PS3 Anticipated Titles of 07

The Play Station 3 may have had a rough start in the console race because of the lack of launch titles in comparison to other systems. Well we are now in the year of 2007 and soon to hit 08, but the Play Station is about to break the drought of hit titles with games such as Heavenly Sword and Lair, both exclusive the console, which is sure to set a resonating tone.

“Lair,” the next-gen brainchild of Factor 5, the company that brought us the widely-successful “Rogue Squadron” series, promises to be the first game to take full control of the SIXAXIS controller. You play the part of the fantasy world’s “Top Gun,” piloting a powerful dragon through the skies and on the ground. “Lair” also promises stunning graphics on a scale never-before-seen, with stages as large as 32km square and thousands of actors on the screen (both on the ground and in the air). PS3 gamers everywhere are looking forward to its July release date.

Heavenly Sword

Dubbed by many as the “Goddess of War,” Nariko from Ninja Theory’s “Heavenly Sword” unleashes destruction upon countless enemies as she seeks revenge. The Heavenly Sword itself can change into three distinct weapons, each with unique combat styles. When paired with the game’s environmental physics, this makes for a unique tactical experience unlike previous action titles.

Unreal Tournament 3

Epic Games has been basking in the success of “Gears of War.” Their next project, the next installment in the immensely popular franchise “Unreal Tournament,” promises to push them higher as a successful development studio. The fast-paced and intense multiplayer that “Unreal Tournament 3” has been known for, along with feverish solo campaign, will be materialized on the 360 and PS3 with the jaw-dropping visuals that their Unreal Engine provides.

Devil May Cry 4

Many Sony fans died a little inside when Capcom decided to take the action franchise “Devil May Cry” multiplatform, but the Sons of Sparda haven’t left the PS3. “Devil May Cry 4,” being the second sequel in the series (with “Devil May Cry 3” being a prequel), introduces two new characters: Nero and Kyrie. Dante, the series lead, makes an appearance as per his stylish idiom, but Nero takes his place as this title’s main playable character. Xbots and members of the Sony Defense Force alike look forward to its release.

Final Fantasy XIII

Square-Enix has outdone themselves with their vast “Fabula Nova Crystallis” project. This has lead to a lot of confusion: Is this newest installment an RPG? Is it still PS3 exclusive? How can a mobile phone play those stunning graphics?

The “Fabula Nova Crystallis” project is known to contain three titles in three genres.
• “Final Fantasy XIII” follows the RPG precedent that has captivated millions around the globe. Motomu Toriyama, the director behind “Final Fantasy X” and its sequel, has returned to direct this title.
• “Final Fantasy Agito XIII” will be an RPG set to release for mobile phones. The game includes thirteen playable characters, twelve being students at a school for magic and the last a moogle.
• “Final Fantasy Versus XIII” is an action title, set in the same universe as the others. It is being directed by Tetsuya Nomura, who also directed the popular “Kingdom Hearts” series.

Like their “Final Fantasy VII Franchise,” Square-Enix plans to extend “Final Fantasy XIII” as a franchise all its own, with additional games, movies, books, and beyond. Don’t expect this bomb to drop in 2007, but JRPG-lovers worldwide continue to hold their breath.

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of Patriots

Solid Snake vows to return in 2007 in his last hurrah: “Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.” After it’s success on the original Playstation, the Metal Gear Solid franchise looks to capitalize on the new features of the PS3, in order to give the game a new level of cinematic qualities. Hideo Kojima, the games mastermind, has taken the series to a more modern setting for his game and has changed to focus to a more psychological sort of combat. Though rumors have been spreading of a delay, “Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots” is slated for release in Q4 of 2007.

White Knight Story

While Level-5 has released very little info about their first RPG title for the PS3, “White Knight Story” promises real-time tactical combat in an “Oblivion”-esque setting. Players are allowed to save “Function Palettes” with different mixes of abilities, allowing for combos and specialized combat. Foes are fought on a much larger scale than your average JRPG, with some creatures reaching as high as 2,000 meters. Level-5’s President Akihiro Hino promises a full-length RPG, with at least 50 hours of gameplay; “White Knight Story”’s Japanese release is scheduled for Q4 of 2007, with worldwide releases shortly afterward.

Killzone 2

One of Sony’s flagship FPS franchises, “Killzone” has received a lot of publicity following the teaser trailers shown at E3’s 2005 conference. While few expect the game’s gameplay rendering to match the trailer, its expectations remain high. With vehicle and foot combat, along with destructible environments, the PS3’s “Killzone” looks promising.

Army of Two

EA’s has advertised their third-person shooter “Army of Two” as a unique co-op experience, with either the game’s built-in AI or a friend. Everything from parachuting to repelling and even death have been added into the coop experience, making cooperation and teamwork paramount in surpassing the game’s physics-based puzzled and large squad combat. Late 2007 is the release window for the game on both 360 and PS3.


Amidst controversy over the game’s similarities to New York City and a cryptic statement pointing toward DVD9 as a limitation to the game’s content, Rockstar Games’ “Grand Theft Auto 4” looks to be the most successful in the franchise’s ten-strong lineup. Set in Liberty City, the game tells the story of an Eastern European man named Niko Bellic, who arrives by boat in Liberty City in search of the “American Dream.” October 16, 2007 looks to be the magic day for fans of the series.

Half Life 2: Orange Box

After creating what is widely known as the best story-driven FPS of all time, Valve has taken the time to port their newest edition, “Half Life 2,” to the PS3 and 360. The “Orange Box,” as it’s called, contains much more than the original hit. Since the game’s original release, Valve has also released two episodic sequels, respectively named “Episode One” and “Episode Two.” Both will be included in the “Orange Box.”

Valve doesn’t stop there. The long-awaited sequel to their multiplayer hit “Team Fortress” will be included, along with a full version of a Digipen senior project titled “Portals.” Originally a Half Life mod (much like Counterstrike), “Portals” is built purely as a puzzle game.

That brings to official count to 5 full titles in one box. Sounds like a good deal.

Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction

After the success of their launch title “Resistance: Fall of Man,” Insomniac Games brushed the grit from their dev consoles and returned to their flagship franchise: “Ratchet and Clank.” Insomniac is known for their creative weapon designs and this newest title promises nothing less. Armed with SIXAXIS-controlled weapons and texture streaming, “Tools of Destruction” should be a welcome addition to the PS3’s fall lineup.


“Warhawk” has been built around dynamic multiplayer, including various ground vehicles, a multi-purpose air vehicle, and an arsenal of weapons for use in the game modes. Although the game lost its single-player during development, the PSN will be hosting the game for download later this year.

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune

Naughty Dog, the creators of “Crash Bandicoot” and the original “Jak and Daxter,” has cleansed its palette of cartoony games in order to bring us “Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune.” The game looks to play much like the “Tomb Raider” series, but with more panache. Amazing character animations and highly-scripted camera motion seem to be the focus of this game, offering dramatic experiences throughout its Bermuda setting.

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