Member Spotlight: Nightprey

Member spotlights have been on a hiatus recently; however, we are glad to bring them back. Today we are chatting it up with nightprey791, a founding member with more posts than anyone else. She is a volleyball player who loves doing anything athletic and also enjoys reading, please welcome Nightprey.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Well I am a 15-year-old female who is into sports, computers, books, anime and a lot more stuff. I am in Volleyball and I run hurdles in track. Well that is a little about me but I am pretty much doing sports on the computer or reading.

Hurdles always looked difficult, I’m just glad a can walk and talk at the same time; add jumping to that mix and things just get crazy. So how long have you been gaming?

Not long actually. Well you can probably tell. This is the first gaming site I have been to and it is all still a little new. Thanks to a few members on the site, I have been learning new stuff here and there and I appreciate it.

I would say our community is one of the best out there. Do you have a favorite game?

My favorite game is either Kya the Dark Lineage or Guitar Hero. I am supposed to draw a picture too. Ok, but do not diss it lol.

What is your favorite aspect to

I do not know exactly, I think the whole site is like kick-@$$.

Thanks for the ringing endorsement. Why did you pick your screenname/gamertag?

The only reason I picked it is that I was randomly on some sight and came across the name and really liked it. In addition, it is much better than naught_brat_777 so yeah.

Yeah nightprey defiantly beats naughty_brat. Do you have any hobbies?

Oh yeah many. I love to play sports they are truly amazing. I think its fun to work on a team or work your butt of to get a little attention. Also, the joy of getting trophies is well worth it. I also love to read. I do not like to read true stories that much because most of them are sad. So instead, I read fantasy, which is a lot more exciting.

Fantasy novels are well… um for lack of a better word, fantastic. What type of music do you like?

Well I like just about every kind of music there is. Although I normally listen to Japanese music, pop, rock, rap, and Christian. Like I said I listen to it all.

Never really listened to Japanese music myself, it sounds interesting. What’s the worst food you’ve ever eaten?

Wait food or just something in general. If its food then these really, really hot peppers that start with an h.

Habanero Peppers? I like them. If they made a movie about your life who should play you?

I would have to say Julia Styles. She has done good in all the movies I have seen her in, plus she seems like a really cool upbeat person.

Yeah, I remember her from the Bourne Supremacy. What’s you favorite book?

I have two actually. There by the same author and there a series so yeah, but they are Twilight and New Moon. They are truly amazing books, and only about 400 pages long. Takes like 2 days.

Only 400 pages? Takes like 2 days? I guess you like reading… What celebrity would make the worst roommate?

The worst celebrity roommate would be Dr. Phil. It would be creepy. I mean seriously, who would want to live with that guy. Lol

I agree completely. If you could have any superpower what would it be?

Well, I am not partial to any super power but probably the power of super speed. I would have all the track records and yeah it would be pretty great.

I’d like to see you race the Flash. What do you see yourself doing in ten years?

I could see my self as famous as George W. Bush. I mean he is known everywhere, may not be liked but he is known. Honestly though I could seriously see myself being a gym teacher. That would be the easiest job ever.

So a really famous Gym Teacher huh. Do you have anything else to add that our readers might find interesting?

Well I am a very random person and a little weird but it all works. Oh, and I cannot forget, this reminds me of a little Myspace quiz… man I hate those. Anyway I bid you all good day.

Well, thank you very much for your time.

Author: John Laster