Daily News Roundup: April 21, 2009

Today on The Game Reviews…

Marvel vs Capcom 2 Remake teaser site goes live
If a new teaser site that Capcom just put up can be believed, it looks as though they’re ready to take us for a ride (terrible pun, sorry) once again with a remake or port of the hit arcade classic, Marvel vs Capcom 2.

Harmonix Announces LEGO: Rock Band
Get ready to rock out with your er…bricks out.This time with LEGO! Harmonix has officially announced that LEGO: Rock Band is in the works and will be coming to home consoles (including the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii, and Nintendo DS) in time for the holiday season.

VBG: Playing the GAME with Retailers

TGR’s very own British gamer, Sinan, speaks of his disdain for and manipulation of storefront video game retailers.

And on a very special note, TGR would like to express its most sincere thanks to Kotaku for swiping yet another one of our stories and not giving us credit or linking back to us. They even had the audacity to use the exact same Youtube video that we used. ’Preciate it guys!

Elsewhere on the Web…

Almost 10% of American Youth Addicted to Video Games
An addiction to drugs is bad. But is an addiction to video games the same or even worst? Probably not, but the only way to find out for sure is with science! And fortunately, Douglas Gentile of Iowa State University has done the work for us and has come back with the results.


Murasama: The Demon Blade Loses Publisher, Gets New One
For a second there, America almost lost the upcoming Marvelous Entertainment’s upcoming Murasama: The Demon Blade, a flashy 2D action game set to debut on the Nintendo Wii in September 2009. IGN reported earlier this morning that the game’s publisher, XSEED, will no longer be handling its distribution in the United States. Fortunately, it looks as though Murasama has rebounded from the separation nicely and has already been picked up by a new, unknown publisher.

Stardock Chief Exec: "If you’re a retailer, you’re killing yourself.”
According to GoNintendo, Stardock chief executive Brad Wardell says that traditional, brick and mortar retailers are on the way out and that purchasing video games through online, digital downloads is the future. "[Stores] are kind of signing their own death warrants once they push digital distribution at the store." said Wardell, adding that customers who experience buying a game online will not want to return to picking up games in store.

Ironically, Stardock’s Demigod was illegally "digitally distributed" over 100,000 times through torrents last week.

Stephen Fry to Voice New Little Big Planet
Stephen Fry, the voice actor who narrated Little Big Planet for the Playstation 3, has announced through Twitter that he is currently working on the "2nd edition of a video game." After setting the Internet on fire with rampant speculations on what game he was referring to (he also did voice work for Fable 2 and uh…the Harry Potter video games), Fry later clarified that he was talking about the PSP version of Little Big Planet.

Microsoft Announces 31 New Games for Japan
Microsoft is working hard on winning the love and affection of Japanese gamers. OXCGN reports that Microsoft has announced 31 new games for the region of Japan, including Namco Bandai’s Magna Carta 2, Tekken 6, Capcom’s Lost Planet 2, and Sega and Tri-Ace’s End of Eternity. Seeing as how all those titles are being created by Japanese developers, the news does not come as a huge surprise.

New Halo Wars DLC on the Way
According to CVG, the first batch of downloadable content for Microsoft’s Halo Wars should be hitting Xbox LIVE sometime in the near future. Titled "Strategic Options", the DLC features three new multiplayer game modes and four new achievements that are worth a total of 100 points. No news of pricing has yet to be announced.

Killzone 2 DLC to Cost $5.99
The official Sony Playstation blog has announced that the latest map pack for Killzone 2, "“Steel & Titanium" is set to go on sale for Playstation 3 owners on April 30. Though early reports rumored that the map pack would be free, Sony has decided to retail it for $5.99. Six bucks for two maps is pretty standard. Call of Duty: World at War’s map pack (which had four new maps) sells for $10.

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