Daily News Roundup: February 10, 2009

Today on TGR…

Rumor Killers
Rumor Killers is back today to…well…kill some rumors. Today RK took on the rumor surrounding Gears of War 3 appearing on PS3 as well as several others.

Very British Gamer
TGRs personal Brit, waxes today about the evolution of football management titles to where it currently is today.

David Jaffe Wants Lucas Arts to Call Him
The creator visionary creator of God of War has some serious issues with how Indiana Jones has been handled in game form, and has some ideas for Lucas Arts on how to fix it.

Sega Sammy Cutting 500+ Jobs
Apparently, they’re asking for the resignation of 560 employees before they begin making forceful layoffs.

Comic Con Ends
The New York Comic Con is always a bizarrely active place for gaming news, but this year was exceptional. The big companies sat it out, but we still got a lot of good stuff from smaller companies like Atari (Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena).

First Details on Dante�s Inferno
I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who raised a curious eyebrow when it was announced that a gaming adaptation of Dante’s Inferno was being worked on. Now we have a few details to go on, that do very little to assuage fears that this will be a complete bastardization of one of the most influential written works of all time.

Snoop Dog Coming to Rock Band
If someone were to ask me when Rock Band first came out, which musician would be least likely to appear on the soundtrack it would be Snoop. Despite that, the powers that be have seen fit to assure that gamers will be able to get their Gin and Juice on.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance Name Change
Apparently, Marvel thinks gamers aren’t as keen on sequels as they used to be. They announced today that the name of the sequel to one of the best comic-game adaptations ever made will not be called Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, but rather: Marvel Ultimate Alliance: Fusion.

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