.


The first area, the mansion, is just keep the guys off your tank and then

shoot the suits in your path. Mow down all the enemies around you or else

they will swarm the tank and get up close. So use CQC on them, of which you can

check your briefing menu for some moves if you don’t know any. For the Gekkos,

the big things, aim for their tops, simple as that.


In the next area you will have a tank following you, so target it and fire,

but there is a gate in your way of advancing. You need to shoot the gates, both

of them, and take out the tank.


This next section is just you and Gekkos, a ton of them. Just aim for the

tops of the ones in front of you. After Drebin rams a tank off the road, you’ll

need to look behind you to shoot down the ones following you. And then that’s

pretty much it.






During the cool scene, a long X press during the guy’s intro. Then you’re in

control. What you need to do is run, and don’t stop. Run forward and then

left over some rails and you will avoid the stalls. Just keep running down

this alley, past the people and past the Gekko that comes for you. Run back out

into the street and go up. You’ll see a Gekko in your way, and he will swipe

at you and kill you, but oddly, you can just roll into him and you’ll trigger

the scene that ends the level. I guess you were supposed to blast him, but no

point when this glitch works.


And that’s it for this act, finally. Remember, if you screwed up and killed

some of those "zombies", save in a different file and consider starting from a

prior save, like at the mountain trail if you must.




Act 3: Third Sun ( ACT3TS )



Mission Briefing: Again, the camera is there behind the computer Sunny is at.

There could also be another battery up the stairs.



Midtown S Sector



Well, a nice change of scenery. It all seems complicated, but just move forward

and you will trigger the appearance of a Resistance member. Go around the van

so he doesn’t see you, then just watch your step, stay a good ways behind him,

and don’t let him see you. He’ll eventually hit a corner with a guard. You

could put the guard to sleep, or you could wait for the Res. guy to run back

a bit and take a higher up path, either way works. Just follow the guy, clear

bodies out of his way from afar and unseen.


*NOTE: If you look behind you at times, there is something peeking around the

corners to see you.*


The rest of this following part is based on my game, and I’ll know later if

things are different.



Midtown Middle Sector



My guy just ran to another section of the S Sector, where he needed two guards

out of his way in the cemetery to move on.



Midtown NE Sector



Just hug the wall right to avoid the spotlight, then put out the two guards

down the road. He should go down an alley.



Midtown N Sector



Just wait for the Res. guy to emerge from the doorway, but now he’s in a

PMC outfit. Some rations in the area he came from, then follow. You’ll see two

real guards in the street. Sneak to the right down a short alley, then hug

the walls behind the cars on the right side to get behind these guards, then

take each one out (the right one first then the left one).


Keep following your guy, the Solid Eye helps, and the Res. guy goes up the

road and hops in with a convoy of real guards. There are three, four altogether

and they walk up the street. One splits off and goes right, so pop him soon

after. Then one splits left, so pop him, and the last one splits right down

the alley; up the steps where the last one goes is an iPod song to grab



Now keep following the Res. guy down a short alley. You’ll hear about the

vehicle patrols, and one goes by at the other end, so just stay around the

corner. The guy will then cross the street and head north up a road, but the

patrol car will be coming from the north too. You can hide on the left side

of the street in a doorway, or anywhere else; maybe even toss on the barrel or

box. The vehicle only patrols the same route, so keep that in mind. The guy

will slip into an alley nearby to change clothes, and then just stay close to

trigger the end scene.


There is an L1 press where you can look both left and right to see some nifty

little pictures on the walls. When Snake is speaking to Otacon, there is an

L1 press of interest, and soon after there is a hidden one.


*NOTE: Perhaps unlock and set the P90 onto an item slot. It may pay off in, oh

about, 20 minutes after this long cutscene.*



Church Courtyard



*NOTE: If you want no kills, I guess just switch to the Mk2, you have no other



Well, you can try to help shoot, but there isn’t much reason to. Your little

gun is about your only option, and it chews up ammo like noting. You can try

to shoot Gekko, but you like won’t have much effect. Luckily, if you just keep

shooting, the van seems to take little if any damage.


*NOTE: You could try to tranq the Gekkos’ legs with your Mk2.*



Riverside West



You mainly need to keep the Frogs off the of the van. Then you’ll need to hit

turret guys at both ends of a street. Best get good shooting headshots if

you’re using the Mk2, but it seems like one bullet of your submachine gun does

the trick. The van will take damage, but not so much as you will take.



Riverside East



You’re not in the boss fight just yet. This fight is harder if you are going

for no kills, but possible, although you may need to throw a ration in there

or two. You need to target the smaller winged units with your Vz, as there are

no kills for it – I hope. You use your gun on the gliders and then use the Mk2

on the guys. If you have rations, congrats, you’ll make it through this part

no matte what.



Echo’s Beacon



I’ll let you know there is just one press for each of the following scenes.




BOSS: Raging Raven


Beast Mode



Well, the first thing you need to do is go all the way up the stairs. Up here

you can do as little or as much shooting of the gliders as you wish, but it

makes little to no difference as far as I can tell. It’s actually pretty easy

to use the Mosin-Nagant. Just find her, aim the rifle at her without even

looking down the scope, and then fire. You aim for the chest and fire, and so

long as you have the rations/regains to take the hits, you’ll do fine.


If you want to avoid the hits, then you have to stay moving, or shoot down the

gliders, or watch when she aims the gun at you. When she fires you have like

a second to move or you’ll get toasted. Sometimes her blast leaves fire, and

if you catch flame you should roll, duh!


I mean, compared the Octopus lady, this is an easy and quick fight. The only

hard part would be reloading and tracking her down, but even that shouldn’t

be hard. When her psyche is low, you can find her on a rooftop and shoot her,

or just shoot her again, however.



Beauty Mode



*NOTE: The doll is at the very top, so just run up there and she’ll meet you.*


*NOTE: If you have a shotgun and V Rings, use those to better effect. Just

hold your sight on her, let her move, and then fire.*


This fight is the same as the last. However, it seems like things actually

happen around you, like walls blasting. You need to watch where you back up,

as you may fall off. Just keep backing up, after you get the doll up top,

and just keep firing away even if you miss.






And there is just one press early in this, what may be the longest scene in

any video game ever. So while this was a short played act, it was by no means

short in total time.




Act 4: Twin Suns ( ACT4TW )



Mission Briefing: Ugh, just playing as the Mk III will get you by at this

point. Again, up the stairs for a battery and song. Don’t forget the items

by the




Spoiler Treat: Well, read on if you want the surprised spoiled. Yep, you revert

back to MGS1, from the Playstation, way back in the year 1998! Yeah, I missed

it, but there are no advanced sneaking techniques required, or offered for

that matter.


*NOTE: The faster you move in this section, the better.*


Just run up to the steps. The lights will move back and forth, and you can

wait for the right light to cross over before you go. You’ll run, hopefully

not get spotted, and go left; if you do get spotted quickly run to a little

alcove you can hide behind (press against the wall). How you can run directly

up, and to avoid detection from enemies you need to stay out of their little

pie vision on the radar (yes, you can be right in front of them and they will

not see you if you’re out of that pie). Then go right and there will be a

scene with a camera. Just stay under it and go up the steps. Hug the wall to

see if a guard is patrolling the upper area, and if not you are free to run

straight up to the vent. If there is a guard, which means you took too long,

then just hang back and wait for him to go back the way he came and then go

to the vent (you press X to crawl).






*NOTE: There are lots of things at the shop, since we didn’t really need to

visit in the last act.*


Hopefully you have been grabbing some of the batteries during the intermissions

because you’ll need them here. Turn on the night vision and you can see through

the storm. In this area there are a few items around, then move up. Stop before

you go into the open because there is a Gekko patrolling. To the right up the

ridge is some ammo you probably don’t need. Watch the thing’s movements because

you want to move when it is away and hopefully looking away. When it has it’s

back turned, run forward to the little rock that is sticking out of the ground.

From this cover, just run straight to the path in front of you when the big

thing is not looking.






Yeah, I didn’t play the first game, but even I get the scent of nostalgia in

the air. For one, you want to go all around this area in search of items, among

with some flashbacks. If you want to move on, avoid the main door and take the

stairs to find the vent, just like from the other flashback, and you’ll get

into the next area.



Tank Hangar



Well, this vent can work, but I don’t know how. You’ll crawl and find a song,

and when you drop down I guess you either get caught or you don’t. You are

welcome to try, but there is a better route to get through this without risking

alert. Yep, you’ll have to go all the way back down this vent. You’ll come

back to the heliport area, but if you look to the left side of the open door

you’ll find another vent. Take it, go right, and follow all the way to an

opening on the right side of the hangar.


From this ground vent, just watch as the Scarabs roll around. There are three

groups on the ground and they roll in a set route. They all go counter-

clockwise around the tank. You want to go out after you see the third set roll

by, and after you see the third set of green beams. Once those are gone you

are free to exit the vent and sneak right. There is a room to stop by, just

don’t alert the sleeping Scarabs, for two items. Now come to the cracked hangar

door nearby. There are just a few laser lines from Scarabs in this tiny hall,

and you can use your NV to help you see them. Just avoid the lines and you’ll

be fine.






This last part is not that bad. If you want to be real safe, just crawl to the

left side and hide in the crawlspace when the Gekko wakes up. There is an iPod

song in here, and the rest of the items are missable. Just let the Gekko walk

away and then slink to the cracked doorway and crawl under.



Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG 1F



Just run up and crawl under the door for a call. Then just plunder all the

corners of the area for ammo. In the truck is a niftly little rocket launcher.

Go to the door at the north end for a call, then go up the steps to the

elevator and use the control panel to call it. Get in and press the buttons.



Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG B2



Yep, a trip through memory lane for anyone who played MGS1, but even without

having played that game, you should at least get a small sense of what is

going on. Anyway, go right for some items and then follow the middle path up

to the control room. During the scene, insert the code: 48273, and I only know

that because I actually wrote it down.


After that, you can stop and listen to the voices if you want to, and there are

a lot of items to grab in here. Make your way back and a Gekko drops in.

However, you want to stay out of sight, so just stay behind cover. Wait for

the Gekko to move, I hope he does, and then send out the Mk III. Send it

under the desk and to the end of the room. The switch board is near where the

elevator door is, all banged up. Just get near it with the robot and press

Tri. to fry the Gekko. Then go up the elevator.


*NOTE: If the Gekko doesn’t move on it’s own, just toss some empty magazines

(bullet holders if you don’t realize), and get it to move like that. The Mk III

can shock the thing for a few seconds too.*



Nuclear Warhead Storage BLDG 1F



First, set your magazine (the empty cartidges) to a weapon slot, as well as

something to cause sleep (Mk2). What will happen is you’ll approach the door

and the Mk III will open it, but a Gekko will arrive. Your job is to distract

the thing while your buddy opens the door. It’s not so easy if you want to stay

stealthy, or maybe it is. You want to toss empty magazines all over the south

end of the room, mainly opposite the gate being open, just to have a clearer

shot. When the Gekko goes to investigate, tranq his leg and he’ll be down for

a good long time. You just repeat this at that end of the room, maybe tossing

mags to each corner. If all else fails, just tranq his legs, simple as that.

Run through the door when it’s open.



Snowfield & Communications Tower



Two ammo boxes up ahead, then take the ramp and into the little shack for a

lot of items. Then hop on down to the open field.




BOSS: Crying Wolf


Beast Mode



We will cheat our way through this one. First, either snipe or pop the two

Frogs to the right, the ones around the truck. Then get under the truck. Now

we play the waiting game. Crying Wolf will come to this truck and take some

whacks at you, but never send it into an alert. Then she runs away. That is

when you turn on the NV, find her, and then snipe her before she snipes you.

You should get at least two hits, but try to stretch it out to four if you

can. Of course, you are aiming for her, not the suit. You can only attack when

she is sniping.


And that’s about it. There are minute long intervals between her appearances

around the truck, and when she howls she is close; she’ll actually be far

away, but you can see her and she will get closer. You can try to hit the

things on her hind legs if you want, but it’s hard.


As far as the Frogs, well, that is why we are under this truck. There are just

too many and they seem to spot you pretty easily in the snowstorm. By staying

under the truck you are just having to keep the two near you down. You can

snipe the other ones as you see them, but it’s up to you.


If you want to venture out and test your luck, good luck. Again, the Frogs can

see you pretty easily. You may be able to track down Crying Wolf in the snow,

but after one shot, unless all the Frogs are down, they will probably find you.


So to recap: just stay under the truck, you’ll have to wait a while for her to

show, and then you need to get at least two hits on her when she is sniping




Beauty Mode



*NOTE: Just turn around and there is the figure by the wall.*


Again, use a shotgun with V Rings and you’ll take her out quick. Just let her

move and then shoot. Takes three shots.






You can now comb the battlefield for items, but more importantly you can

trigger the various little "flash voices" that should remind you of points from

the first game. Mainly, there is a helicopter to the right of the door you

need to go through. There are about five of these all around, and no worries

about the wolves.


When ready, go in the door, grab the iPod song, hit the funny little scene,

and then move on.



Blast Furnace



Now what you need to do here is not suck…






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