PS3 Coming to Life in Japan

There is no doubting that the PlayStation 3 has had a rocky 2 years on the market. Sales have been going up and down all though its life span with many people arguing that its heavy price tag is to blame for consumers opting for the Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii. While sales haven’t been that bad, they have been lagging behind for sometime in the States and Europe, but in its home country where people are really surprised by how poorly it’s been performing in recent months. At times, even the unthinkable has happened with the Xbox 360 outselling it for nearly a month thanks to such games as The Last Remnant and Star Ocean: The last hope. Though recently things have been taking a turn for the better and it’s about time too.

Thanks to such games as Yakuza 3 and Resident Evil 5, The PlayStation 3 has managed to outperform the Xbox 360 by a wide margin, and for the last few weeks, outsold even the mighty Nintendo Wii! During awful economic times and a period in which Japans interest in gaming seems to be waning, The PlayStation 3 has managed to sell 24,000 units compared to the Wii’s 20,000 units this week making it 3 weeks in a row PS3 has won in Japan. The week before it managed to outsell the Wii by over 10,000 units thanks to Resident Evil 5 but nothing prepared us for the trouncing it gave its competitors the week before by doubling the Wii’s sales and managing 40,000 units sold. By our understanding, the PS3 should sell over a 100,000 this month making it one of its best months since launch. So what does it take for the PS3 to sell in Japan? Bloody good games in Yakuza 3 and Resident Evil 5 that appeal to the Japanese market.

Sales have slipped since that time, but PS3 is still ahead of its competitors so one must ask the question, has Japan had enough of Wii?  Has Japan realized the true potential the PlayStation 3 offers? Answering the last question is simple, I believe they have. The PlayStation 3 has some fantastic games and the more people that play and enjoy them the better. All Sony needs now is a price cut in Europe and America and I am confidant the rule of the PlayStation will commence once again. Let us know what you think in our forums, is the PS3 coming to life in Japan or do you think it will go back to selling poorly once Resident Evil fever wears off? Just think what Final Fantasy XIII and GT 5 would do?

Author: TGRStaff

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