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Dual Universe featured image
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Dual Universe

GENERAL OVERVIEW: Dual Universe is an open-world, massively multiplayer online game set in a vast, procedurally generated universe. It is currently in an early access…

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Dragon Age Inquisition (Xbox One) review.

Dragon Age Inqusition (DAI) is the last in the often acclaimed, and sometimes reviled Dragon Age series. Nick McCavitt exposes us to what he finds good and not so good about it and why it’s not done as a musical.

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Guild Wars 2 has a PVP tournament for cash?
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Guild Wars 2 Adds Weekly Cash Tournaments

Did I really write cash tournament? Yes Dear Reader, while checking out email today, I spotted one that announced the new Tangled Roots campaign for Guild…

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Elder Scrolls Online for PC – First Look

Elder Scrolls Online for PC, the massively multiplayer online (MMO) version of the role-playing game announced by ZeniMax Online Studios promises to be a super…

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The Evolution of the RPG Genre in Video Games

The role-playing genre of video games have advanced through the application of more complex systems and story-lines. One of the first role-playing games created was…

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Darksiders 2 – Death Is Back And He Is Mad As Hell!

Death is back with attitude upon the release of DARKSIDERS 2 published by THQ and VIGIL GAMES. DARKSIDERS 2 is a follow up to the…

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