Review Tenchu Z Xbox 360

Tenchu Z takes you into the sandals of a Feudal Age Japanese Ninja. Your job is to assasinate, steal, stalk, and even free civilians.  Its all good if you figure out how to do it. Object is to kill as many as you can and finish your objective without getting caught or letting guards/civlians find dead bodies.


The good in this game is the stealth. This is NOT an action based game. This is stealth based. Its easy to stealth kill enemies. The skills are numerous and they all help to not get caught and travel (besides the fighting ones, those are preety much useless). The customization is amazing. If you buy/unlock everything there are numerous amount of things you can look like. The music is also good. I love the intro song. The music in the game keeps you mellow. Online play can get you to build up cash and meet new people. Also the levels are quicker with more.


The guards are complete morons. they walk a distinct path but this does help you make a plan. Many reviews of this game are wrong about this game. The guards dont always walk the same path. You can accidently change their path. Anything from traps in their way to finding bodies could change their route. Also the Maps get quite repetative. Only changes are were guards are stationed and the day night time. Besides that it uses pretty much the same 4 (?) maps. Online play has a few flaws. Mics dont really work in a mission and its laggy for anyone who isn’t the host.

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