Gaming At Work Provides The Much Needed Relief From Work Stress

Stress – Reasons and eye-opener

Stress has become a catchword for the generation today. There is no one who has not experienced stress or who does not know about it. Stress is all about deviating from our natural, comfortable paths, our comfort zones. Ask somebody “How stressed are you?” And they will come up . . . → Read More: Gaming At Work Provides The Much Needed Relief From Work Stress

Gaming’s Most Difficult Challenge

I was inspired this week. As this is a situation in which I normally do not find myself in, I thought it deserved some analysis. First, let me tell you what brought about this moment of inspiration: I was just poking around Deviantart one morning, as is my wont, when I came across this.

. . . → Read More: Gaming’s Most Difficult Challenge

LGBT in Gaming. Big Deal?

Let’s talk LGBT in gaming. Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgender. Sexual diversity in gaming has never truly made a big impact, but the world is moving forward. Culture and society has advanced and homosexuality is much more accepted and tolerated than it was 30 years ago. Gay characters have been around since the 80’s in . . . → Read More: LGBT in Gaming. Big Deal?

Editorial: Gaming Looks Too Good

Watched any good movies lately? How about scripted television? Notice anything in particular about the lead actors of these forms of entertainment? Hollywood is obsessed with perfection, from the chiseled jaws and rippling biceps on the fellas to the delectable curves and finely sculpted figures of the ladies. And that’s the way that we seem . . . → Read More: Editorial: Gaming Looks Too Good

Runaway: A Road Adventure

Runaway: A Road Adventure review

The point and click style of adventure game is a dying genre in this age of the first person shooter, the flight combat simulator, and many other fast paced digital creations that blaze forward ahead of this more slow paced genre. However for . . . → Read More: Runaway: A Road Adventure

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