Daily News Roundup: April 29, 2009

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PSP Go! Is a Go?

According to reports, Sony has something up their sleeve for the upcoming E3, and that is the new PlayStation Portable.

Bioware Reconsiders Stance on In-Game Homosexuality
While having previously stated that "gay" and "lesbian" are not words that exist in Star Wars, Bioware is now scrambling to apologize.

And the most interesting news from around the internet…

Announcement Incoming from Lionhead

Lionhead announced today that it will have a news announcement on its website tomorrow along with “new cant-miss content.” So, what does this mean? We have no idea, but I’m sure the creators of Fable will have something awesome for video game players out there. (And if they don’t, shame on them for teasing.)

PlayStation 2 Game may be Withdrawn from India

Recently, Hanuman: Boy Warrior for PlayStation 2 was released in India, but it was immediately met with backlash from the Universal Society of Hinduism. The game is based on a Hindu god, Lord Hanuman, and the Hindu organization is calling for a withdrawal and apology from Sony for releasing the game.

The organization said that being able to control Lord Hanuman with a controller was denigration, and using the god for commercial use would only hurt its followers.

In response, Sony said they would review the situation, and will be dealing with it as soon as possible.

Star Ocean PAL Release Date Revealed

Star Ocean: The Last Hope has been pretty successful since it was released in Japan and the US, but it has still not been released in the PAL territories. The game is coming though, finally. Square Enix announced that it will be released for the PAL territories on June 5th of this year.

A lot of reports earlier this year said that the game would be delayed until the summer, but Square Enix said they were wrong. Square Enix said that June 21st was the first day of summer in their calendar, making Star Ocean: The Last Hope a spring release.

iPhone’s Flight Control controls Tons of Sales

The iPhone has become extremely popular as a portable gaming device, and only gets more and more popular as time passes. Well, you can see the popularity through many games the device offers, and one of those is a little game called Flight Control.

The creators of Flight Control, FireMint, have done a fantastic job as their “baby” has sold over 700,000 units in under two months. The game seems to be very popular and with a price tag of only 99 cents, it was destined to sell a few.

The game is controlled by its flight controller, you, as you guide the aircraft’s path to the runway with your finger. Firemint is also working on a racing game for the platform as we speak, but it has been delayed a little while to polish it up some more.

Soul Calibur: Welcome to the PSP

As news for a new PSP appears, many big franchises have been announcing that they are coming to the Sony handheld. Now, Namco Bandai has announced that one of the biggest fighting games of all time will be trying its hand in the handheld market by making its debut on the PSP. You guessed it, Soul Calibur is on its way.

It is officially named Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, and is the first time ever Soul Calibur has climbed into the ring we all know as handheld gaming. The game will be based on Soul Calibur IV, and is to be released sometime this summer.

Ace Attorney is Back.

The popular series will be receiving a new game in the US very soon. Capcom announced today that Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth will be released in the United States. The game will be based around Miles Edgeworth as he tries to figure out the mysteries behind multiple murders, as he takes on more of a crime scene investigator role. __________________

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