Stranglehold Demo

The Stranglehold demo allows players to get a great feel for the game and what can be expected from the final release. You get the first level of the game and it pretty much takes place in a marketplace full of neat stuff to blow up, lots of birds (that somehow escape the constant rain of bullets). 

The demo is insanely fun to play and the real genius of the game shines through in the first few minutes of playing. What you quickly learn is that there are quite a few ways to dispath your foes, shoot a sign and it falls, crushing some dude. Hit a roof a few times and it will collapse, this shows promise for alot of replayability we hope.

The entire enviorment is flexible as well, hit the left trigger when near a railing and you slide or walk down it and bullet time begins, allowing you to cap fools as youo take a ride. Also almost every surface in Stranglehold is err slideable (you are not really jumping it ) allowing for a almost surreal movie like feel where there are no obstacles just things to move through.

Tequila Bombs
Left is Health Regen, Up is True Shot (love this one it is like a sniper), Right is Barrage and down is good for clearing out a area of bad guys all around you.

A thing about True Shot: 
When used you get time to zoom in on a enemy and place a shot, after you fire you follow the bullet in a rear camera mode and see the impact, then the guy , who is now toast, explodes into a bloody mess. I shot a guy in the jaw and watched the bullet go thru the back of his head. Another guy I took out his kneecap, he did not die he had to kneel and was grasping his leg in pain. There appeared to be many variations in the agony animations, but after a few times it got a little repetitive.

To unlock all the "powers" play through easy, hard and hardcore, the last hard level is just near impossible to beat. But you get to play with all the powers at least.

Enjoy the ten minute thrill ride and some very well done cutscenes, this is going to be a great game!

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