Sam and Max: Moai Better Blues preview

The intrepid pair of Freelance Police(who serve truth, justice, and ready amounts of cold hard cash) are back again in this latest adventure from Telltale Games. What, you are no doubt thinking, could those clever folks at Telltale Games do to possibly top all the other adventures Sam and Max have been through up till now? They’ve battled former child stars with odd hairdoes gone rogue, they’ve saved the day by competing in what would otherwise be humiliating reality shows, and they’ve changed both the face of the Moon and the face of American politics forever. How much cooler could it get around here?

Well, it’s not going to get cooler. It’s going to become hotter…red hot, in fact.

“It’s Hardrock, and Cocoa…”

Afterstarting the day by finding the Bermuda Triangle chasing their friend and business neighbor Sybil all over the street and putting a stop to it’s geometric goings-on they leap through to find themselves in a strange and wonderful land that rarely has seen the eye of man…and which probably hasn’t been seen by the eye of man either. The name of this wonderous piece of landscape it Easter(small, flat, and light brown) island which is currently in a bit of a pickle. The current local volcano god has got his all powerful dander up and is planning to perform the celestial version of shaking the Etch-A-Sketch by wiping out the entire island with a sea of molten island. In the name of international tourism and future National Geographic specials it is up to you, and Sam and Max, to stop this eruption and anything associated with it.

“…and Joe!”

You won’t be alone in this quest, fear not. In Sam and Max: Moai Better Blues you’ll be assisted by the current owner of Stinky’s Diner, who took over the place under what appear to be mysterious circumstances, but who does at least look better then the first Stinky. A new and improved stink as it were. Sybil and Abe Lincoln are also making an appearance in this latest Sam and Max adventure but they are merely two amidst all the new characters, who are in some cases quite old, which make an appearance in this game. Hard hitting news reporter Flint Paper is back on the job and Easter Island is a veritable haven for celebrities including D.B Cooper, Charles Lindbergh the 2nd, Jimmy Hoffa and a topless Amelia Earhart(really, it’s true). Also will be the famous Moai statues of Easter Island who are up to their necks in problems and one has gone so far as to bury his head in the sand. Do you very best to help them, gumshoes!

So, on January 11th, pack your sunscreen and prepare to save another tiny corner of the world from the forces of comedic destruction in Sam and Max: Moai Better Blues!

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