Daily News Roundup: March 19, 2009

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Very British Gamer: Why is Cammy Such a Ho?

We all know Cammy is a ho. Since Super Street Fighter II there has been nary a ho-bag in all of gaming to compete with the likes of Cammy. Sure there are other annoying female characters, but the first time gamers across the world got hit out of a super with a goddamn cannon spike, they knew.

That’s all well and good, but have we ever stopped to consider why Cammy is such a ho? TGR writer Sinan Kubba explores what we all assume, and tries to definitively answer: Why is Cammy such a gigantic rotten ho?

Halo Wars Sells 1 Million Copies

As if Halo wasn’t already a profitable enough franchise, now even it’s spinoff series is capable of going platinum…

Crimson Gem Saga: Coming to PSP
Yet another Eastern RPG is headed to the PSP.

And, in (mostly) non-ho related news…

Sony to freeze wages starting in April

Sony Computer Entertainment America enacted a wage freeze today that will take effect in April. Additionally, bonuses will be lowered, and pay for managers will also decrease between 10 and 20 percent.

These measures are in an attempt to cut costs and drive up the company’s declining profitability. This, combined with outward pressure to lower the PS3’s price, doesn’t put the company in the greatest of spots for the coming year.

The more entertaining part of this story is, of course, how Sony fanboys will spin this particular news on forums across the internet. Keep an eye out for that.


SwitchGames to cut developers, publishers in on used game trade

Taking the initiative with what will soon be a mandatory part of the business, online trading website SwitchGames has forwarded the notion of cutting developers and publishers in on used transactions involving their games.

Developers and publishers have long begrudged the substantial bite that used game trades have taken from their profits. This could be the first step to finding a universally beneficial solution to the lopsided nature of the business.

Bioshock 2 to be titled just that

The first teaser video for Bioshock 2, released last September, featured the title Bioshock 2: Sea of Dreams. Game Informer’s recent preview of the game did not include the subtitle. 2K Games Community Manager Elizabeth Tobey addressed the contradiction with her special brand of succinct clarification:

"You won’t be seeing ’Sea of Dreams’ moving forward, just ’BioShock 2.’"

Alright then.

Starcraft Ghost concept art collected

Might as well look at it while you can, because this is as close as you’ll get to playing Starcraft: Ghost for a very, very long time. The game, now considered vaporware, bounced from developer to developer before being indefinitely postponed by Blizzard.

But hey, gigantic pictures of a woman with a huge rifle in a futuristic cat-suit isn’t so bad, is it?

Metalocalypse studio opens game division

Titmouse Inc, the studio behind Metalocalypse, announced the formation of Titmouse Games to create – brace for it – games.

The studio’s first project will be Seven Haunted Seas, an action-RPG wherein "an undead pirate, Scurvy Pete, that returns from hell to find a dark, post-apocalyptic future where he must right all his wrongs to restore the world."

The trailer has a darker Curse of Monkey Island feel, which is not a bad thing in the slightest.

Far Cry 2 (PC), Unreal Tournament 3 (PS3), Guitar Hero World Tour (360/PS3) get DLC

Far Cry 2 Fortunes Pack – $4.99
Three guns, two vehicles, five multiplayer maps, and, as always, infinite enemies at every guard station. What a bargain.

Unreal Tournament 3 Titan Pack – Free
"The Titan Pack’s downloadable content includes the gametypes Greed and Betrayal, the namesake Titan mutator, 19 maps, the Link Station and X-Ray Field deployables, the Stinger Turret and Eradicator Cannon weapons, the Stealthbender vehicle, the Slow Field power-up, and characters Kana and Nova."

Guitar Hero World Tour Packs – $5.00 / 440 MS points for the pack or $2.00 / 160 MS points individually
Jimi Hendrix Track Pack 2:
Jimi Hendrix – Foxey Lady (Live from Woodstock)
Jimi Hendrix – Freedom
Jimi Hendrix – Angel

European Track Pack 4:
M-Clan – Carolina
Die Toten Hosen – Hier Kommt Alex
Within Temptation – What Have You Done

Outrun Online Arcade dated

Just a little bit under a month until you’ll be able to groove to Magical Sound Shower. Outrun Online Arcade, adapted by Sumo Digital, will be available on the XBLA on April 15.

No word from Sony yet if the game will be available on the PSN on the same date. I advise all gamers to go outside, buy a convertible, and pick up some blond bimbo in a red dress so they can get some practice in before the game comes out.

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