Daily News Roundup: March 16, 2009


Today on TGR…

BITMAPS 70: Gamers Misunderstood by Marketers
TGR columnist Lawrence Sonntag explores the attempts of companies to market video game nostalgia, and discovers why so many traditional attempts fall flat.

Sony Online Entertainment Day Interview: 10 Years of EverQuest
We talk with Sony Online Entertainment about the tenth anniversary of the first MMO to truly ruin nerds’ lives. Additionally, read all about Sony Online Entertainment Day, officially sanctioned by the city of San Diego. Weird town.

Resident Evil 5: How We Got Here
The release of Resident Evil 5 not only provides us with an opportunity to uppercut the heads off of rabid zombie-like people (that are seriously not zombies, guys), but to reflect on the series as a whole. Join Aaron Cooley-Themm on his voyage through tank controls, key fetching, and so-bad-it’s-good dialogue.

 GameOn Big Red Potion Episode 6: REPRESENT!

It’s the first Big Red Potion as part of the TGR GameOn network, and rather than trying to do something easy, the BRP crew take on a ridiculously difficult question; which games should represent gaming?

And, on the rest of the internet…
Vin Diesel discusses entry into games, Dungeons and Dragons

Vin Diesel once again proved that he’s just a big ol’ cuddly nerd in an interview with Arstechnica yesterday.

"When I first started playing games, I felt guilty about how much I loved these video games," Diesel said.

He even hesitated to tell people he played video games earlier in his acting career. It wasn’t until talking with Steven Spielberg (who later became involved with Medal of Honor) while working on Saving Private Ryan did he feel comfortable with his hobby.

"Somehow, that gave me the green card to launch a video game company that would speak to a favorite pastime of mine," Diesel said, referring to Tigon Studios.

Really heartfelt stuff – and this coming from the dude that killed a man with a teacup. Gives all us nebbish geeks some hope doesn’t it?


Solid Snake voice actor David Hayter forms new studio
David Hayter, voice actor and screenwriter, has formed new studio Dark Hero with producer Benedict Carver. The new studio will create and manage properties across movies, TV, internet, and video games.

The studio’s first project will be "Demonology," written and directed by Hayter.

"It’s about an American kid who goes to one of these schools in Belgium, but it brings my own horrible experiences of school to life," Hayter said. Sounds like Hayter’s school experiences weren’t too removed from my own.

Chiptune pong and ooooold sports on WiiWare / Virtual Console
The Wii recieved two games today – BIT.TRIP BEAT for WiiWare and Summer Games II (Commodore 64) for the Virtual Console.

BIT.TRIP BEAT finally realizes the oh-so-obvious combination of pong and chiptune electronic music, while Summer Games II reminds us all how terribly sports games age.

Wallace and Gromit demo now available
The demo for Telltale’s episodic Wallace and Gromit title is now available. Hopefully the game features the same point and click goodness Telltale is known for thanks to their Sam & Max series.

Whether the game includes robotic trousers or thieving penguins remains to be seen, however.

Fallout 3: The Pitt trailer released
Bethesda released a trailer for the next Fallout 3 expansion today. The Pitt takes place in sunny Pittsburgh and will feature RPG-mandated arena fights.

Let’s just hope The Pitt won’t be the pits. Oh! *rimshot*

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