Daily News Roundup: February 19, 2008

Today on TGR…

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars preview

TGR writer Joe DeLia recently got some quality time with Rockstar’s upcoming handheld murder simulator for the DS. Will it retain that GTA goodness or will Nintendo’s presence dilute the experience?

X-men Origins: Wolverine Eyes-On Preview

Joe figured one preview wasn’t enough, so he also sat in on a demo for the upcoming Wolverine game from Raven. We all know how movie tie-ins go, so hopefully this one can be one of the few to break the trend.

Top 5 Ways to Keep an Xbox Live Audience

Ever wonder why some games are played for years and others all but die in a few weeks? Brittany Vincent has composed this handy list of game design principles that keep gamers playing and communities alive.

And, on the rest of the internet…

Wii Dead Space to be a rail shooter

Dead Space Extraction, the Wii prequel to the 360 / PS3 Dead Space, will be a first person rail shooter according to Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis. He promised that the game will be much more than a typical rail shooter, stating that the game’s “goal is to innovate and push the genre forward like Dead Space did for third-person action survival horror.”

An innovative rail shooter huh? My mind was blown the first time I saw Lethal Enforcers at the local skating rink back in ’92 – let’s see if EA can top that.

Free Unreal Tournament 3 content detailed

A massive dose of free content is in store for owners of the PC and PS3 editions of Unreal Tournament 3, while 360 owners are left out in the cold due to file size limitations over Xbox Live (why they couldn’t break it into several chunks is beyond me).

The update will add new maps, a new mech, weapons, deployables, steam achievements / PS3 trophies, free kittens, and peace on earth. The pack should be available sometime next month.

Tiger Woods 10 to use Wii MotionPlus

Remember Wii MotionPlus? That thing we saw at E3 that seemed really cool, but never heard another peep about it? Apparently the next Tiger Woods game will be using it.

An EA Sports showcase scheduled for next month will feature the game, so we should know more about it then. Here’s looking forward to potentially the most difficult golf game in the known universe.

Gabe Newell discusses piracy, TeamFortress 2 comic, more

Gabe Newell delivered the keynote address at DICE 2009, discussing Valve’s unique approach to a number of PC related issues in the market today. His first point discussed entertainment as a service, and that the real problem with piracy is that the pirates can offer a better service than distributors by offering non-DRM games faster and easier.

He also revealed that the team that does the Meet the… videos will be working on a TeamFortress 2 comic, noting that fans are generally attached to a property rather than a specific product. Given that I can’t wait to read these comics, I’d say he’s right.

Guitar Hero World Tour DLC: Wings

Three tracks from Wings – also known as that-band-Paul-McCartney-was-in-after-The-Beatles – have been released for Guitar Hero World Tour today. “Jet,” “Hi, Hi, Hi,” and “Junior’s Farm” round out the offerings, which cost 160 points / $2.00 a piece or 440 points / $5.50 for the lot. Bolly!

Skate 2 DLC: Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Plaza

Skate 2 owners can now download a digital recreation of Rob Dyrdek’s skate plaza from his new show “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.” The DLC costs 400 MS points / $5.00 actual dollars. The area also includes some of the surrounding downtown Los Angeles area.

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