Daily News Roundup: March 5, 2008


Today on TGR…

Game with TGR: Gears of War 2; Win Some Sweet Swag
TheGameReviews, in cooperation with Microsoft and Epic Games, will be hosting a community event in Gears of War 2 this Sunday March 8th, 9 PM – 12 AM EST. This is your chance to play with the staff of TGR and potentially single out all those writers that put up editorials that pissed you off.

In addition to revenge, you could also win free stuff! Hit the link above for all the details.

Top 10 Most Embarassing Video Game Cartoons of All Time
TGR writers Joe DeLia and Sinan Kubba have collaborated to resurrect all those cartoons you are embarrassed to admit that you watched as a kid. Check the story for all the nostalgia you can stomach, but sadly no after these messages we’ll be riiiiiiiight back.

Fallout 3 DLC coming to 360 This Month, New Screens
After a slight delay, Bethesda has announced that their next Fallout 3 DLC, The Pitt, will release on March 24th for 800 MS fun points. The content will take place in sunny Pittsburgh and feature new weapons like the AutoAxe.

And on the rest of the internet…

Bioshock 2 teaser site… teases
A teaser/viral site for Bioshock 2 has quietly gone live, featuring little. A newspaper clipping on the site tells the story of a seven year old girl kidnapped by a big-daddyish sounding man with a red light coming from his head.

There’s also a picture of a ridiculously adorable big daddy doll, so yeah, gotta check that out at least.

Demos ahoy – Wanted, WWE Legends, and Wheelman on Xbox Live
Demos for Wanted, WWE Legends, and The Wheelman have all released on Xbox Live today, so boot up the ol� box and get downloading.

Checking the PSN confirms that none of these demos are yet available for the PlayStation 3, though Wanted is expected later today. The Wheelman demo should be available on March 12, and there is no word of a WWE Legends date yet.

All three games will hit retail stores on March 24.

Unreal Tournament 3 megapatch released, offers free play weekend on steam
Epic Games has released a massive patch for the PC version of Unreal Tournament 3, boasting (approximately) a kajillion fixes. Additionally, the Titan Pack, which offers several free maps, modes, and new deployables, is also available.

If all this free stuff has your mouth watering, Steam will also be offering the game at 40% off until March 15 – dropping the price to $11.99.

Unfortunately for PS3 owners, the certification process has delayed the patch and Titan Pack until March 19.

No demos, no patches, it’s a rough day for PS3 owners, yeesh.

EA Montreal to announce new game soon
EA Montreal has apparently been quietly developing a new game, and plan to reveal it to the press (and thus the rest of the internet) on March 12. Given the developer’s previously released games, the new project could be a new Army of Two, a new SSX, a completely new IP, or – dare we dream – a new Boogie.

Best Buy and Amazon.com to enter the used game tradeBest Buy, along with Toys ‘r ‘Us, has decided to re-enter the secondhand market. The company dabbled in used games back in 2005, but the effort was abandoned after a few months. Perhaps they’ll stick with it this time.

Additionally, Amazon.com is launching a service wherein shoppers can mail in games in exchange for credit deposited into their account, which can then be spent on other items (presumably games).

With companies trying both traditional and non-traditional approaches to the game marker, perhaps used game market giant Gamestop will start to feel the squeeze, and maybe even offer you more than $10 in credit for that game you bought last week.

GameFly opens first rental kiosk, more to followHave you ever seen those DVD rental kiosks at Wal-Mart and thought "Gee, wouldn’t it be neat if there was one of those but for games?" Well, prepare to get really bitter because online rental outfit GameFly has beaten you to the punch.

Students of Texas Tech University will find a gaudy yellow "G-box" in their local Barnes & Noble campus bookstore. Students can rent games for the daily rate of $2.49 for Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 games, and $1.99 for Wii games.

This is, oddly enough, substantially more expensive than GameFly’s online rental service. Perhaps the convenience of getting a game immediately will make up for the cost.

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