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Uragun mech shooter
Posted in PC Reviews

Uragun – Fun new Mech Shooter on Steam

Uragun is a fun, easy to pickup and play mech shooter by KoolPlay that is available now on Steam.

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ChatGPT logo, a white knot on green background.
Posted in Challenging Conventions Interviews

Chat with ChatGPT about video gaming.

Chat Overview – This is a recent set of chats of our editor with the ChatGPT bot created by OpenAI about aspects of online video…

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Cover art for Hogwarts Leggacy, wizard looking at castle with turrets
Posted in Features Xbox One

Hogwarts Legacy, an adventure in Harry Potter’s world

Hogwarts Legacy is a fun and engaging single-player RPG game for fans of Harry Potter or fantasy RPGs, with only a few minor technical issues.

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Dual Universe featured image
Posted in Features PC Reviews

Dual Universe

GENERAL OVERVIEW: Dual Universe is an open-world, massively multiplayer online game set in a vast, procedurally generated universe. It is currently in an early access…

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Princess Maker Refine post feature image showing a redhead princess with sword and book,
Posted in Features PC Reviews

Princess Maker Refine

While not our usual type of game to review, the original Princess Maker cannot be ignored as it has been a hit with many gamers…

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V Rising cover image showing a pale skinned vampire with white hair holding a bloodied large sword and sitting on an ornate throne,
Posted in MMO Weekly News

Our V Rising Server – Join Us!

We are having fun playing V Rising on a Valhost server. Look for HEYPA/TGR PVE on the V Rising Server list. Contact xDOMIN8ORx or TbrGamingCore…

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