Excitebots: Trick Racing Video Game Review

Exitebots: Trick Racing for the Nintendo Wii is a 3D racing game where the player controls animal type robot racecars (think Transformers). However, in the first of many twists on the traditional, races are not won with time but stars – which are gained by performing tricks and winning mid-race minigames. Additionally, Exitebots features style and creativity that many racers lack.



Players take control of an "animal bots," consisting mostly of insects and flying animals. Excitebots offers a great selection of vehicles and courses. From praying mantis to ladybugs, all the game’s bots feature different weights, turbo power, and methods of flight. These bots don’t move along the ground like normal cars, either. Racers will spend most of the time moving along on wheels, but the bots can also transform "into the animal," stomping around on two legs.

Excitebots also approaches challenge in a different way. As mentioned before, stars determine the outcome of a race (and unlocks) instead of position. Players earn stars in races by pulling off sweet tricks, scoring goals, getting strikes, and spinning around a red bar as many times as possible – so you can do pretty much anything and get stars for it. As you race through the open courses, question marks (much like the question boxes in Mario Kart) appear. Hitting them sets up an opportunity for stars – a little hill will turn into a huge one or a mini game will appear in the middle of gameplay. Races are won by aquiring a set number of stars, and after winning circuits and mini-games, you unlock other boths and circuits. This setup makes Excitebots refreshing and entertaining.

Racing circuits aren’t all Exitebots offers. Tons of different modes will keep you coming back for more insect transformer action. Poker Race is particularly innovative – cards pop up throughout the course, and by driving over the cards, players try to build the best poker hand to win the race. Driving and managing a hand of cards is a unique experience that can’t be found in other racers. Multiplayer and versus modes are included as well. You can race online through the Nintendo Wifi connection or with your friends through versus. Both function well and expand the game’s enjoyment.

Players can choose to use the Wii Wheel or just turn the Wii-mote on its side. These two different controls are basically identical and work well. Controls are simple, so they are easily learned and mastered. The only control issue involves spin stunts on the red bars. Sometimes you get a perfect, sometimes you can’t even get multiple stars.

Exitebots creative and fun – a great treat for all those 80s kids that spent hours with Excitebike. It not only offers a variety of bots, courses, and activities, but also captures a new way to race. Exitebike started it, and Exitebots resurrected it; pure simple fun.

Author: TGRStaff

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