Godfather 2 Video Game Preview


When the original game was released back in 2005, many people were excited and anxious to play a game based on the legendary movies. EA wanted the game to feel like the films, look like the films, sound like the films and play like it deserved the Godfather name. Well it definitly looked and sounded like as intended, but it didn’t really get the reception EA were hoping for. So with Godfather II, EA wanted to do undo all the wrongs, concentrate on improving the shooting mechanics, beef up the story and make the player feel like they can do what ever they want and do you know what? They might just be able to fulfill those lofty goals.

EA Redwood Shores, are fans of the movies, so in a way they wouldn’t want to let down the fans and create a game that’s not worthy of the title. EA explained to us that creating a game based on something that has such a passionate following creates some unique challenges and pressure, something they found out creating the original game. You can see that EA didn’t just want to retell the story but instead insert the player into the world of the Godfather and let them craft their own story while being able to interact with all the characters. What this does is bring in different angles for the player to expand the story within the Godfather universe and really expand on Coppola’s masterpiece.

You can see from looking at the game that the development team took a lot of time to ensure everything from the look and sounds of the weapons in the games, the dialog and slang, to the radio stations you will hear while driving feel appropriate to the time period and echoes the feelings and mood established in the Godfather universe. Something they did very well on the original, but have expanded on it even more for the sequel. To capture the feel of the movies even more, EA have gone out and recruited most of the original cast to lend there vocal talents to the game. Within the sequel you will be able to interact with all the iconic characters including the likes of Fredo, Hyman Roth, Frank Pentangeli and Senator Pat Geary. Among the actors back, EA were most pleased to see Robert Duvall reprise his role.. The only disappointment is that Al Pacino won’t be in the game but again, EA are quick to address that even though having the original characters back is great, it’s not what there game is about.

While developing Godfather II, EA wanted to examine all the feedback and critical reviews in order to make the sequel better and it seems that they have accomplished what they set out to do. With the information gathered from feedback, they are now allowing the player to be in control of the organization. Something that is lacking in other games similar to this. In other games, when you get to the top its game over. In Godfather 2 you are the one ordering the missions, and giving out assignments to your underlings.

As the first game put the player as the “lone wolf” figure within the Godfather Universe, the sequel allows you to think and act like the Don. You are now able control and grow your family. You will be building the family from the ground up, recruiting and investing in their skills and even promote them up through the ranks of the organization. You will be arming them, deciding who will be made men and then sending them out to do your bidding. With this new type of gameplay, you will find sometimes that you are not the one in the middle of the action as you once would be in GTA or Saints Row games, But in the background thinking of different ways to get your family bigger and stronger while weakening your enemies. It adds a different dimension to the gamplay mechanics that will doubtlessly be copied in many games of a similar nature in the future.

In order to stand out from the crowd and step out of Grand Theft Auto IV’s shadow, EA really had to bring some originality to the game and that’s what they have achieved with the ability to be the Don and this is where the Don’s View comes into play. This a new 3D representation of all three cities showing the status of all the crime rings, all the battles in progress, and the locations of your jobs and contacts. Through this view you will be able to decide which crime rings to go after, and how to weaken your rivals by bombing rival businesses, managing your own defenses for critical rackets, or even hunting down and killing rival Made men.

To best describe this game is to consider it a combination of an all out action game like GTA with elements of a real time strategy game. This is what sets its self apart from GTA and Saints Row 2. Having the ability to roam about and do what you like coupled with the ability to create, maintain, grow your own family and get them to do your dirty work.

This game greatly excites us and you will be crazy not to get excited yourself. EA Redwood Shores have learned from their past mistakes, added some great new gamplay additions, throw in the mix that it’s all centered on the Godfather universe with the original charters and most of the cast back. Godfather 2 could well be the game EA wanted the original to be. What we are really surprised about is the fact that it’s not only going to be able to stand up to GTA IV, it may even eclipse it in some ways. The game is to be released in the middle of February for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 and from what we have seen so far, it’s shaping up to be one of the most exciting games of the year.

Author: TGRStaff

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