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Brain Age: Concentration Training

Who says that online games are solely pointless bouts of wanton pleasure? On the contrary, closer scrutiny will reveal games that test, nourish, and strengthen…

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Video games vs Hollywood films
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Computer Games Versus Hollywood – Will Games Ever Surpass Films in Terms of Popularity?

We all know that video purportedly killed the radio star, and likewise it seems that MP3 has practically killed CDs in cold blood too. In…

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Original Nintendo Gameboy image
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From Gameboys to Smartphones – How Mobile Gaming Exploded the Industry

After graduating high school I had one goal for that summer before entering my freshman year of college. I wanted to take all the earnings…

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Rayman Origins – Game Of The Year ?

RAYMAN ORIGINS by UBISOFT is it the best platform game of the year? (2011) Well in my opinion, it certainly should be! Yes folks, the…

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Kinect – It Really Moved Me

Back in the good old days when gaming was for the couch ridden and the only exercise we had was moving our thumbs and eyeballs,…

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Kinect Sports: Season One

    I am the kind of person who would rather stand and fight than run away due to the fact that I hate the…

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