At World’s End

Pirates of the Caribbean At World’s End is a great 3rd person action adventure!  Don’t believe all the pirate cliches and swashbuckling reviews you’ve heard otherwise.  It features plotlines from both the second and third Pirates movies.  You get a great look and feel for what it’s like to really be a pirate.  The environments and situations that are in the film are recreated in this game, such as Port Royal, the Flying Dutchmen and Shipwreck City.

Combat is extremely simple.  The X button is basically all you need to fight your way through the game.  If you don’t have a sword, you can kick or punch your enemies.  You can even grab and toss your enemies, which can be fun at times!  At certain points throughout the game your enemies will turn around and stand in one spot, which is an indication that they are waiting for you to deliver the final blow.

You will get to play as Jack Sparrow, Elizabeth, Will and a few other characters throughout the game but the main one is Jack.  The animations are amazing!  Their movements are just like in the movies.  Unfortunately you will not hear the voices of the original cast, however the voice acting is a close match for the characters.

Overall, if you are a fan of the film, you will definitely enjoy the game!

Author: TGRStaff

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