Does a Kid Icarus Revival Have Wings?

The waning years of the Super Nintendo was truly an exciting time to be a gamer. The period from 1994 to 1996 yielded a series of fresh, innovative installments to many firmly established franchises. I vividly recall paging through Nintendo Power in the mid-90s, eagerly looking at what splendors would feature on my Xmas list. . . . → Read More: Does a Kid Icarus Revival Have Wings?

BITMAPS 88: Nintendo’s Real Revolution

The anticipation had filled the night air with magic. I’d invited a few friends over because this was going to be an event too big to enjoy alone. I’d scheduled an entire week’s worth of vacation around this night, and a Double Gulp from the local 7-11 ensured that it . . . → Read More: BITMAPS 88: Nintendo’s Real Revolution

Contra 4 Review

Back in the day, when I was young, and the Nintendo Entertainment System was the only console you needed; Contra was the must-have action title that was every bit as compelling as Gears of War is today. Contra was challenging, had two player co-op, tight controls, and great visuals relative to the competition. Well, it . . . → Read More: Contra 4 Review

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