Daily News Roundup: April 27, 2009


Today on TGR:

The Good, The Bad, and The Shipping April 26 – May 3

Hot releases this week include Velvet Assassin, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and of course, My Horse and Me 2: Riding for Gold.

The Perfect Game: Final Fantasy VI

TGR writer Stew Shearer gets all fanboy over Final Fantasy VI – which is decidedly not Final Fantasy VII. Do you disagree? Perhaps you have an essay of your own that describes just how much awesomer Vincent Valentine is than Edgar Figaro? Let him know!

Legacy of a Madden Nation

With millions of copies sold and equally as many drunk college frat fans, the Madden franchise is an undeniable force in the video gaming world. Check out TGR writer Gerren Fisher’s chronicle of not only the game series’ history, but the man behind the game as well.

EA Names Fitzgerald and Polamalu as Madden 10 Cover Boys

Madden 10, so named because apparently Madden 2010 just looks too silly, will introduce real, groundbreaking innovation to the Madden series. That’s right, Madden 10 will be the first game to feature two athletes on the cover instead of just one.

Also on TGR Today:

Bioshock Movie Put on Ice

In a stay of execution for fans of the series, Universal Pictures has suspended production of the Bioshock movie for budgetary concerns. That said, the director and several people attached with the movie still intend on making it. Who knows – it could be good? Right? Guys?

Demigod Video Game Review

Demigod has made some headlines lately due to its rampant piracy, but is it a good game? You’ll just have to read our review to find out.

Bitmaps 75: The Six Games That Made Guitar Hero Possible

TGR’s own Lawrence Sonntag takes a look at a few of the games that paved the way for this modern classic.

Konami Abandons Fallujah-Based Game

Publisher Konami drops the controversial game still in production.

Elsewhere on the internet:

Nintendo store updates

DSiWare gets Clubhouse Games Express: Card Classics ($5) and Paper Airplane Chase ($2) while WiiWare boasts Cocoto Platform Jumper ($7) and the Virtual Console receives SNES game Nobunaga’s Ambition ($8).

Best Buy $10 sale on now

Electronics retailer Best Buy began a $10 sale on several video game titles yesterday for the Xbox 360, PlaySation 3, Wii, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation 2. Hit the link above for the full list, but I’ll let you know right now – you can finally get that copy of Energy Dance Squad you’ve had your eye on.

Eidos to remain independent after SquareEnix acquisition

Now that the takeover is a done deal, SquareEnix announced that Eidos will run independently as a wholly owned subsidiary. Eidos CEO Phil Rodgers will keep his position, but report directly to SquareEnix President and CEO Yoichi Wada. Our dreams of seeing Lara Croft wield magical swords in impossibly impractical clothes and hairstyles may not come true after all. However… considering the last few Tomb Raiders, that may have happened anyway.

Nintendo reveals new DSLite color / bundle

Nintendo’s newest addition to the DS rainbow is lime green – a color that will come with Personal Trainer: Cooking and a trendy carrying case in a new bundle due out May 3rd. Astute and loving children will note that this is Mother’s Day – which may or may not have had any bearing on the bundled game.

British scientist makes games stink

Given all the time games spend in sewers, meat packing plants, and other delightful locales, it’s only natural that someone would want to also smell these areas instead of just see them. Professor Bob Stone developed the SDS (scent delivery system) to aid in such pursuits. The system, which is currently intended to compliment military simulations, could easily find its way to consumer videogames in the near future. Now that game you hate will have even more help stinking.

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