Rumor Killers: Mass Effect 2 on PS3, Modern Warfare 2 Delayed ‘Til Xmas

Mass Effect 2 on PlayStation 3?

The whole Mass Effect 2 on PS3 debacle reminds of last year’s Metal Gear Solid 4 on Xbox 360 rumor, the will-it-won’t-it that got fanboys all over the Internet raging for months on end. Fortunately, that rumour has now been and gone. Unfortunately a new game has taken its place, and the fanboys haven’t left their seats.

Mass Effect 2 is of course the sequel to hugely successful Mass Effect, a sci-fi role-playing game for the Xbox 360 and PC that was critically acclaimed for its complete awesomeness, Mass Effect remains one of the 360’s best games so it’s easy to see why rumors of its sequel heading to other platforms popping up all other the Internet, especially given that Electronic Arts, who like to publish on multiple platforms, haven ow bought Mass Effect developer BioWare. Now, this isn’t the first time Mass Effect 2 rumors have featured in Rumor Killers and to be honest, it won’t be the last either. This time, though, these rumours have surfaced from a retailer and – wait for it – EA itself. D’oh!

Major British and Australian retailer GAME recently listed Mass Effect 2 as coming to PS3 as well as Xbox 360 and PC. Mere hours later, EA Russia also listed Mass Effect as coming to the PS3 on its official website. Coincidence? Or has someone just made a major boo-boo? The real question is what did EA and BioWare say? Both parties have now spoken regards the listings and each one offered up messages to be interpreted differently.

Eurogamer managed to get a hold of EA regards the listings, and the publisher’s response was that in fact the listings were a “mistake” that have since been taken down from EA Russia’s website. The same goes for retailer GAME. BioWare, on the other hand, decided against just flat-out denying the rumour by only issuing a “no comment” via the BiowWare forums. Let’s take that at face value: unless there’s some talks going on between EA and Microsoft regards exclusivity, and BioWare are simply keeping quiet for now, then surely Mass Effect 2 is coming to the PS3. For now, we’ll accept EA’s word of a “mistake”, but mark my words: there’s only one outcome for this saga.

TGR says: True

Modern Warfare 2 delayed ’til Christmas?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare was a huge success. It collected countless gaming awards on top of selling millions of copies across the board. Some even believe it to be the best first-person shooter of this generation, even with the likes of the mighty Halo 3 and Killzone 2. So it shouldn’t come as a shock that Modern Warfare 2’s November release is eagerly awaited by millions across the world. Wait – it is November, right?

At, a staff member found an interesting conversation over on the codnation forums that may indicate MW2 is delayed until December. According to this member, the conversation is between Infinity Ward Community Manager Robert Bowling (a.k.a. FOURZEROTWO) and a forum member:

Forum Member: “I’’ve been told the team is struggling to meet the deadline…”
Bowling: “Worst case scenario is the game being delayed till early December”

We all know Bowling is very active with the CoD community, but saying something like that on the forums raises some eyebrows considering that sort of remark would be kept internal, or only disclosed to a major gaming website via an interview of some sort, so it raises questions regarding the legality of this posting. Fortunately, Bowling himself was at hand to clear this confusion up via his official Twitter page:

“RUMOR SMASH. Rest your fears, this “convo” with me is fake. Never happened, isn’t true, Fake convo is fake.”

Not much else to be said really, it’s fake, never happened, and MW2 is still on track for that ever looming November 10 release date. So I’m sure I speak for TGR when I say we are happy to say that this rumor is…

TGR says: False (Yay! – Ed)

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