Ambassador Interview: Crazzytzar

This week for the Ambassador Interview we have Crazzytzar, he is a great member of and has spend numerous amount of days on the forums helping other’s, so we had to get him interviewed so other can see what he is all about.  Ladies and gentleman meet Art.


Tell us a little bit about your self?

Well, I’m a Russian dude from Saint Petersburg. I currently live in Michigan. I’m a Russian Xbox Ambassador and like to help out people on the Xbox forums, my own friends, and people I meet at work. I like the Xbox 360, it’s my favorite console out right now. I also like to read, listen to music, go to the movies and hang out with my friends. I can draw pretty good too.
As an Xbox Ambassador you are asked to help new gamers their first time around the block; do feel like the program is making a difference?

I really think it does. I help out as much as I can on the forums and on Xbox Live. I’m sure a lot of other Ambassadors do the same thing. I just think that the program needs to be promoted a little more, something bigger and better needs to be done. Because not many people know about the Ambassadors unless they visit the forums or ask an Ambassador about his title.
Do you feel that success for the Xbox 360, Ps3, and Wii will be good for all gamers in the sense that competition will keep each company sharp and innovative pushing all three forward, or are you one of the proponents to the concept that one console can come out on top?

I think that the Xbox 360 has the number one spot, but I think that if you like to play a certain console(s) and have fun while doing so, it doesn’t really matter what console is the best. I’m thinking about purchasing a Wii and maybe a PS3 later on.
In your expert opinion, what is your favorite gaming genre and favorite game?

I really don’t have just one favorite genre. I like many genres out there, adventures, shooters, racing, action etc. My favorite game is The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion IV. It’s just so massive and amazing. It’s also very time consuming too, pulled off quite a few all nighters because of that game.

What kind of entertainment setup do you have going on at your home?

I have a 34” Panasonic HDTV and a 5.1 Sony Surround Sound system. It’s the best way to game man, HD and Surround Sound.
How do you feel the achievement system is working out? Do you like the concept of Xbox Rewards?

The Achievement system is great. It really gives video games more replay value and satisfaction when completing a game 100%. I usually don’t play for Achievements, I like to play the games and pick up any Achievement I might unlock as I go along. The concept of Xbox Rewards sounds great, but the way it was handled when it first launched was poor. The server went down, a lot of people didn’t know what was going on or were pissed that they couldn’t register/log in. But so far it’s and interesting concept. Getting prizes for completing challenges, sounds good to me.

Gaming has come a long way with breath taking graphics, newly introduced gameplay, and turning the console into fully packed media machines. What do you think will be the next big leap in video gaming?

I’m not really sure man, so much already has been done. Maybe if more games allowed us to play against and with PC players through Xbox Live, we could show them who’s better at FPS’s. Heh. Can’t wait for Shadowrun. J

What kind of music do you listen to these days?

I like almost every type of music out there, but so far I’ve been listening a lot to Hip-Hop and Rap.
What do you like the most about

The community. It has a very nice group of people that are willing to talk about anything and everything.

If you could have any Xbox game made backwards compatible in an instant, what would it be?

I have to pick Def Jam: Fight for New York. I haven’t played it for a while. Def Jam: Icon is coming out next week though, can’t wait for that game.

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