Daily News Roundup: March 24, 2009

Today on TGR…

Video games Without the Hardware, Promises OnLive Game Service.
Tired of gaming within the limits of your hardware? Well OnLive has a solution; don’t upgrade your hardware.

Bioware Reveals First Class Details for Star Wars MMORPG
Bioware has just updated their website with the first details, pictures, and videos of the first playable player class (or second since Jedi is more or less a given) to be officially announced for the upcoming MMORPG: the Bounty Hunter.

TGR Editorial: Why Isn’t Killzone 2 Selling?
The hype around Killzone 2 was enormous, and reviews were raving, so why hasn’t that translated into success at the counter?

Elsewhere on the Web…

DSi Sells More than 2 Million in Japan
According to Game Famitsu and VG247, Nintendo has once again proved that regardless of what they make these days, it will sell. A lot. Since its launch in Japan in November, it has managed to sell over 2 million unites with 700,000 units being sold so far in 2009.

Fallout 3’s The Pitt DLC is Buggy and Glitchy
Bethesda Softwork’s Fallout 3 forum is abuzz with gamers posting complaints that the downloadable content for the Xbox 360 is rife with bugs and glitches, including floating objects, missing textures, and more. Bethesda is aware of these problems and are working to fix them. The forum moderators urge gamers to "not clutter this thread with posts of just "this sucks."

X-Men 2 Writer Hired to Write Dante’s Inferno
Dan Harris, writer of the films X-Men 2 and Superman Returns, has been hired Universal Pictures to pen the script for Electronic Art’s upcoming video game Dante’s Inferno. The enlistment of some top-tier Hollywood talent lends some credibility to the project, and may just convince gamers that a video game based on a poem written in the early 1300’s isn’t the most ridiculous idea ever.

Resistance 2 Patch Brings New Content
According to Just Video Games, a new patch for the Playstation 3 exclusive Resistance 2 will be bringing gamers some additional content to keep gamers coming back for more. In addition to a new multiplayer map (which is actually a remake of a favorite map from the first Resistance) a new co-op difficulty mode, Superhuman, is being added to give veterans a new challenge.

Microsoft May Stop Banning Gamertags Displaying Sexual Orientation
According to VG 247, Stephen Toulouse moderator has confirmed that Microsoft is contemplating ways to allow users to freely express their sexual orientation without fear of being banned. “Expression of any sexual orientation (straight or gay or otherswise) is not allowed in gamertags." said Toulouse. “However we’ve heard from the user-base they want that capability, so I am examining how we can provide it in a way that wont get misused.”

Author: mark_fujii