Daily News Roundup: April 22, 2009

Today on TGR:

Fallout New Vegas Announced

Bethesda announced that Fallout: New Vegas, which will be developed by the ex-Black Isle folks at Obsidian Entertainment, is not a sequel or spin-off, but merely another Fallout title.

Gamers everywhere collectively scratch their heads, unable to parse such information.

30 Most Influential Games of All Time

Read this article so you have something super smart to say next time you’re hanging out with your friends. You’ll drop heavy knowledge, they’ll stare with mouths agape, and pensively ask "How do you think of things like that?" You can just flick your hair nonchalantly aside, and say "I guess I’m pretty deep about video games."

Gamers Too Pretentious to Find Diamonds in the Rough

TGR writer Brittany Vincent identifies a disturbing trend: gamers becoming too haughty to have fun with dumb games. Perhaps we should remember that we’re all nerds at heart, and not pre-judge a game for being stupid or base.

Because Rumble Roses really was a decent wrestling game, really!

Rumor Killers: Zone of the Enders 3? LA Noire coming to 360? Marvel Vs Capcom 2?

Are you tired of haunting message boards and news feeds, desperately trying to separate fevered dreams from bona fide rumors? Let James Barr rake through the muck for you.

Elsewhere on the internet:

Sony: PSP piracy levels "frankly sickening"
SCEA VP of Marketing Peter Dilles discussed rampant piracy numbers in an interview with Gamasutra today.

"I’m convinced and we’re convinced that piracy has taken out a big chunk of our software sales on PSP," Dille said. "It’s been a problem that the industry has to address together; it’s one that I think the industry takes very seriously, but we need to do something to address this because it’s criminal what’s going on, quite frankly."

Dilles explains that even though there’s a legitimate install base for the PSP, developers shy away from the platform due to incredibly low sales numbers. This harms the platform directly, despite the belief most pirates have that their activities don’t cause any real damage.

"But, it actually is bad; it’s bad for the platform," Dilles said. "Again, I’m not saying that that’s a magic wand; I think that we have to make sure from a technological perspective that it’s not as easy as it is to do that."
Welcome to the PC market, Sony.

Wii sells 8 million in Japan, sees slowing growth
Nintendo’s motion-controlled console passed the 8 million milestone in Japan earlier today. These sales are even more impressive when compared against the PlayStation 3’s 3 million and the Xbox 360’s 1 million – which means the Wii has doubled its combined competitor’s sales.

Despite the strong total, the sales of the Wii have been slowing due to a lack of popular software. Analysts now look towards Wii Sports Resort to provide the next big sales push for Nintendo. Reasonable enough, considering selling a fancy bathroom scale did it last time.

Amazon begins selling WiiWare titles
Amazon continues their digital distribution march by offering sales of WiiWare titles. Rather, offering sales of WiiWare title, since World of Goo is the only game currently offered by the service.

Naturally, one can expect more games to follow once the service is proven to work reliably.

Ignition to publish Murasama

European publisher Ignition has stepped in the shoes recently vacated by XSEED to publish Murasama: The Demon Blade. The game is now looking at a September 2009 release in North America.

And in case you’re not familiar with the game, and wonder why we bother to write up about some Wii title, this is why.

Japanese court sanctions SquareEnix’s takeover of Eidos

We’re one step closer to seeing Lara Croft and Tifa Lockhart duke it out in some ridiculous crossover fighting game, now that SquareEnix’s takeover of Eidos has been approved. The deal should become official sometime tomorrow morning.

NCSoft titles now available on Steam

Gamers have one less reason to go outside, now that NCSoft titles are available on Steam. This includes games like Guild Wars, City of Heroes, and Lineage. Check the full list for more temptations to spend money.

Hip Hop clothing now available for 360 avatars

I can’t tell you how often I’ve stared at my avatar and spontaneously shouted "HE JUST ISN’T CRUNK ENOUGH."

Someone at Microsoft finally heard my screaming, because 360 owners can now deck out their avatars to look official in the hood.

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