Rumor Killers: Killzone 3, Alan Wake at GDC, Virtual On PSN/XBLA

Rumor Killers

Killzone 3 already confirmed?

As you already know, Killzone 2, the biggest game so far on Sony’s PlayStation 3 is finally upon us. Arguably the best looking game on any console so far this gen, Killzone 2 is what fanboys have been crying out for. With fantastic reviews so far, it sure looks like it will deliver on gameplay as well as looking bloody fantastic. It’s by far the most hyped game on the PlayStation 3 and touted as the game that finally kills Halo, though that is another discussion for another time. The game isn’t even out yet — it arrives later this week — but there have already been rumors flying around that Guerilla Games is already working on Killzone 3.

Dutch gaming magazine Power Unlimited recently ran article discussing the future of the franchise. Within this article came some interesting snippets on two yet-unannounced titles coming from Guerilla Games. First, GG told Dutch newspaper “de volkskrant” that they are indeed already hard at work on Killzone 3, but that comes as no surprise really. There is no doubt that Killzone 2 will be a success, and given that Sony regards it as its ultimate killer app, plans for a third are a given. The second bit of interesting information is that GG is also developing Killzone: Liberation 2 for the PSP with a release date of 2010. Considering the first PSP title was regarded better than the PS2 title shows how well Killzone: Liberation was received by the gaming media and public.

It isn’t very hard to imagine Guerilla Games working on Killzone 3 already, considering the amount of time it has taken them to develop Killzone 2; 4 years, I think, is correct. With Sony also pushing for the PSP, Killzone: Liberation 2 is also a given, considering the sales of the first, and the fact that having that kind of name on the PSP should help bolster sales. The only question being for both, will Killzone 3 come out on PlayStation 3? And will Killzone: Liberation 2 come out on PSP and not PSP2? We can’t say for certain yet, but it’s definitely something to think about, no? It could all come down to how well the PlayStation 3 is selling come the end of year compared to the Wii and Xbox 360. For the time being though, Killzone 3 and Killzone: Liberation 2 are certainly…

TGR Rating: Highly Likely

Alan Wake waking up at GDC?

Could it be true? Could Alan Wake be finally coming out of hibernation next month and showing its beauty to the world at GDC? It is looking more and more likely we will be hearing something very soon regarding Alan Wake, HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And I don’t think I am the only one saying that, either. So much mystery surrounds this game, it’s unbelievable. The game is so hyped, especially considering how little of it we have seen, but that, my friends, may be changing, and changing sooner than we anticipated. Over the last week or so there have been some developments on the official Alan Wake forums, and by developments I mean postings from Remedy’s community manager. Read below:

The amount of pages keeps growing each night. There are also new edits on the old pages. They keep getting more aggressive. The story is rewriting itself. The protagonist is now my namesake, and his wife is called Alice. The most worrying aspect: the genre seems to be shifting. It’s turning into a horror story. I can no loner be certain whether the hero can succeed or even survive. Apart for the jumbled fragments of bad dreams and an oppressive feeling, I can remember nothing of the process when I wake up. But this morning, a breakthrough! When I came to my senses, I could smell her perfume on my shirt. I am close. I know it. I must push on.

– Alan Wake

Make of that what you will, but being the fact that they are sharing anything with us on this game is truly amazing. But where in there does it say the game will be shown at GDC? It doesn’t, that’s where this next bit comes into play. Gaming website got in contact with Remedy over the possibility of the game being shown at GDC with an interesting reply:

“We unfortunately aren’t communicating whether or not we’ll have GDC presence at this point of time,” I know it’s nothing to get too excited about, but it’s not a denial, either. So there is every chance this game could finally be waking up to its god-knows-how-many years of sleeping to show the world that it actually exists and that it’s everything people were hoping it would be. Alan Wake could be Microsoft’s big game this year so you can expect them to be pushing it along as fast as possible. Remedy is due to show off this game, and we strongly believe that GDC could very well be the place Alan Wake emerges from its dream.

TGR Rating: Likely

Is Sega releasing a Dreamcast classic on XBLA and PSN?

Sega has been quite busy lately, from canceling projects, to shutting down Arcaded, to laying off staff worldwide. Well a small glimmer of light may be coming out of Sega if this rumor is anything to go by. Do you remember a certain game called Virtual On? Well if you live in Europe you won’t, since it never reached Europe for some bizarre reason. Anyway, the game was released 1999 for the Dreamcast and in Arcades in Japan and America. The game is practically a mech fighting game with a lightning-fast pace and dual-joystick setup, much like Geometry Wars on XBLA. The game could be making its way onto PSN and XBLA anytime now. How do we know this? Take a look at the Australian classification website. Did you look? Do you see it now? Good.

Seems as if it will be coming to both the 360 and PS3, and maybe even the Wii as well, since it says “multiple formats.” Gaming website CVG recently asked Sega if this rumor is true and they were answered with a very abrupt “no comment,” which usually means “yes, how did they know?” Hopefully this will pave the way for other great Dreamcast games to make their way to XBLA or PSN, how about Daytona USA? Power Stone 1 and 2? Chu Chu Rocket? And even Crazy Taxi? Hell yeah to all of them. It seems certain we will be seeing Virtual On soon, hopefully released in all regions this time.

TGR Rating: Rumor Confirmed

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