Big Red Potion: Episode 8: Phoenix Down, over

GameOn: Big Red Potion is a new weekly podcast brought to you by TGR. Join Sinan Kubba, Joe DeLia and their two guests every Monday as they talk about what matters in gaming, one topic at a time. If you’re want intelligent, in-depth discussion on video games, have a sip of the Big Red Potion.

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This week – Episode 8: Phoenix Down, over


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The Regulars

Host: TGR Staff Writer & Associate Editor Sinan Kubba [Twitter] [Blog]
2nd Chair: TGR Staff Writer Joseph DeLia [Twitter] [Blog]

The Guests

Paul Rooney Cranky Gamers UK Writer [Twitter] [CG:UK]
James Bishop 
TGR Staff Writer [Twitter]


Stock up on your mana potions and echo herbs and join Sinan and Joe as they break down the identity and significance of the Final Fantasy series in this week’s Big Red Potion. Joining the regulars in their epic quest are Cranky Gamers UK writer Paul Rooney and TheGameReviews writer James Bishop. What defines Final Fantasy? Is it the fanbase, the characters, the setting or even just the moogles? One thing’s for certain; some serious kupo is going down here.

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